Tolkien translation!

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Tolkien translation!

Post by Alatar »

Hey guys. Trying to help a buddy out with his house name. Here’s what he sent me:

New house has no name so thinking of using Sindarin translation of Feighroe (red wood - from the Irish Faioch Rua meaning Red woods).

As rua in Irish means coppery / russet red I’m thinking of Sindarin Taur Gaer. But is that the right way round or should it be Gaer Taur?

I suggested that since it’s Taur-nu-fuin maybe Taur Gaer would be more correct but then I suggested maybe using Glad or Galad for wood instead of forest which could give Galadgaer?

Am I mixing up Quenya and Sindarin? This is not my forte!!!

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Re: Tolkien translation!

Post by Jude »

If no one here can answer you, can you get in touch with Berhael?
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Re: Tolkien translation!

Post by Inanna »

I cannot help you but I just had to post my absolute pleasure in reading your post, Al.
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Re: Tolkien translation!

Post by yovargas »

Is this a RL buddy? Cuz if so, your RL friends are far, far, far, far, far nerdier than mine.
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Re: Tolkien translation!

Post by Voronwë the Faithful »

Definitely not my forte either, but I think you are on the right track, Al. Definitely not mixing up Sindarin and Quenya.
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Re: Tolkien translation!

Post by Beutlin »

I would recommend the following name: Eryn Lasgaer or even more correctly Eryn Las'aer (the Sindarin rule of lenition dictates that the g should be left out, I believe); for comparison see Eryn Lasgalen*, the "Wood of the Green Leaves". So Eryn Las'aer would translate to "Wood of the Red Leaves".

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Re: Tolkien translation!

Post by Frelga »

I am impressed.
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