LOTR I. An Introduction to LOTR as a TV Serialisation

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LOTR I. An Introduction to LOTR as a TV Serialisation

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I started this enterprise after reading discussions on different message-boards that kept repeating the idea that an extensive visual treatment of The Lord of the Rings that kept closely to the narrative of the book would be too unwieldy or would lack narrative tension or would simply degenerate into a recitation of the book. These ideas were the tail-end of the lengthy purist/revisionist debates sparked by Peter Jackson’s films. I thought that the answer would be to present the story as a television serial. I thought that there were many moments of dramatic or psychological tension that could maintain the viewers’ attention on to succeeding episodes. I had a few visual ideas in mind so I attempted a start to the story and then found I was caught by it. I always had in the back of my mind that it was a somewhat ridiculous endeavour but was encouraged by some welcome support and helpful criticisms. In truth I kept going because it was always an enjoyable exercise and never became a chore. I had to ensure I copied neither Peter Jackson’s films nor the BBC radio version so I avoided watching or listening to them while I wrote this though there are some obscure references deliberately inserted here and there in honour of their treatments.

I apologise if the artificial description of camera angles and shots are painful or intrusive or boring to read but I was trying to convey in words a cinematic or televisual experience. I apologise too if they seem inept or unprofessional but I am only an amateur. There was never any intention to provide a proper screen-play or actor’s/shooting script. I hope if a reader settles down to read this that these artificial aspects fade away into the consciousness after a while.

I apologise too for the length but can’t do much about that. If the size is off-putting I suggest that the curious dip in here or there, perhaps to check out a favourite part of the story. With the help of the Shirrifs here I now present the story split into four, five or six episodes at a time to make dipping into the story easier. Each episode is designed to last about 30 minutes but most episodes have been further split into three instalments at some form of natural pause in order to avoid trying the patience of the reader too far.

Not only did I set myself the task of catching nearly all the narrative but I wished to capture the ethos of Middle-earth and the distinctiveness of Tolkien’s dialogue. I also wanted to surprise the experienced reader while playing with suspense for anyone coming to the story for the first time as any good television serial should. I have not been afraid to invent small scenes or to change the original dialogue and in places I have made substantial changes to the order of the narrative; always with well considered reasons.

As I am sure there will never be such a serial in the foreseeable future, I offer this as the next best (and cheapest) alternative. I welcome comments and criticisms at any time.
The following Table of Contents will link you to the start of each half hour episode. Each episode is split into two or three instalments and readers are welcome to make comments and criticisms about the episodes at the end of each thread.
I would like to take the opportunity to thank the Shirrifs here for helping me to present this narrative in a form which I hope is easy to read.

A Table of Contents

I Introduction

II Concerning Hobbits:

1 A Long–Expected Party
2 Shadow of the Past
3 The Black Riders
4 The House of Tom Bombadil
5 Strider

III Flight into Peril

6 A Knife in the Dark
7 The Council of Elrond
8 Caradhras the Cruel
9 The Bridge of Khazad-dûm

IV A Matter of Judgement

10 The Lady of the Wood
11 The Great River
12 The Black Gates of Mordor
13 Judgement in Ithilien
14 The Crossroads

V The Land of the Mark

15 The Three Hunters
16 The Awakening Calls
17 Helm’s Deep
18 To Isengard
19 The palantír
20 The Paths of the Dead

VI A Fool’s Hope

21 Minas Tirith
22 Shelob
23 The Siege of Gondor
24 The Witch-King of Angmar
25 The Battle of the Pelennor Fields

VII The Return of the King

26 The Black Fleet
27 The Mouth of Sauron
28 The Crack of Doom
29 The Field of Cormallen
30 Homeward Bound
31 The Grey Havens
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