Andy Serkis to Direct "Jungle Book" film

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Andy Serkis to Direct "Jungle Book" film

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Good for him. He deserves it, and it could be very good. Nice to see that they plan to be more true to the source material than the sappy Disney cartoon.
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Hey! There's nothing wrong with Disney's Jungle Book! Well, apart from the fact that it bears no resemblance to Rudyard Kiplings one.
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I feel like my life would be much improved if I liked Disney and Pixar films. I just can't get into the flattened and modernized styles.

I have hopes for Serkis' version. I think he could infuse it with a more creative spirit that better echoes the book.
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That is a very good news. I hope it becomes a succsss and removes Andy from the "mo-cap man" taboo.

I like quite a lot of Disney and Pixar films (especially the later) but Jungle book or Tarzan are not one of them. Lion King however, has aged so well.

Off topic a bit but, anybody seen Kungfu Panda?
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