LOTR VII. The Return of the King

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LOTR VII. The Return of the King

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The battle for the Pelennor continues in the next episode..........

The first circle of Minas Tirith. Sunlight glistens through a heavy downpour of rain. Steam and smoke rise from burnt buildings.
We hear Éomer’s voice: ‘Out of doubt, out of the dark to the days rising
I came singing in the sun, sword unsheathing.’
Cut to the arch of the Gateway with the shattered gate in ruins and a narrow view of the desolation outside. The opening credits come up; JRR Tolkien’s The Lord of the Rings, Episode Twenty Six: The Black Fleet etc. The camera moves through the Gate. We see the remains of the siege: Grond tumbled to one side, the burnt out siege towers, men levering the trebuchets into the burning trenches, piled corpses of men and orcs. The camera moves down the slope between an avenue of burnt out stumps of trees. It comes to a small group of riders bearing banners around a small horse drawn cart. Cut to the bodies of Théoden and Éowyn jolting about on the cart.
Éomer’s voice again: ‘To hope’s end I rode and to heart’s breaking.’
Cut to the camera continuing its journey down the road. A long way down we see a small figure. The camera comes up to Merry trudging alone in the churned mud and holding his right arm. Cut to a close view and his blank face stares downwards. Cut back to a longer view and the camera rises above him and travels over the fields, over burnt out farmhouses. We start to hear distant shouts and clatter. We pass above a mumak, surrounded by orcs and men. The camera comes up to a line of cavalry and the blue and white banner of Dol Amroth arrayed against pikemen. Beyond the pikes the forces of Mordor stretch out. The roar and clang of battle is still muted and distant. The camera continues over the forces of Mordor till we come to a long shield wall on a hill surrounded by a sea of orcs. At the top a small group of men stand by the banner of Eorl.
Cut to Éomer, Elfhelm and others all looking grimly in the same direction. The camera pans around to the quays along the River. Coming up to the quays is a long line of scores of immense black galleys, their oars rising up.
Éomer’s voice again: ‘Now for wrath, now for ruin and a red nightfall.’
Cut to a long view of troops swarming off the galleys and forming into ordered companies of foot soldiers with mounted captains.
Cut to the tall grotesquely armoured figure bearing the Death’s Head of Morgul on his surcoat. He is on the quay with an entourage of lesser commanders behind him and he is looking up.

Gothmog: ‘I am Gothmog, Lieutenant of Morgul. I have taken command of the forces of Lord Sauron the Great. Corsairs of Umbar, you are late to this battle. If you came for plunder, first destroy those horsemen.’ He swings an arm to indicate.
‘Who is the commander of this fleet?’
Cut to the galley; a wide ramp connects it to the jetty. The camera travels slowly up the ramp to show a dark cloaked and hooded figure upon a horse on deck. Cut to a closer view and we can just see an Elven brooch on the cloak. The cloak is pulled back to show a green eagle gem borne on the breast. It catches the light. The camera travels up to Aragorn’s face.

Aragorn: ‘Elessar the Elfstone!’
Cut to Gothmog. An arrow hits between his cheekguards flinging him back violently. A rapid pan back to Legolas already stringing another arrow. Cut to the commanders of Mordor on the quay falling to a cloud of arrows. Cut to the foc’sle of the galley and Halbarad unfurls the black banner bearing in white glittering gems the stars, crown and tree. We hear a fanfare on a high E trumpet.
Cut to Aragorn drawing Anduril and pointing forward with it.
A long drawn out cry: ‘Elendil!’
Cut to his horse leaping down the ramp in slow motion. Cut to the oarsmen inside the galley rising from their benches and cheering. Cut to the massed companies on the quays cheering and lowering their spears and advancing. Cut to Gimli jumping down from the galley, axe in hand. He looks around eagerly then raises his axe above his head and runs off camera. We hear ‘Khazâd ai menu’
Cut to three galleys rowing up the River towards a line of barges near the ruined bridges at Osgiliath. In several short cuts we see them ram and sink the barges one by one.
Cut to Éomer and his marshals shading their eyes into the sun. Éomer laughs and tosses his sword in the air. Cut to the sword spinning as it drops until a hand grasps the hilt.
Cut to a wedge of men pushing through a press of orcs towards the shield wall. The banner of Aragorn is close to the front but at the tip is a tall figure whose sword goes up and down. Cut to a close view of Aragorn as he reaches the shield wall. It opens up like two gates and Éomer stands inside facing him. A cheer goes up from the Rohirrim. Cut to Aragorn leaning on his bloodied sword and panting. He looks up sideways with a grim smile.

Aragorn: ‘Did I not say at the Hornburg that we should meet again, even though all the forces of Mordor lay between us?’

Cut to Éomer clasping Aragorn then standing back: ‘Never was a meeting of friends more joyful. But much loss and sorrow has befallen us.’

Aragorn lifts his sword: ‘Then let us avenge it ere we speak of it.’
Cut to Legolas on horseback shooting arrow after arrow. Cut to Elrohir on horseback sweeping two long swords to either side of his horse. Cut to a troll with a war hammer lumbering as men scatter before him. The camera pulls back to show Elladan standing in its path holding a spear ready. The Elf thrusts the spear up into the troll’s open maw then sidesteps calmly as the troll crashes to the ground. Cut to a line of orcs running and squealing to camera. They run past it and we see Gimli chasing them, axe high in the air. Cut to a long phalanx of spearmen. A man on a horse rides before them and a drummer keeps the time of their march. Small groups of orcs scatter in front of them in different directions. Cut to the banks of the River crowded with orcs. They start to fall or jump in until we see the line of spearmen driving them. Cut to the River crowded with bodies moving in the flow.
Cut to a low sun over a corpse-strewn ground. A group of soldiers walk around spearing bodies. Cut to Grimbold stretched out, his throat bloody. Cut to Forlong’s body surrounded by the bodies of his enemies. Cut to a burnt tree. Halbarad sits against it dead and his armour all bloody. Cut to the ring of spears and the corpse of the dead fell beast.
Cut to Merry still trudging slowly, passing Grond without noticing. Carts with the wounded pass him. Cut to Merry walking blankly in a chaotic crowded street. He tumbles over a kerb and tries to rise hampered by his useless arm. Cut to Merry entering a narrow dark cul de sac. He looks around then sinks down on a step and his head droops. Cut to the entrance to the alley. Pippin stands there outlined by a red sunlight.
Cut to Pippin standing by Merry: ‘Merry, oh Merry! Thank goodness I have found you! You have taken a wrong turning.’

Merry looks up and starts to cry: ‘Where are Éowyn and the King? I tried to follow them.

Pippin: ‘They were taken up to the Citadel. Gandalf sent me to look for you. Are you wounded? ‘

Merry: ‘I can’t use this arm since I stabbed him. My sword burnt away Pippin.’

Pippin: ‘They should never have left you to walk here but so much has happened that a hobbit is easily overlooked.’

Merry: ‘Oh Pippin! He overlooked me – no, I can’t speak of it. It’s going dark and my arm is so cold.’ Cut to Pippin supporting Merry as they leave the alley. Cut to Pippin and Merry approaching a black tunnel in the pier of rock. Cut to Merry stopping as the shadow falls on his face. He looks up.
Merry: ‘Are you going to bury me?’ He starts to sink down.

Pippin looks horrified: ‘No indeed! No! No! We are going to the Houses of Healing.’ Cut to Gandalf appearing out of the darkness of the tunnel, bending down and lifting Merry in his arms.

Gandalf: ‘I will take him Pippin. He should have been borne here in honour.’ Gandalf turns and disappears again into the darkness.
Fade to black.
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Tosh, I haven't had a chance to do more than skim the last few installments, but I wanted to make sure you knew that I was still reading with great interest and apprecation. I don't want you to think that your hard work and skill is going unappreciated.

I'll be back with some comments about the latest stuff when I get a chance to do it justice.
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I am continuing the episode but never fear Mr V. Take your time and chip in when it's convenient. I don't mind comments on past episodes. Indeed, if some readers started late I am happy to discuss even the very earliest ones.

Fade to Aragorn, Éomer and Imrahil on horseback by a large tent. Aragorn dismounts and gives the reins to a servant.
Aragorn: ‘I will not enter the City till the Steward calls me. I will bring no discord while this war continues.’

Imrahil: ‘I am a kinsman of Denethor and I believe you are wise. He is strong willed and his mood has been strange. Yet I would not see the King of Gondor a beggar at his own door.’ Aragorn laughs through his weariness.

Aragorn: ‘Not a beggar; say a captain of Rangers from the north, unused to houses of stone. I shall furl my banner again till I judge the time ripe.’

Fade to a long vaulted room. Torches light up rich mosaics on the walls. Beds and litters stretch along either side of the long room into the distance. Women tend to the wounded, washing or feeding or bandaging. At the far end Gandalf walks up to camera with a short plump woman by his side. She is gesticulating and talking with animation. Close to camera a nurse pulls a sheet over a man’s face and Gandalf and the woman pause and look at him.
Cut to the two of them in a small room. Merry lies on a bed; his eyes are open but unseeing. A man is with them dressed in academic or professional robes.

The Warden: ‘Mithrandir, we still have skills with wounds and sickness but those who came close to the Nazgûl have been stricken with a despair. They sicken and fall silent and pass to cold and death. The Halfling here and the lady of Rohan have this malady heavy on them.’

Ioreth: ‘And the lord Faramir burns up with a fever and is close to death. Only the hand of a king could save him.’ She turns to Gandalf. ’It is an old saying in the City. Long ago when we still had kings it was said that they had a healing touch.’ Gandalf suddenly turns from Merry and looks at Ioreth.
Cut to Théoden lying in state by the steps to the throne in the Citadel. Guards of honour circle him. Cut to Éomer and Imrahil walking up between the dark polished columns. They halt and bow their heads.

Éomer looks around: ‘Where is my sister? She should be here with the king in honour.’

Imrahil looks sharply round: ‘She was still living when I found her. Did you not know?’ Éomer cries out and turns and runs back down the hall. Imrahil bows his head again then turns and hurries after Éomer.
Cut to the two meeting Gandalf by a long colonnaded building in the dark of night.
Imrahil: ‘Mithrandir, I hear the Lord Steward is here too.’

Gandalf: ‘Denethor has departed into ashes. It is Faramir who lies within. Both he and Éowyn are close to death.’ Éomer stifles a cry.

Imrahil: ‘Then who rules the City? Aragorn is the rightful sovereign. Shall I send for him?’ Aragorn emerges from shadows and pulls back his hood.

Aragorn: ‘I ask you to rule here, Imrahil of Dol Amroth while Faramir lies sick. But in the days to follow I say that we follow Mithrandir in all things. Come, I have work here’
Cut to the four walking down a torchlit corridor. A tall and short guard stand at the end of the passage.

Pippin runs forward and stops, hands on hips: ‘Strider! How splendid! I guessed it was you in the black ships but no one would listen. How did you do it?’

Cut to Imrahil looking worried: ‘Is it thus we should speak to our king?’ Éomer simply grins.

Cut to Aragorn clapping Pippin on the back: ‘No time for travellers’ tales yet my lad.’
Cut to Faramir on his bed. Aragorn and Imrahil are on one side and Gandalf and Ioreth are on the other. A brief cut to Beregond, Bergil and Pippin standing near the door looking anxious.

Aragorn, examining Faramir: ‘There is little time left. Do you have herbs of healing here?’
Cut to Ioreth twisting her hands: ‘Yes, lord but not enough. I am sure I do not know where we will find more what with those murdering devils and all the roads blocked. It has been days since a carrier came from Lossarnarch in the south. But we do the best with what we have.’

Cut to the group around the bed. Aragorn exchanges glances with Gandalf next to Ioreth.
Aragorn: ‘We have little time for long speeches. Have you athelas?’

Ioreth: ‘I do not know. I will go and ask the herbmaster. He knows all the old names.’

Aragorn: ‘Here it is called kingsfoil.’

Ioreth: ‘Oh that! If your lordship had named it that at first I could have told you. I don’t think we have any. My sisters and I used to come across it in the woods and think it was a strange name for such a humble herb.’ (Aragorn looks up at the ceiling) ’It smells sweet and wholesome if it is bruised though.’

Aragorn: ‘Indeed! Now if there is a single leaf in the City run and get me some. Hurry!’
At Aragorn’s final bark Ioreth jumps with fright and scuttles off. Cut to her pushing Bergil out of the door ahead of her.
Cut back to Aragorn pulling back the sheet to examine Faramir’s sweating torso.

Aragorn: ‘See, this wound is healing. Were it a Nazgûl dart he would be dead already. But the assault of the Nazgûl, weariness, grief for his father and brother have crept up on him slowly.’ We hear the door and the candles flicker. Cut to Bergil running in proudly waving a large bunch of leaves. Cut to Aragorn crushing and rolling some leaves in his palms. He whispers into his hands then breathes into them and then sprinkles the fragments into a steaming silver bowl. The colours in the room freshen and lighten and the song of a night bird can be heard. Aragorn washes Faramir’s face then places his palm on Faramir’s forehead. He whispers ‘Faramir’ several times, each time more softly.
Cut to Faramir in the dark passageway, still pulling at the door. He looks over his shoulder. Cut to the shadowed passageway and black hooded figures move slowly forward. Cut back to Faramir at the door and we hear Aragorn’s voice, ‘Faramir.’ The door finally bursts open and a golden light spills out. Cut to Faramir stepping out to a courtyard in soft focus golden light. Cut to a richly robed Aragorn beneath a young tree full of large white flowers. He holds out a hand and repeats, ‘Faramir.’

Cut to Faramir’s eyes opening in the Houses of Healing: ‘My king, you called and I come.’

Cut to Aragorn looking down and smiling: ‘Walk no more in the shadows. Rest and be ready for when I return.’
Cut to most of the group coming out of the door to the room.

Cut back to Faramir’s room. Ioreth talks to Imrahil and Beregond and Bergil: ‘King! Did you hear that? The hands of a healer I said.’
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As the storylines start to culminate I shall try to speed up the frequency of posting a little so the reader can appreciate the momentum. This is the end of the current episode......

Cut to a sideview of Éowyn. A splinted arm rests outside the sheet covering her. Cut to a view from above and she looks blankly upwards. Éomer sits by her and he rises. Cut to Aragorn walking up to the bed. Cut to Gandalf and Pippin coming in the door. Cut to Aragorn feeling her right hand then sliding his hand up her arm to her shoulder. Éowyn gives no sign of awareness.

Aragorn: ‘There is no life in this arm.’

Cut to Gandalf: ‘She pitted herself against a foe far beyond her strength. The shock may destroy her.’

Cut back to Aragorn: ‘When I first looked on her I saw a tall flower as hard as steel or maybe one frosted into ice, still fair but stricken. Éomer, her malady started long before this battle did it not?’

Cut to Éomer: ‘I hold you blameless in this but I saw no frost till she first saw you.’

Cut to Gandalf: ‘Éomer, you had horses and deeds of arms and a free land to ride. She was doomed to watch over a beloved uncle as he fell into bewitchment and dishonour.’ Cut to Éomer looking down at Éowyn as Gandalf continues, ‘Do you think Wormtongue had poison only for Théoden’s ears? Who knows what she spoke to the darkness alone in the bitter watches of the night, the walls of her chamber closing in like a hutch for some wild thing?’

Cut to Aragorn: ‘Éomer, I saw what you saw. Few griefs hold more shame for a man than to see a love that he cannot return. My heart lies with another far away. Yet she loves you more truly. In me she only loves a hope of great deeds and glory and an escape from her past life. I may call her back from her dark valley but if she wakes to despair then she may still die.’ Aragorn reaches out and takes more leaves from Gandalf and repeats his actions. Again the room brightens as Aragorn washes Éowyn’s arm and shoulder.
He bends and kisses her brow and calls gently: ‘Éowyn, awake! Your enemy has passed away.’ Cut to Éowyn from above and her face softens and her eyes start to focus.
Aragorn’s voice continues: ‘The shadow has gone and all darkness is washed clean.’
Cut to Aragorn placing her hand into Éomer’s then he moves out of shot. Cut briefly to him leaving the room. Cut to Éowyn starting to look around. Cut to a sideview of her with Éomer’s eyes full of tears.

Éowyn: ‘Éomer, the dark voices said you were slain. Was I dreaming?’

Éomer gently: ‘For a short while sister but think no more of it.’

Éowyn: ‘But the King is dead. That was no dream.’

Éomer: ‘It is good to see you awaken to hope, sister. Yes he is dead and lies in great honour. But he bid me say farewell to you before he died.’

Éowyn: ‘When all fell around him he feared no darkness. Oh Éomer, that brave holbytlan, does he live? You must make him a knight of the Riddermark.’ She reflects for a moment.’ Hope you said? No, I have no hope in me.’ Éomer squeezes her hand against his cheek.
Fade to Aragorn by the bed of Merry. Pippin pushes up near the pillow and takes Merry’s cheeks between his hands. Merry looks up unseeing.

Pippin: ‘Oh Strider, how grey and cold he is! Will he die?’

Aragorn, looking weary: ‘I came in time and have called him back. He will recover and his strong gay spirit should take no lasting hurt from smiting that deadly thing.’ He strokes Merry’s hair and whispers. ‘Merry.’

Merry’s eyes focus and he raises himself on an elbow and looks around: ‘I am hungry. What’s the time?’

Cut to Pippin blinking back tears and grinning: ‘Past supper time though I daresay I could bring you something if they let me.’

Cut to Gandalf grinning too: ‘Indeed they will!’

Merry smiles and puts his hands behind his head; Good, then I’ll have supper first then a pipe.’ His face changes. ’Oh no. It has come back to me. He is dead. I shan’t ever smoke again without thinking of when he rode up to Isengard and was so polite.’

Cut to Aragorn easing a tired back: ‘Smoke then and think of him for he was a gentle heart and a great king who kept his oaths and he rose out of the shadows to a last fair morning.’

Cut to Merry: ‘Then I will smoke if Strider has some to spare. I had some of Saruman’s best but I must have lost my pack in the battle.’

Cut to Aragorn drawing himself up severely: ‘If you think I passed through the mountains with fire and sword to bring pipeweed to a careless soldier who loses his gear you are mistaken. I have not slept in a bed such as yours since I rode from Dunharrow nor eaten since the darkness of Mordor fell.’ He turns away and gives a theatrical wink to the others.

Cut to Merry, mortified: ‘I am frightfully sorry. Ever since Bree we have been a nuisance to you. It is our way to use light words that say less than they mean. We fear to say too much but it robs us of the right words when a jest is out of place.’

Cut to Aragorn smiling kindly: ‘I know so speak to you in the same way.’ He bends and kisses Merry’s brow. ‘May the Shire live forever unwithered.’ He pulls his hood over his head and the camera follows as he and Gandalf leave.

Cut back to Pippin by the bed: ‘My dear ass, your pack’s by the bed and Strider knew all along. I’ll run off and get some food. Dear me, we hobbits can’t live long on the heights.’

Merry: ‘No, not yet but at least we can see and honour them now. There are deeper and higher things whether a gaffer in the Shire knows them or not.’

Fade to the grey cloaked Aragorn and the richly armoured sons of Elrond moving along the long line of beds in the flickering torchlight as they tend to the wounded.
A slow fade to black
Closing credits.
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That was one of the few subdued endings. Most of them have been cliff-hangers or psychological moments. I think a little calm is in order at this point however.
I shall speed up the postings now. I haven't finished the undertaking yet but I believe it will finish with Episode Thirty, more by chance than design.
This episode will be posted in only two parts. As always I apologise to people who find the length indigestible.

The camera looks down on two men with shovels in a pit. They reach up their hands and get pulled out over the earth spoil around the edge. The camera pauses for a moment on the bottom of the empty pit. Then a huge black winged body drops in. A few shovels of earth land on it then its gigantic severed vulture’s head is tossed in too.
Cut to a broad road leading up to Minas Tirith. The opening credits start; JRR Tolkien’s The Lord of the Rings, Episode Twenty Seven: The Mouth of Sauron etc. While the credits run we see men throwing battle debris from carts on to fires on either side of the road. Cut to the Gateway to the City from outside. Men are hammering beams together for a makeshift gate and a wooden stockade is half built between the bastions either side of the Gateway. Cut to the first circle of the City. Garlands and flags stretch across the fire damaged street. A small group of Rohirrim walk along the street sight-seeing and are clapped on the back and given pots of drink by the city people. Cut to a small group of musicians playing a jig in a street beside some people doing an impromptu dance.
Cut to a dark window in a sunny white wall. The music is more distant. The camera comes close to the window and within its shadows we see Faramir’s face looking out without emotion. Cut to Gimli and Legolas walking together along a street looking up and down at the buildings. A matronly woman comes up to them, thrusts a posy of flowers into Gimli’s hands and stretches up to kiss Legolas on the cheek. She runs off giggling. Gimli looks back over his shoulder then passes the flowers to Legolas. The Elf smirks. Cut to the pair walking through topiary gardens. Cut to them climbing steps to a colonnaded building. Cut to a distant view of the same scene through a window. The camera pulls back a little and we see a shadowy Éowyn watching them. Cut to her face, expressionless and her eyes dead.
Cut to a door bursting open noisily to show Gimli with a big grin and Legolas behind him. Cut to Pippin sitting by Merry’s bed, both of them breaking into smiles.
Cut to Gimli bending, his pack on the floor, extracting flagons, beakers and finally a substantial pie. He looks up and winks and we hear the hobbits cheer.
Cut to the four using Merry’s bed as a table.
Pippin, his mouth full: ‘You have said nothing about how you got here.’

Gimli: ‘The sun may well shine but there are memories I do not wish to recall for I, Gimli Gloin’s son, was put to shame under earth by both men and Elves. They all followed Aragorn into the Haunted Mountain and I had to follow. The moment I entered in that fearsome place I heard an endless murmur of voices behind me.’ Gimli shudders.
Fade to Gimli in a dark tunnel hurrying to catch up to torch-bearers in the distance. He half looks over his shoulder fearfully. We hear a echoing soft chorus of whispers and groans and calls of pain.
Cut to an underground amphitheatre and beyond it a low exit to daylight. In the centre is a jagged monolith and Aragorn stands by it. Beyond the monolith the rest of the company stand by their horses and Gimli scurries into their midst. The shadows move about in the flickering torchlight.

Cut to Aragorn. He steps forward and calls out: ‘Keep your secrets and your gold. The heir of Isildur summons you to fulfil your ancient oath.’
The whispering and soft calls cease and there is silence. Cut to a medium view of the company looking around and a sudden blast of wind extinguishes the torches. In the near darkness the calls resume more loudly, among them distant shrieks. Whisps of light drift around the edges. One glowing brand is made to burst into flame again and it lights Aragorn’s face fitfully.
Aragorn: ‘Oathbreakers, what do you seek?’ He waits as the calls continue then a distant voice: ‘To find peace at last.’

Aragorn: That time has now come. I am Elessar the Elfstone, heir of Isildur of Gondor. I hold your oath fulfilled if you will follow me to Pelagir on the River and help rid this land of all the servants of Sauron from mountain to sea.’ He turns and mounts his horse.
Cut to Legolas lifting Gimli up on to his horse. Legolas turns and looks back. Cut to a close-up of them.

Legolas: ‘I see the shapes of men and horses and pale banners like the shreds of clouds and spears crowded like a winter thicket.’

Gimli, his head down: ‘I do not wish to see them.’

Legolas: ‘The ghosts of men are powerless and frail to the Elves.’

Cut to a view across a narrow ravine. We hear the thundering of hoofs and then Aragorn gallops past. A mass of horsemen follow in a blur then a pause as we hear the moans of the Dead get louder then a blur of grey fleeting shadowy figures speed past.
Cut to a farmyard and a farmer is pushing his wife and child in the doorway: ‘Hurry! The Dead ride out!’ He gets in and the door slams.
Cut to a tracking shot of Aragorn galloping in a dull daylight. His cloak flies out behind him. Cut to a long line of grey ghostly figures stretched across the screen, all of them indistinct approaching the camera at speed. They reach the camera and we see one single sad grey face before the screen goes black.
Cut to a narrow bridge. A single warrior armed with a spear guards it. Aragorn is mounted in front of him, his horse steaming and stamping.

Aragorn: ‘Angbor, I know all your men have scattered in fear. When this army of shadows has passed gather all the men of the south and follow. At Pelagir the heir of Isildur will have need of you.’
Cut to Angbor standing to one side at the parapet and holding his eyes shut as the grey host flows past him. Fade to black and the sounds of gulls.
Fade in to Gimli in Merry’s room with sunlight streaming in. The sound of gulls fades slowly.

Gimli: ‘…..then we came to the port of Pelagir on the River. So wide was the water that I thought we had come to the sea. Fifty great ships of Umbar lay at anchor there and all the town burnt. Then Aragorn called on the Host of the Dead and they rose up and fell upon the town like a tide of fear. They needed no weapon. The corsairs fell into terror and madness and threw themselves into the water. Only their slaves still shackled to the oars remained and they sat screaming.’ Cut to Gimli below decks striking the shackles off the grateful captives.

Cut to Legolas standing near Merry’s window: ‘In that hour I looked on Aragorn and thought how terrible a Lord he could become if he had taken the Ring to himself. Not for naught does Sauron fear him.’
Fade to Aragorn looking out from a tall galley. Cut to the quay lined with pale restless fading figures. Again the sound of gulls.

Cut back to Aragorn: ‘Hear the words of Elessar. In the name of Isildur I deem your oath fulfilled. Go to the peace ye seek at last.’
Cut back to the Grey Host along the harbour and a tall crowned figure steps out. He snaps his spear over his knee then kneels in homage then stands and turns and the host changes into a mist that thins and fades away.
Fade back to Gimli in Merry’s room: ‘The captives we freed helped to make the fleet ready. All that night men from south Gondor arrived and embarked and in the morning we set off. We made poor progress rowing against the flow and Aragorn stood at the prow and watched the fires around Minas Tirith light up the night. But a wind blew up from the south and we hoisted sail and came to the battle in the third hour of morning as the Sun unveiled.’
Cut to Legolas still at the window: ‘I took a deep wound at Pelagir. Gulls. Alas for the wailing of the gulls! Now I cannot forget them calling in the air. They awoke in my heart the sea-longing of the Elves.’ Cut to Legolas standing alone on the end of a jetty looking out over a wide flat estuary. Gulls mew and cry and the camera revolves around him and lifts up to show white gulls circling him.
Fade to Legolas and Gimli walking down the steps, again seen from a high window. Again the camera pulls back to show Éowyn in shadow watching them. The camera lingers for a moment on her colourless and expressionless face.
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I have found a natural pause in the narrative so I can post this episode in the usual three parts. Here then is the middle part........

Fade to Aragorn’s tent on the Pelennor. We see Imrahil and Éomer walk up and enter it. Cut to inside the tent and seats are in a half circle. Gandalf is already seated in the centre and Aragorn indicates courteously places for the sons of Elrond, Imrahil and Éomer. He finally sits next to Gandalf.

Gandalf: ‘My lords, Denethor looked into the Seeing-Stone and saw truly that there can be no victory against the forces of Mordor. We have barely beaten off the first assault and the next will be greater. Prudence would tell us to strengthen our fortresses for we cannot defeat him in the field.’

Imrahil: ‘Would you have us as children sitting on sandcastles waiting for the tide?’

Gandalf: ‘Have you done little more in all the days of Denethor? But into all these troubles comes the Ring of Power. The Ring that Sauron used to create the foundations of Barad dur; the Ring that he poured much of his strength into. Denethor thought that Sauron had found the Ring and so he despaired but I believe this is not so. Were that true then Mordor would already have overthrown us. I think that Frodo still bears the Ring somewhere and that hope remains for a while. Sauron thinks that one of the captains of the West has it and he looks for strife between us. He has seen the fall of Saruman and the destruction of the Lord of the Nazgûl. In his Seeing-Stone he will have seen the death of Denethor. Aragorn revealed himself in it as the heir of Isildur with the Sword reforged. His Eye will be upon us ceaselessly looking for signs. We must keep his Eye on us and away from his own realm where his true danger lies.
We must push him to his last throw and make him empty his lands. We must march out as if to assault Mordor. He will think we do so in arrogance trusting to the power of the Ring and he will spring a trap on us to seize it back. We must walk into that trap with open eyes.’
A moment of silence.

Aragorn: ‘Now we come to the very brink where hope and despair are akin. You must choose your paths for I do not yet claim to command.’

Éomer: ‘As Aragorn saved my people, so shall I aid him.’

Imrahil: ‘I hold you to be my liege lord and I will follow you. But for the moment I act as Steward of the City. It must be secured against all chances.’

Aragorn: ‘New strength is on its way from the south. Before I left Pelagir I set Angbor marching with four thousand men. They will be here within two days. When they come I judge we could lead out nine thousand men of Gondor and Rohan and still leave the City in better defence than before.’

Imrahil laughs bitterly: ‘This is the greatest jest in the long history of Gondor! A force less than the vanguard of our army in the days of our power. So might a child threaten a mail-clad knight with a bow of green willow.’

Aragorn rising: ‘If this be jest it is too bitter for laughter.’ The camera follows as he walks to Anduril resting on a sword stand. He buckles it to his belt. ‘Anduril will not leave my side till the last battle is fought.’ Fade to black.

Fade in to a dark narrow road between cliff and precipice. Cut to the two hobbits sitting behind their orc shields, huddled against the cliff. We hear the pounding of feet. Cut to a column of orcs hurrying to camera and bearing torches in the dark. Cut to the orcs rushing past the two small figures. Cut to the tall whip bearing orc at the back starting to get further away from them. Sam starts to move and the orc looks back at them and calls out: ‘Halt!’ He walks back to the two and flicks a whip at them.

Orc: ‘No time for slouching or were you trying to desert? You lot should be at the Gate by now. Get up and fall in and not at the back either.’
As the hobbits rise, bent down to hide their features he whips them again.
Cut to Frodo and Sam staggering and running in a daze, in the column of orcs.

Cut to the orc-driver at the back: ‘You’ll get as much lash as your skin can carry when we get to the camp!’ Cut to the hobbit feet running among the orc legs and the sound of gasping. Cut to a long shot of the orc-column approaching a meeting of roads. Beyond is a great wall stretching across a narrowing valley. Other bands of orcs can be seen approaching the crossroads from other directions.
Cut to a confused and noisy meeting of different armoured orcs and scuffles developing. Cut to Sam and Frodo near a low parapet. As a fight breaks out in front of them Sam pushes Frodo over the edge then rolls over himself. The camera rises slowly from the empty parapet to show in the distance in the dark of the night a residual red glow lighting up the topmost cone of the volcano and the plume of smoke above it. Slowly the spinning fiery circle materialises and frames the volcano. The volcano gradually fades to black just leaving the burning circle in the dark.

Dissolve and the circle fades over two pairs of hobbit feet on cobbles in bright sunshine.The camera pulls back to show Merry and Pippin embracing. Pippin is in armour and Merry watches as he departs. Cut to a troop of pikemen in a street with Beregond at the head. Bergil stands nearby among the onlookers. Pippin hurries up and after embracing Bergil he takes his place in the troop. Beregond waves to his son then gives the signal to march and the troop starts to a drumbeat. Cut to Bergil’s face as he waves proudly. Cut to Bergil helping a shaky Merry up the steps to the Houses of Healing.
As they ascend we hear Aragorn’s soft voice: ‘Pippin shall go to represent the Shire. Do not grudge him his peril Merry for he has yet to match your deed.’
Cut to Merry’s sombre face and Bergil’s sympathetic one as Aragorn’s voice continues: ‘We may come to a bitter end before the Black Gate of Mordor and then you will also come to a last stand wherever the black tide overtakes you.’

Bergil: ‘Do not fear. They have the Lord Elfstone now – and Beregond of the Guard.’

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The West makes its last stand in the close of this episode.....

Cut to a view of the Pelennor from high up on the City walls. Tiny masses of men wheel and form columns leaving along the road. Fade to the last column disappearing into a haze.
Cut to Aragorn and Gandalf riding into the circle of the Crossroads in Ithilien. Aragorn looks up at the trees and around and signals with his hand. Brief cuts to a soldier pushing the grotesque head off the statue of the king, men washing graffiti off stonework and a soldier putting more flowers around the restored head of the king.
Cut to the Captains unmounted.
Imrahil: ‘The Morgul vale is at hand and its master destroyed. Surely that pass will prove an easier entry to Mordor than the Black Gate to the north.’

Gandalf shakes his head urgently: ‘On no account should we draw his Eye thither. Faramir told us that the Ring-bearer was intent upon that path.’

Aragorn: ‘Nevertheless I will set men to guard the road and to throw down the bridge. I wish for no sudden force to fall upon our rear.’ As he finishes speaking we see briefly mounted men by the demolished bridge that leads to the sinister Morgul tower. Men are lighting bonfires along the banks of the river.
Cut to a long view of the Gondor army stretched out along the landscape of Ithilien. Cut to heralds sounding their long trumpets with a waterfall in the distance. Cut to tiny figures of the Nazgûl wheeling high in the sky by the peaks. Cut to the first of the army riding among sparse scrubby bushes at the beginning of the Desolation. Wind blows dust from small mounds and we hear the wind droning. Cut to a slow pan of the Desolation that we saw on Frodo’s journey. The camera pauses on the two small hills that have broad slimy mud pools in front of them. It moves on until it looks upon the Black Gate and its towers across a broad plain. A few cuts to Nazgûl upon their beasts perched on pinnacles of rock.
Cut as the camera tracks along the ranked faces of boy soldiers looking terrified. Some are crying. Cut to Aragorn resting his hand on the shoulder of one as he addresses the troop. Aragorn: ‘Keep your honour and do not run. Cair Andros in the River is still held by the Enemy. Retake it if you can and hold it to the last in defence of Gondor and Rohan.’
Cut to Aragorn watching with compassion as the troop marches away. The camera pulls back to show some still standing by him.
Cut to several brief shots of eyes looking out; from slit windows, from cave entrances, from the slits in grotesque helmets, the blank hoods of the Nazgûl and the beady vulture eyes. Cut to the boiling black clouds around Barad dur. They break to show a tall tower bearing a red dot. The dot swells to form the red cat-eye of Sauron until it fills half the screen.
Cut to men arraying themselves in ranks. Cut back to show a hill filling with men. Cut to a longer shot and the two hills are filled with the armies of Gondor and Rohan. Their banners fly briskly. Wind blows ripples across the shallow oily marsh.
Cut to a long view from above as if from the Black Gate as an armed party rides out and halts halfway across the plain. We can make out the white robes of Gandalf. Cut to the arch of the gate with its heraldic Eye and the line of severed heads on spikes. A moment of stillness and silence. The riveted Gate opens a fraction. Cut to ground level and a dark figure rides slowly out in front of an escort. Cut and we see past Gandalf in the foreground to the Mordor embassy halting in the middle ground. Two figures come forward. Cut to a mounted figure bearing a richly worked Eye on his breast and a concoction of black feathers on his head. Cut to a close-up of an immensely old and wrinkled face with bright black malicious eyes.
A brief cut to the mounted Captains of the West together with Legolas and Gimli. Pippin sits on Imrahil’s saddle. Gandalf and Aragorn are at the front.

Cut back to the close-up of the Mordor figure. His yellow teeth show.
‘I am the Mouth of Sauron. Is there anyone in this rout with the wit to understand me? Not you at least; a piece of Elvish glass gives you no authority.’
Cut to Aragorn lowering his brow. Cut to his horse moving forward slightly.
Cut back to the Mouth of Sauron: ‘You may not assail me. I am an ambassador.’

Cut to Gandalf, drily: ‘It is the custom for ambassadors to use less insolence.’

Cut to the Mouth of Sauron: ‘So the greybeard is your spokesman. We know you well, always hatching plots at a safe distance. You have stretched out your nose too close this time. My Master bade me show to you in particular some tokens.’ He starts to open a bundle of cloth on his saddle. He lifts up a small leaf-shaped sword. His yellow teeth widen into a grin. Then he lifts up a grey cloak and shows off the Elf-brooch. Then he stares fixedly at the Captains as he lifts up the shimmering coat of mithril and shakes it. We hear the soft tinkling.
Cut to Pippin mounted before Imrahil. He sobs aloud.

Cut to Gandalf turning and hissing: ‘Silence!’

Cut back to the Mouth of Sauron and he feigns sympathy: ‘Oh so you have another of these rats with you? To send them into Mordor as spies is beyond even your folly.’ Cut briefly to Legolas and Gimli looking crushed.
Cut back: ‘Still at least he has seen these tokens before so I thank him.’
Cut again to Pippin and he holds his hand to his mouth in anguish.
Cut back again: ‘Dwarf-coat, Elf-buckle and a knife out of the drowned West’ He wraps up the bundle again.’…. and a spy from the rat-land of Shire.’ He grins again.’Oh yes, we know it well now. Sauron does not love spies and his fate depends on your choice. Accept the terms of Lord Sauron the Great or he will endure the slow torment of years; as slow as we can contrive.’
Cut to Pippin looking up at Gandalf.

Cut to Gandalf: ‘So rather than fight a war to gain his terms your Master would offer but one small servant? Has his hope of victory fallen so low that he stoops to haggling? Yield the prisoner to us and we will consider.’

Cut to the Mouth of Sauron: ‘Lord Sauron gives no surety. Take his terms or leave them.’
Cut to a medium view of both embassies. Gandalf rides forward suddenly and Shadowfax rears up over the Mouth of Sauron in a burst of light.
Cut to Gandalf riding back to the Captains bearing up the bundle.

Shadowfax turns and Gandalf faces the Mordor embassy: ‘I take these in memory of our friend but we reject any terms utterly. Death is near you!’
Cut to the spittle flecked Mouth of Sauron. He snarls and turns and gestures with his arm and breaks into a gallop back.
Cut to the rusty gate widening as we hear instruments braying and drums beating. Several brief scenes of the Nazgûl beasts stretching out their bare wings and launching themselves off the pinnacles.
Cut to the Captains galloping back to the fortified hills. Cut to Beregond in front of a line of spearmen. Pippin comes up and looks up helplessly at him. Beregond grips his shoulder in support then Pippin goes behind and makes a stand in a space in the line. Cut to the Nazgûl wheeling in the sky as we hear a massive hoarse roaring. Cut to a great army forming on the plain before the Gate. But in front is a long line of trolls bearing hammers. They roar together once more then break into a run.
Cut to black.
Closing credits.
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This episode has the climax to the story.

A dark screen and a steady overlapping rhythmic sound. The screen lightens to show an aerial scene above clouds. The camera travels over pink-blushed cotton wool cloud tops then plunges into mist while the rhythmic sounds continue. The opening credits start; JRR Tolkien’s The Lord of the Rings Episode Twenty Eight: The Crack of Doom etc. As they run we cut to a view from high above the edges of the Golden Wood as it borders the River. Black smoke and flames rise from the mallorn trees. Fade to the Argonath passing underneath. Fade to Tol Brandir and the Falls of Anduin.
Cut to Faramir sitting on a stone bench by a low wall in the sun. He is covered by blankets and furs and is looking out over the Pelennor. He looks up as the Warden comes into shot. The Warden bows his head to Faramir.
Warden: ‘Lord Steward, the lady Éowyn of Rohan has asked to speak to you. She is not content in my care.’ Faramir looks around.
Cut to Éowyn, her arm in a sling, approaching. She drops a slight curtsy.

Éowyn: ‘Lord Steward, I have no lack of care here but I cannot lie caged and idle. I looked for death in battle and failed and the battle goes on.’ Cut to Faramir. He frowns in thought and gestures discreetly for the Warden to leave. He gestures gracefully to a space on his bench.
Cut to Éowyn seated at the far end of the bench. Cut briefly to Faramir looking her up and down with concern. Cut to them both.

Faramir: ‘What would you have me do?’ He smiles ruefully and indicates his warm coverings. ’I also am a prisoner of these healers. If it lies within my power I shall do it. But if it were me then I would listen to the Warden and respect his skill.’

Cut to Éowyn looking down and not meeting his eye: ‘I do not desire healing. I wish to ride to war like Théoden for he died and has now both peace and honour.’

Cut to Faramir looking carefully at her: ‘It is too late for the Captains have left. But death may still come to us all and you and I must endure the wait with patience.’

Cut to Éowyn still not meeting his face and now looking away: ‘But they would have me in my room for seven more days.’ She dabs at her nose. ‘And my window does not face eastward.’ She looks up at him at last and half laughs and half cries at herself.

Cut to Faramir smiling: ‘Then I will command the warden to give you such a room. And I will tell him as well to let you walk here in the gardens where I too look eastwards. It would ease my own cares if you could walk and speak with me a little.’

Cut to Éowyn looking unsure and withdrawing into herself: ‘I do not desire the speech of living men. How could I ease your cares?’

Cut to Faramir gazing clear eyed at her: ‘I will give you a plain answer. Lady Éowyn, I say to you that you are beautiful. We may have only a few days before the darkness overwhelms us. It would ease my heart if I could see you while the sun still shines. We have both fallen under the Shadow and the same hand drew us back.’

Cut to Éowyn rising and shaking her head: ‘Shadow lies on me still. Do not look to me for healing. But I thank you for allowing me to leave my room and walk. I shall do so.’ She gives a brief curtsey again still avoiding his eyes and turns to go. Cut to Faramir watching her go.
A few fades to medium distance scenes of the two walking among topiary gardens and looking out over the walls into the distance.
Cut to a closer view of the two looking out over the wall. Éowyn is now in a deep blue cloak with white fur trimmings and a pattern of tiny silver stars and she stands a little closer to him. Their hair blows in the wind and we can hear it gust.

Éowyn: ‘It is seven days since he rode away.’

Faramir looks at Éowyn: ‘I would not have this world end now and lose what I have found.’

Cut to Éowyn. She turns and looks steadily at him with kindness: ‘My friend, there is nothing you have found that you could lose. But I cannot turn yet. I stand upon the brink and wait for some stroke of doom.’
Cut to a view of the two from behind. The wind drops and there is silence. Cut to the distant thin line of black mountains. A bank of black cloud behind the peaks swells slowly. The camera pans left and the bank of cloud rises up into a tall black cone. We can just make out the top flickering with lightning. Cut to the backs of the two looking out.

Faramir: ‘This is like the dreams of the great wave that disturb my sleep. The great wave that drowned Westernesse. A great wall of water climbing up over green field and mountain, covering all in darkness inescapable.’
Éowyn’s hand creeps along the parapet and seizes Faramir’s fiercely. The camera pulls into the two hands and Éowyn’s hand grips his as hard as she can.

Cut to several scaled trolls splashing through thick mud, waving their war hammers and roaring.
Cut to a close up of Pippin’s face: ‘I hope Merry finds an easier end. Now I have to do my best. I wish I could see green grass again before I die.’
Cut to one mud splattered troll roaring as it climbs up the slope. Spears push at it uselessly as it smashes shields and helmets with its hammer. Swords bounce off it. Cut to Beregond striking a blow at it. The troll pushes away the sword and hammers Beregond to the ground. It bends forward, its fangs close to Beregond’s throat. Cut to a different angle and Pippin runs out from his line and puts his sword point against the troll’s belly and pushes up with all his force. He pulls his sword out and black blood gushes out over him. The troll straightens up and staggers and falls on him. Cut to black with tiny chinks of light.
Pippin’s stifled voice: ‘Help! I can’t move. I can’t breathe!’ A pause. ‘So it ends then as I guessed.’
Fade to complete black and silence. The fiery spinning wheel takes form in the dark.
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Here is the second part of the episode. I will start off by repeating a few lines to make the link a bit smoother...............

The troll straightens up and staggers and falls on him. Cut to black with tiny chinks of light.
Pippin’s stifled voice: ‘Help! I can’t move. I can’t breathe!’ A pause. ‘So it ends then as I guessed.’
Fade to complete black and silence. The fiery spinning wheel takes form in the dark.
Dissolve from the spinning circle into a grey daylight scene of the parapet at the crossroads in Mordor where Frodo and Sam escaped. In the distance over a grey and dun cracked and fissured plain we see the volcano. Its plume of smoke is subdued and drifting in a wind. The camera starts to travel over the plain. It comes up to Frodo and Sam moving furtively across the broken ground. Sam stops Frodo.

Sam: ‘Why not lighten our load a bit? ‘

Frodo looks forward at the volcano: ‘No, we shan’t need much for this road: and at the end, nothing.’ He takes off his orc helmet and sword and walks to a deep fissure and drops them in with the shield. ‘I’ll be an orc no more nor bear any weapon fair or foul.’
Cut to Sam dropping his gear in too except for Sting which still hangs by his side.. He opens his pack and looks wistfully at his pans.

Sam: ‘Do you remember the rabbit I cooked? In Ithilien where we saw the oliphaunt?’

Frodo: ‘No Sam, no taste of food, no feel of water, no sound of wind, no memory of tree or grass or flower. No image of moss or star are left to me. I am naked in the dark and there is no veil between me and the wheel of fire. I see it even with my waking eyes and all else fades.’ Sam looks at his pans and drops them straight into the fissure and turns.

Sam: ‘Then the sooner we are rid of it the better.’
Cut to a rocky dip in fading light. Frodo is asleep and Sam sits up against a ridge. Cut to a close-up of his face. His eyes are almost slits and he licks his cracked lips.
Sam: ‘No more water nor scarce any food. So this is the job I felt I had to do when I started. To get Mr Frodo to the last step then die with him. Very well then. But I would dearly love to see Rosie again. I’ll never see my poor old Gaffer again nor the Bywater pool. Things went wrong as soon as we lost Gandalf. Still one more day should do it.’
Sam’s face stays still but we hear his voice.

Sam’s voice: ‘Don’t be a fool. He can’t go on another day like that. Nor you now you’ve given him all the water and most of the food.’

Sam mutters to answer himself: ‘I can go a long way though.’

The voice continues: ‘What then? What will you do?’

Sam: ‘I don’t know exactly. The Crack of Doom I suppose wherever it is.’

The voice: ‘There! It’s all useless. He said so himself. You could have lain down and slept days ago. You’ll die just the same, or worse. You might as well give up now. You’ll never get to the top anyway.’

Sam sets his jaw: ‘I’ll get there if I leave all but my bones behind. I’ll carry him up myself even if it breaks my back and my heart. So. Stop. Arguing!’
Cut to the volcano in the dark. It trembles and spews red sparks in the night and rumbles.
Cut back to Sam and he rests his head back against the rock and his eyes flicker then he brings his head back and opens his eyes and a smile spreads across his face.
Cut to a solitary bright star in the black sky. Cut back to Sam smiling.
Sam, softly to himself: ‘The Shadow will pass one day. Up there is light and beauty beyond its reach for ever.’ Still smiling he drifts off to sleep.
Cut to the star again.
Cut to hazy light with smokes drifting down the mountain slope. Small in the distance we see Frodo and Sam on the mountain. Cut to a close view and they are coughing. Frodo stumbles and starts crawling. He looks up at Sam

Frodo: ‘I can’t manage it Sam. It’s such a weight on me.’

Sam kneels by him: ‘I could carry it for you gladly.’
Frodo rolls away from him on to his back; his eyes are wild.

Frodo: ‘No! Don’t touch me! It is mine. No, oh no Sam. It is my burden. It is too late. If you tried to take it I should go mad.’

Sam: ‘I understand a bit now Mr Frodo. Come, I can’t carry it for you I know. But I can carry you. So up you get. Come on, Sam will give you a pig-a-back. Just tell him where to go.’
Cut to Sam with Frodo clinging to his back getting gradually up a slope.. Cut to a long view of the two, tiny on the mountain. Cut to Sam tumbled over and Frodo clambering free. From the background we can see they are high up now.

Frodo with a hoarse voice: ‘How far is there to go?’

Sam, equally hoarse: ‘I don’t know where we are going.’ Both their heads sink down in exhaustion. Sam looks up again. He stands and looks about.
Sam: ‘Look, there’s some sort of road or path up there.’ Cut briefly to a road rising and circling around the mountain. Cut back to Frodo and Sam looking exhausted. Then they both look at each other suddenly.

Frodo: ‘Now or it will be too late!’ Sam nods and they rise together. Cut to them trudging up an ash road. Beyond the slopes of the mountain black clouds boil and twist in the distance. Cut to Frodo’s face, wide eyed and aghast. Cut to the boiling clouds and a tall black tower appears. A single intense red dot glows from the top.

Cut to Sauron’s platform on Barad dur. The bulky shape of Sauron is bent over the glowing Seeing-Stone. We hear the sleek confident voice again.
Sauron: ‘Finally thou art in my grasp.’
Cut to Frodo writhing on the road and clasping at his neck.

Frodo: ‘Help me Sam! Help me! Hold my hand. I can’t stop it! His Eye! His Eye!’ Sam kneels down and takes Frodo’s hands between his and kisses them.
Cut back to Sauron’s clawed and maimed hands grasping the stone and the reflection of his red cat-eye in it. The camera comes closer and we see in it a view of Aragorn standing by his banner bearing aloft a shining white sword.
Cut to Sam struggling with Frodo on his back again between tall twisting shapes of cooled lava. He looks up in surprise and a shape falls on them.
Cut to Sam with Sting in his hand looking down helplessly. Cut to Frodo and Gollum rolling over and over together until Frodo frantically throws Gollum flying. Frodo rises and walks stiff-legged to the wretched Gollum and points down at him. Frodo’s other hand clutches at his breast.

Frodo in a commanding voice: ‘Down you creeping thing! Out of my path! Your time is at an end.’ Cut to Sam looking and frowning. Cut back to Frodo. Before him is a whirling circle of fire and Frodo’s voice comes distantly: ‘You cannot betray me now. If you touch me ever again you shall be cast yourself into the Fire of Doom.’ The burning circle fades away and Frodo slumps and pants. Sam walks between the two with Sting in his hand.

Sam: ‘Look out or he’ll spring. Quick, go on. I’ll deal with this one.’

Frodo sounding dazed: ‘Yes, I must go on. Farewell my dearest Sam. This is the end at last.’ He walks away steadily.

Cut to Sam looking down with loathing: ‘Now, I’ve been waiting for this moment.’ He raises Sting.

Cut to a wretched Gollum grovelling and weeping: ‘Don’t kill us. Don’t hurt us with nasty cruel steel. Let us live a little longer. When Precious goes we’ll die, yes die into dust. Sméagol is so very weary.’

Cut to Sam raising Sting again to kill then he pauses. He raises it a second time then shakes his head: ‘I can’t do it. I bore it for a while and I can see now. Be off you skulking thing! I don’t trust you but be off or yes, I will hurt you.’
Cut to Sam aiming a kick at Gollum who scuttles away. Sam watches then sheathes Sting then remembers Frodo and runs off.
Cut to Sam at the end of the path that passes into a plain massive trilithon doorway in a sheer rock wall. Red flickers come from within. Sam pauses and peers inside then enters.
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The episode finishes.

Cut to a long shot of the Gondor and Rohan armies beleaguered by the forces of Mordor. The Nazgûl swoop and circle above their heads. Cut to a view of the battle area and the Black Gate from high above. The camera starts to drop to the ground at speed. Cut to a magnificent fierce eagle’s head with clouds blurring past behind it. Cut to a huge golden brown shape striking a Nazgûl beast and a flurry of wings in mid air. Cut to a view of scores of eagles in the air, some already diving down. Cut to a warrior calling out: ‘Eagles! The Eagles are coming!’
Cut to a vast eagle snatching up two orcs and casting them on the ground. Cut to the Nazgûl flying at speed towards the Black Gate.
Cut to Gandalf and Aragorn standing calmly together. Gandalf raises his arms in the air.

Gandalf: ‘Stand men of the West! Stand and wait! This is the hour of Doom!’
Cut to the sky above the summits of Mordor on one side of the Gate. Into the sky a vast black swirling cloud rises up and takes the form of a figure. A red glow like an eye is at the head. Lightnings play around the head and are reflected in the churning black clouds. An arm forms and stretches out with a claw at the end. Cut to the Men of the West looking up in horror.

Cut to Sam in a dark tunnel whose walls flicker red.
He pulls out the small glass phial. It glows faintly then is extinguished and he puts it back. We hear a deep throbbing rumble. Another flare of red and Sam calls out: ‘Master!’
Cut to the length of the tunnel and at the end a small straight silhouette against the red glare. Cut to a closer view and we see at Frodo’s feet a circular well whose sides move with red light.. Cut to Frodo holding up the Ring. It glows bright red. Cut to Frodo’s face, orange in the light. He looks up with a cold intensity.

Frodo: ‘I do not choose now to do what I came to do. I will not do this deed. The Ring is mine!’

Cut to Sam: ‘No Master! No! Please don’t!’
Cut to Frodo still looking calm and cold. He puts the Ring on his finger and vanishes.
Cut to the figure of Sauron still bent over the Stone, Suddenly he stiffens and straightens. He swings his body around the Stone to look in a different direction. Cut to a view of Mount Doom from his tower. An extreme fast zoom takes us into the chamber and Frodo seen in the Spirit-World, the Ring throbbing white on his outstretched hand.
Cut back to Sauron on the platform and we hear a tremendous animal bellow. The stonework shakes. Cut to the Nazgûl flying in V formation at speed as the bellow continues. Cut to the distant view of Barad dur and its tower and the terrible Eye fills half the screen. Now we hear a deep fast heartbeat.
Cut to Sam still in anguish. He seems to be pushed violently forward. Cut and we see Gollum bound over Sam’s prone body then hop and run towards the round hole in the floor. The fast heartbeat continues. Gollum halts and looks around and stretches out his arms till he catches hold of something. He springs and twists and falls to the ground. He appears to be wrestling. He rises up gripping something near to his face. Cut to a close-up of his wide open mouth with sharp fangs. The image is akin to Goya’s painting of Saturn devouring his children. The jaws snap shut and Frodo’s arm appears. Cut to Frodo collapsing on his hands and knees. He cries out in pain and deep loss. Gollum is dancing and holding up a finger in the air that bears a burning gold Ring. He throws the finger down.

Gollum singing: ‘Precious, precious, oh my precious.’ He looks up at it in ecstacy. Then his dance changes to slow motion and we hear Frodo’s voice from a distance.
Frodo: ‘I mean a danger for you alone. You swore an oath by the Precious. It will hold you to it but it will twist you.’

Then we hear Gollum’s distant voice: ‘ Sméagol will swear on the Precious that he will never, never let Him have it. Never! Sméagol will save it’

Cut to Gollum’s face from above looking up at the Ring in joy, still in slow motion. His face changes slowly to fear.
Cut to his foot on the edge and the edge crumbles. Cut to Gollum still in slow motion falling out over the edge and catching the light from below.
Cut to the immensely deep narrow pit seen from above and its disc of red fire at the bottom. Gollum tumbles slowly and grows smaller. We finally see his shadow against the red like a simulacrum of Sauron's Eye.
A final ‘My Precious!’ echoes while the Ring glows like a white hot ingot in his hand.
Cut to the chamber and a flame flies up from the pit and hits the roof. Sam ducks and runs and raises Frodo in a fireman’s lift and runs away.
Cut to Barad dur and the wind strips the clouds from it. Cut to a near view of the massive sloping black foundations. Cut to a close-up of the black stonework. A network of cracks spreads across it. The stones start to pour away like dry black sand. Cut to a view of the whole complex and roofs tumble inwards and towers topple towards each other and walls belly out.
Cut to an even longer view and spirals of smoke spin into tornadoes then twist together to form a single monumental trunk of whirling cloud. The camera pans up and the cloud has taken the form of a figure. Lightnings burst around its head and a red glow forms its eye. An arm takes shape and it reaches out with a long black claw at the end. Then it starts to bend in the wind and it loses its shape and breaks up into long shreds. We hear a long sigh. Cut to the final shreds evaporating in the sky.
Cut to the Nazgûl flying desperately. One by one they frizzle up into flames and spin down into swirls of fiery motes. Fade out to black.

Suitable music now would be the soft start to the Lachrymosa of Mozart's Requiem.
Fade in and zoom gradually in to Sam cradling and rocking Frodo in his arms at the very end of an out thrust spur from the volcano, not dissimilar to the spur at Minas Tirith. Smokes swirl past them and small cinders rattle down.
Frodo: ‘Sam I am glad you are with me at the end of all things. Let us forgive Gollum. I couldn’t have done it without him. The Quest would have failed at the bitter end.’

Sam: ‘But it’s not like me to give up if you understand.’

Frodo: ‘Maybe not but it’s like things are in the world. Hopes fail. An end comes. We have only a little time to wait now. There is no escape.’ They look at each other and Sam looks around at the destruction.
Some cuts to the turmoil at the cone and the outpourings of lava.
Cut back to Sam and he hides Frodo’s head under his cloak. He carries on rocking.

Sam, gently: ‘Do you think they will sing of us? A song of Nine-Fingered Frodo and the Ring of Doom? Like they sing of Beren One-Hand and the Silmaril?’ A cloud of smoke and ashes obscures them for a moment. It clears and Sam is coughing and his head sinks over the figure of Frodo. The camera pulls away and upwards and the two figures shrink within the turmoils of smoke.
A long slow fade to black as the Lachrymosa comes to an end
Closing credits.
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Wow, Tosh. :cry:

And the Lacrymosa is perfect.

YouTube link to music:

“There, peeping among the cloud-wrack above a dark tor high up in the mountains, Sam saw a white star twinkle for a while. The beauty of it smote his heart, as he looked up out of the forsaken land, and hope returned to him. For like a shaft, clear and cold, the thought pierced him that in the end the Shadow was only a small and passing thing: there was light and high beauty for ever beyond its reach.”
― J.R.R. Tolkien, The Return of the King
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"Spirits in the shape of hawks and eagles flew ever to and from his halls; and their eyes could see to the depths of the seas, and pierce the hidden caverns beneath the world."
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I thought a decent pause was appropriate after that. Here is the start of the next episode.

A thin dark line of distant mountains on the horizon. A plume of black smoke drifts away behind them. Cut to two people’s hands joined upon a white parapet. Between their arms a tiny dot is seen in the sky. As it grows closer the opening credits start. JRR Tolkien’s The Lord of the Rings: Episode Twenty Nine The Field of Cormallen etc. As the credits continue cut to lines of people on the walls of Minas Tirith looking out, their hands to their mouths, or looking grim or resigned. Cut to the winged creature flapping slowly until it is near enough to show it as a great eagle. Cut to Faramir’s and Éowyn’s faces. Cut to the eagle and it brings its wings up as if to land; its talons outstretched in a heraldic posture and its movements turn to slow motion. The colours turn to the intense colours of a late mediaeval painting, the eagle in gold and the sky in a lapis lazuli blue and the eagle morphs into an angelic figure with tight golden curls and white robes. A clamour of bells start and the angelic messenger sings out in a high counter tenor voice:
‘Sing all ye people of the Tower of Anor
For the realm of Sauron has ended forever
And the Dark Tower is thrown down.’
(Another peal of bells)
‘Sing and be glad all ye children of the West
For your King shall come again
And he shall dwell among you
All the days of your life.’
(Another peal of bells)
‘And the tree that was withered shall be renewed
And he shall plant it in the high places.
Sing all ye people!’
Cuts to people hugging on the walls and in the streets to the sound of bells. One old man weeps. Cut to Faramir and Éowyn gazing at each other.
Faramir: ‘Will you now go to meet your brother in his triumph?’

Éowyn: ‘If he asked I would not go. Do you know why?’

Faramir, carefully: ‘It may be it would pain you to see the Lord Aragorn. Or – it may be that you wish to be with me. Or it may be you do not know which.’ He pauses and looks down then up again, ‘Éowyn, do you not love me or will you not?’

Éowyn: ‘I wish to be loved, not pitied.’

Cut to Faramir’s face: ‘Yes, he gave you pity but not love and so you sought nothing except death. Look at me. When I first saw you it is true that I pitied your sorrow. I do not offer it now for I love you and would love you were you sorrowless and free of fear. Do you not love me?’

Cut to Éowyn looking out over the lands to the east then back steadily at Faramir. She gives up the fight within herself and her stiffness goes and she looks around then back at him again and she collapses against his chest and bursts into deep sobs. His arms go around her then one hand goes up to stroke her cheek.
She looks up half smiling, half crying: ‘I will take no more joy in war. The world is healing and I will be healed and I will be a healer myself. I will love things that grow and yes, I will love you.’ She strokes his face then hugs him then looks back in his face with a wry smile: ‘And no longer do I desire to be a queen.’

Faramir laughs: ‘It is as well for I am no king.’

Cut to Aragorn and Gandalf still on the hill of battle. Gandalf has one arm raised and is looking up at the sky. Cut to the armies of Mordor milling about like an aimless crowd. Eagles fly among them lifting and casting orcs down. The Rohirrim are leading their horses out and the front ranks of spearmen start to advance.
Cut to an immense eagle landing on the mound. It walks close to Gandalf and Aragorn. Shadowfax and the eagle stare at each other. The eagle is scarcely shorter than the horse.

Gandalf: ‘I have the need now for speed greater than any wind. Will you bear me once more?’ The eagle launches itself again into the air and flies out of sight. Then we see it high up and it swoops down and with a thump he grasps Gandalf in huge talons and lifts him up. Shadowfax tosses his head and stamps.
Cut to Gimli and Legolas searching among the bodies. Gimli briefly look behind in surprise to see Gandalf in the background being carried off in the air then he resumes his search.

Legolas: ‘I fear the young hobbit lies drowned in the mud.’

Gimli, stroking his beard: ‘He stood near to his friend in the Citadel Guard. Ah! Hobbit feet if I am not mistaken. Here Legolas, help me shift this troll.’ Cut to the two using spears to lever the body of the troll away from two large bare hairy feet. It rolls over and Pippin lies beneath it, unmoving but still holding his sword. Legolas kneels quickly and massages Pippin’s chest until he stirs.
Cut to a Turner-like view of drifting and swirling smokes; an image of chaos. Cut to a murky scene of Sam bent over Frodo. Cut to a close-up of Sam and with a soft thump two great talons seize and lift him. Frodo flops lifelessly. A brief moment and another two talons lift him too. The camera stays on the barren spot and a shower of glowing stones rattle down and dark smoke obscures the screen and the swirling clouds become still.
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I like your handling of the eagle-rescue.
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Thanks, I loved PJ's version but could hardly copy it. I remember the extraordinary delicacy the eagles used to lift the hobbits. :love:
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I have actually finished the tale now and all I have to do is to transfer it to a Word document. This means that I can post a bit more frequently. Here then is the second part of the episode.

A very slow dissolve from the still view of the smokes to bright spots of gleaming gold. Then to fresh pale green between the golden spots then a fine tracery of high branches and sunbeams and butterflies and the singing of birds.
Cut to an extreme close-up of Sam’s eyes flickering and opening and the light shining in his eyes. Cut to his whole face and he sniffs and frowns.
Sam: ‘Bless me! That is the scent of Ithilien.’ Cut to a little further back and Sam raises himself on an elbow in a bed in an open glade as he looks down at Frodo asleep by him. Cut for a second to Frodo’s maimed hand on the coverlet.
Sam: ‘What sort of dream is this? Where am I? ‘

Cut to even further back and Gandalf is sitting near the bed: ‘You are indeed in Ithilien and in the keeping of the King.’

Sam turns around on hearing the voice: ‘Gandalf? I thought you were dead and I was dead…. What has happened to the world?’ He stops with his mouth open. We see that Frodo is awake and watching him.

Gandalf: ‘A great shadow has departed.’ He cannot keep a straight face at Sam’s open-mouthed look of astonishment and he starts chuckling then laughing deeply. He rises and embraces Sam.
Gandalf: ‘How do you feel?’

Sam: ‘I don’t know how to say it. Like Spring after Winter, like sun on the leaves, like trumpets and harps and songs.’

Frodo grinning: ‘You sleepyhead Sam. I’ve been awake since this morning.’ At Frodo’s voice Sam turns again.

Gandalf: ‘You were both close to death but for the last two weeks the King of Gondor himself has tended you and now he waits for you. You shall eat and drink with him and then he rides to his coronation.’

Cut to the two hobbits being prepared. First they are given back their treasures: Frodo is given the phial of Galadriel and Sting. We see Sam’s joy at getting back the small box. As they start we hear the beginning of Tallis’s Spem in Allium quietly in the background. They are robed, Frodo in his mithril coat and Sam in golden mail. Circlets of silver are placed on their heads. The music continues as they pass down an avenue of newly opened beech trees, past a tiny gurgling waterfall and drifts of spring flowers. Men along the way start to bow to them. Cut to an arch of trees that leads to bright sunlight. Cut to Gandalf walking with them across a green meadow with people gathered either side and the singing swells. A brief cut to Gimli and Legolas and Merry and Pippin watching together.
Cut back and Gandalf halts and Frodo and Sam continue. Cut to a hand held camera moving towards three high seats. The banners of Rohan and Dol Amroth and in the centre the black and silver banner of the King flutter. Cut to Aragorn in armour, Anduril across his knees, watching them. He rises and walks down the steps on to the grass. Cut to Frodo and Sam facing him and showing more surprise.

Sam: ‘Strider? ‘

Aragorn: ‘It is a long way from Bree Sam where you did not like the look of me. A long way but yours has been the darkest road.’ He sinks down on his knees and bows his head to them. Cut to Aragorn leading them up the steps. Cut to the two sitting side by side on the great chair. Aragorn stands on a lower step.
Aragorn to everyone: ‘Praise them with great praise!’
The music of Tallis swells again. Cut to Sam looking around smiling proudly with tears running down his face. The camera moves from him to Frodo and then to Éomer and on past the gathered people and up into trees and blue sky and the music continues.
Dissolve as the music fades away to a full moon over the trees and the camera drops to a pavilion in the dusk with lamps all round it and cheerful music coming from it. Cut to a banquet inside the pavilion and the lute and pipe music is louder. Frodo and Sam sit among the Captains with Gimli and Legolas sitting nearby. They are intent on their plates and don’t notice Merry and Pippin coming up in the uniforms of Rohan and Gondor until Pippin raps the table smartly. Cut to a closer view.

Sam speaking through a mouthful: ‘Well, look who it is! How have you grown three inches since we left you? I see there are more tales to tell than ours.’
Pippin grins: ‘Ask Gandalf; he’s not so close as he used to be. We can’t stay to talk as we have to attend to our duties. We have become knights of Gondor and Rohan since you last saw us.’
Fade out to some scenes of ornate barges being rowed down the river then to a scene of pavilions on the fields before Minas Tirith.
Cut to Faramir, Éowyn, Elfhelm and other dignitaries waiting in front of the Gateway of Minas Tirith. Cut to a longer view of the same scene and we see noisy and bustling crowds gathered either side of them.
Cut to Aragorn in armour and Gandalf, Éomer and Imrahil and the hobbits proceeding on foot up the main highway with their banners held up behind them. Cut to Beregond with an arm in a sling with Bergil by his side in the crowd.

Cut to Ioreth talking to a friend in the crowds: ‘No, not boys, they are Halfling princes from their kingdom in the North. One of them walked into Mordor with just his squire and fought the Dark Lord all by himself and then set fire to his Tower!’ (the friend looks very sceptical) ‘I had one in my care you know.’ A trumpet sounds and the crowds and Ioreth fall silent.
Cut to Faramir addressing the crowds: ‘The kingship of Gondor has lain empty for a thousand years. One now comes who claims the throne: Aragorn of the Dúnedain of the North, Captain of the Host of the West, bearer of the Elfstone and of the Sword Reforged: Elessar, whose hands brought healing, the heir of Isildur who came to Middle-earth on the crest of the flood of Westernesse. Shall he be king and enter this city?’
Cut to the crowd throwing caps in the air and a massed shout: ‘Yea!’

Cut to Aragorn: ‘By the labours of many have I come to my inheritance. In token of this I would have the Ring-bearer bring the crown to me and I would have Mithrandir set it upon my brow for he has been the mover of all and this is his victory.’
Cut to Faramir holding an open casket for Frodo. Frodo takes out a tall silver peaked crown adorned with wings from the casket carefully. It looks heavy. The camera follows him to Aragorn kneeling before Gandalf. Gandalf takes the crown and places it on Aragorn’s head.

Gandalf: ‘May the days of the king be blessed while the thrones of the Valar endure,’

Cut to the crowned Aragorn standing: ‘Thus said Elendil, “Out of the Great Sea to Middle-earth I am come. In this place will I abide and my heirs unto the ending of the world.”‘
Cut to the crowds cheering again and the sound of bells pealing. Cut to Faramir returning to Éowyn who smiles and takes his hands in hers.

Fade to a mountain landscape. The camera pans across an alpine meadow with snowy peaks in the background until it reaches Aragorn and Gandalf sitting on a rock. Cut to a closer view and the wind is ruffling Gandalf’s hair and beard.
Gandalf, sweeping his arm around: ‘All this is your realm. The power of the three Elven Rings to preserve what was good has gone. Soon the Elves must choose between fading or departing across the Great Sea. It is your task to keep and remember what is best from the last Age.’

Aragorn: ‘I am mortal and shall die. Who shall govern Gondor then? There has been no sign; the Tree still lies withered in the Citadel. My friend, how can the dearest desire of my heart ever be granted?’
Gandalf holds up a finger and watches a bumblebee buzzing unsteadily past them. He follows it with his eyes and rises.
Cut to a lacework of ice hanging from a rock and dripping water into a tiny stream. Cut to a slender sapling growing from a carpet of moss above a moving stream of water. Cut to the bumblebee on a cluster of white flowers among narrow silvery leaves. Cut to Aragorn kneeling by the sapling and looking up at Gandalf.

Gandalf: ‘This is your sign. This is a sapling of the line of Telperion, the eldest of trees that grew in the morning of the world. Take it and set it in the court of the White Tower.’ Aragorn peels the mat of moss and roots carefully from the rock, drenches his cloak in the stream and wraps the roots in it. Fade out.
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Congratulations on completing this huge and remarkable task, Tosh! I look forward to getting to read the rest of it.

Forgive me if I don't completely give up the hope that I'll some day see it actually made into a long TV series. I think it would be brilliant.
"Spirits in the shape of hawks and eagles flew ever to and from his halls; and their eyes could see to the depths of the seas, and pierce the hidden caverns beneath the world."
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I don't think that is in the realms of possibilty Mr V. :) This is the cheap version!

The episode finishes here......

Fade in to a dark blue evening sky and a tinkling dancing music. High voices sing an interweaving song. Lances bearing heraldic pennants bob past in the lower part of the screen.

Gandalf’s voice starts over the images: ‘This will be only the third union between Elves and Men in all the days of Middle-earth.’ Next we see an ornamental paper lantern on a delicate pole. The camera tracks along with it as fireflies spin around it. Cut to a pair of richly dressed Elves on horseback. They glow in the dusk. Cut to Celeborn and Galadriel riding together. Cut to Elrond bearing a great sceptre on his shoulder. He has a solemn sorrowful face.
Gandalf’s voice continues: ‘They promised their love in the heart of Lothlórien but Elrond would not give his daughter to anyone less than the King of the united realm of Gondor and Arnor.’
Cut to Arwen in all her beauty riding on a grey horse. The camera tracks her for a while.
Gandalf: ‘She is Arwen Undomiel; Arwen, Star of the Twilight; Elrond’s only daughter. It is a bitter day for him.’
Cut to the Court of the Citadel. Surrounded by a ring of people and standing by a young thin tree that brims with white blossom and silver leaves, Aragorn holds Arwen’s hands in his while Elrond and Galadriel stand nearby. Cut to the hobbits next to Gandalf.

Pippin: ‘Why is that?’

Gandalf, whispering: ‘For now Arwen must embrace a mortal life. The days of Elven-kind are fading and soon Elrond will pass over the Sea. When he does, their parting will endure beyond the ends of the world.’

Frodo, his eyes shining: ‘Arwen, Star of the Twilight, yes. Now night too will be blessed and all its fears pass away.’
Cut to a close view of Aragorn still holding Arwen’s hands as they gaze into each other’s eyes while Elrond smiles sadly near them. Cut to Galadriel looking on. Cut to Gimli and Éomer. Gimli has a distant smile on his face.

Éomer: ‘Tell me Master Dwarf, have you your axe ready?’

Gimli, puzzled: ‘No, but I can fetch it speedily.’

Éomer: ‘For I must tell you that the Lady of the Golden Wood is not the fairest I have seen.’

Gimli looks sideways at him: ‘Then I must fetch my axe.’

Éomer: ‘Shall I call for my sword? For I would do battle for Queen Arwen Evenstar.’

Gimli makes a gesture of reconciliation: ‘You have chosen the evening but my heart lies with the morning. It will soon pass away for ever.’ Cut back briefly to Galadriel.
Fade to a view across Minas Tirith in the dusk.
Cut to a clattering of horses in the sunlit square inside the gateway of Minas Tirith. Aragorn and Arwen, Gandalf, the Elf-Company, the hobbits, Faramir, Éowyn and Éomer are preparing to leave. Cut to Frodo on his pony looking ill at ease in a quiet spot. Arwen walks up to him.

Arwen: ‘ Bilbo still waits for you in Rivendell but he will only make one more journey.’ Frodo looks up at her but says nothing. Cut to Arwen’s face as her eyes look deep.
‘For love I have chosen a mortal life. Like Lúthien before me I shall take both the bitter and the sweet. When my father leaves Middle-earth I shall not go with him. This I give to you Ring-bearer; in my stead you may go so your wounds and weariness may be healed.’ A look of compassion comes on her face and she lifts a silver starburst from around her neck, kisses it and puts it over Frodo. ‘When the fear and darkness trouble you, this will bring you aid.’ Frodo’s eyes follow her as she goes.

Cuts of the procession riding away from Minas Tirith; to the company passing a forest with drums sounding in the distance; to Edoras in the distance.
Cut to many people around a long table, laden with food inside Meduseld. Éomer, Aragorn, Arwen and Faramir are at the head of the table. Éowyn walks around filling cups and horns from a great gold-rimmed auroch horn. Cut to the head of the table.
Éomer raises his horn and calls out: ‘Faramir, Steward of Gondor and now Prince of Ithilien asks for the hand of my sister Éowyn. I give it willingly.’

Aragorn: ‘No miser are you Éomer; to give the fairest in your realm to Gondor.’

Éowyn comes up to fill his horn: ‘Wish me joy my healer.’

Aragorn: ‘I have wished you joy since I first saw you.’
Cut to Éomer and Éowyn in a wooden walled armoury inspecting Merry in his Rohan armour. Merry is sheathing a Rohan blade. Éomer holds a small Rohan shield ready to pass it over.

Éomer: ‘The kings of old would have filled a wagon with rich gifts for you but you say you will have naught but your arms.’ Éowyn produces a small circular silver horn and gives it to Merry.

Éowyn: ‘Take this my holbytlan in memory of Dernhelm. It was brought out of the North by our people and came from the hoard of Scatha the Worm. Sound it to bring courage to your friends and fear to your enemies.’ Merry embraces them both.
Brief fades to long views of the party, now smaller, leaving Edoras then approaching the long valley to Isengard.
Cut to the still lake with the black spike of Orthanc in the Centre. The lake is now lined with rocky outcrops and trees. Cut to the company with Treebeard.

Gandalf: ‘How is Saruman? Is he weary of the view from his window yet?’

Treebeard: ‘Hoom. He grew weary of my voice and my long tales. Even so he forced himself to listen for he was greedy for news.’

Gandalf, drily: ‘I observe you say with care, grew, forced and was. Is he dead?’

Treebeard: ‘You know I hate the caging of living things. Indeed I let him go for I judged he was harmless now.’

Gandalf: ‘I see he still has power in his voice. Well, he is gone and that is that.’
Cut to Gimli and Legolas with the hobbits.

Gimli: ‘It is time to say farewell to you. Legolas and I go back to our own lands. No more will I fear for your peril. I hope that we may still meet again.’ They embrace. Cut to Celeborn and Galadriel with Treebeard.

Treebeard: ‘It is long since we met by stock or stone. I feel the world changing. I feel it in the water, I feel it in the earth, I smell it in the air. I do not think we shall meet again.’

Galadriel: ‘Not until the lands that lie under the wave are lifted up again. Then we may meet in the willow meads of Tasarinan. Farewell.’ Fade out.
Fade in to Gimli and Legolas in a medium distance walking through scattered old pine trees.
Fade into Aragorn appearing over a gentle crest. He is followed by the others. Long shadows stretch across the grass. Pippin rides up beside him on his pony.

Aragorn: ‘You are still a knight of Gondor, Peregrine Took. My realm lies also in the North and I shall come there one day. Farewell for now my friends.’
Cut to Gandalf and the hobbits and the Elf Company at the bottom of a long gentle slope. They halt and look back and wave. Cut to the figure of Aragorn on the hill, his white cloak and finery catching the red gleams of the low sun. He holds up his hand and a green flash fills the screen.
The picture freezes and the closing credits start.
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This substantial effort is drawing to its close now. This is the opening part of the penultimate episode.

Distant views of the company riding through empty landscapes and woods, always with mountains in the distance.
Cut to a close-up of Saruman’s ill tempered face. Cut to him walking on a path, his robes torn and dirty. He stops angrily and turns back and we see Wormtongue behind him trying to attend to a damaged boot. The opening credits start; JRR Tolkien’s The Lord of the Rings, Episode Thirty: Homeward Bound etc. As they run Saruman kicks Wormtongue into keeping up with him. Wormtongue hobbles on with a large pack on his back.
Cut to Saruman sitting on a rock and eating. He tosses scraps on the ground and smiles grimly as Wormtongue snatches at them. Saruman looks up sharply as we hear the sound of hoofs and his smile turns to a snarl. Cut to Gandalf and the Elves riding out from trees followed by the hobbits on their ponies. Cut to the Company mounted in a line before Saruman. Wormtongue hides behind his master.

Gandalf: ‘Where are you going Saruman?’

Saruman with cold contempt: ‘What is that to you? Are you not content with my ruin?

Gandalf: ‘Had you waited at Orthanc, the king would have shown you mercy.’

Saruman spits: ‘I seek a way to escape his realm.’ He looks to Galadriel. ‘Did you bring him this way to gloat over me? You always hated me and took his part.’

Cut to Galadriel: ‘Say rather that you have been overtaken by good fortune for you have a last chance.’ Cut back to the group.

Saruman: ‘Good! It saves me the trouble of refusing it again. You have ruined my hopes but do you think that you have any?’ He forces out a laugh.’You forget I am still wise in these matters. You have doomed yourselves and have pulled down your own houses too.’ Cut briefly to Galadriel’s face growing serious. Cut back and Saruman adopts a mock pathos, his hand to his breast.
Saruman: ‘Oh what ship will bear me back across so wide a sea?’
He glares forward: ‘A grey ship full of ghosts!’ Cut back to Galadriel’s sombre face.
Cut back to Saruman pulling Wormtongue forward by the ear: ‘Get going again Worm. We will take a different path to rid ourselves of these fine folk.’ Wormtongue struggles to put on his pack.

Cut to Gandalf: ‘Grima, you may leave him if you wish.’ Cut to Wormtongue shaking his head in fear. Cut to Saruman pausing by the hobbits on their ponies.

Saruman: ‘So you have come to gloat at me too? You have everything now: food and the best pipeweed. Oh yes, I know where you got it from.’ He looks around and licks his lips and swallows his pride: ‘Do you have any to spare?’ Merry takes a pouch from his saddlepack and tosses it across.

Merry: ‘This is from the flotsam of Isengard. You are welcome to it.’

Saruman looks into the pouch greedily and pockets it: ‘A beggar may be grateful if thieves return a morsel. Long may you be short of leaf.’ He kicks Wormtongue again and sets off.
Fade to more long views of the Company riding by rivers and reed beds with skeins of ducks and geese rising from the water. Mountains are still always in the background.
Cut to Gandalf and Elrond and a few Elves and the hobbits raising their arms in farewell to Galadriel and Celeborn and their attendants who ride up a slope towards the distant peak of Caradhras.
Fade to the now small company crossing the bridge at Rivendell. We hear the musical spray and an avenue of paper lanterns leads to yellow windows under the deep eaves of Elrond’s house. Cut to Elrond standing by his horse looking up and shaking his head. He is near to weeping.
Cut to an aged Bilbo asleep at his desk, his head among papers and quill pens and pots of ink. Behind him a door slides open and Frodo peeks in then steps in quietly. He lays his hand on Bilbo’s shoulder and the old hobbit stirs.

Frodo: ‘Hello Uncle Bilbo. We have come back just in time for your birthday.’

Bilbo, sleepily: ‘Hullo Frodo, so you’re back?’ He tries to tidy his desk. ‘I haven’t done much writing since you have been gone, I’ve been getting so sleepy. Perhaps you could take my notes and knock them into shape for me. I won’t be too critical. Young Sam will help.’ He pats his waistcoat pocket.’Let’s see, what was it now? Oh yes, my Ring. You took it away didn’t you? Can I see it again?’

Frodo, gently: ‘I lost it Bilbo dear.’

Bilbo: ‘Ah, a pity. How silly of me. That’s what you went away for. Now you will have to tell me all your adventures.’ Fade out as Bilbo inks a pen.
Fade to some brief views over the valley of Rivendell. Cut to a garden pavilion. Cut to a frosty cobweb and the camera rises from it up to the hobbits sitting in the pavilion. Bilbo is still writing on scraps.

Sam: ‘I feel we ought to be going soon. I’m worried about my old gaffer. All the same I will be sorry to leave. Though we’ve seen a deal I don’t think we’ve found a better place than this. There’s a bit of everything here: the Shire and the Golden Wood, Gondor and inns and meadows and mountains all mixed.’

Cut to a close-up of Frodo speaking softly to himself: ‘All except the Sea, Sam. All except the Sea.’
Cut to Gandalf and the hobbits mounted by the bridge. Cut to Elrond standing close by Frodo.

Elrond, whispering: ‘Next year when the leaves are gold but before they fall, look for Bilbo in the woods of the Shire. I shall be with him. Farewell, Elf-Friend.’ Frodo nods and they look at each other.
Cut to a long view of Gandalf and the hobbits crossing the bridge A rainbow glistens on the spray filling the ravine below. Cut to the travellers mounting a narrow track. The hobbits look about them uncomfortably. Dissolve to a vignetted night scene as Strider escorts the body of Frodo over Asfaloth. Fade back to daylight and the hobbits are crossing the Fords of Bruinen. Cut to Gandalf and Frodo still on the bank. Frodo looks stricken.

Gandalf, looking down and speaking gently: ‘Are you in pain?’

Frodo nods: ‘The wound that I took on Weathertop from the Witch-King aches. All I can see is darkness. Where shall I find rest from it?’
Gandalf has no answer.
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Beautiful ending. :( The flashback is so poignant, and so effective - don't think any dramatisation to date has ever put a flashback there. Emotion very well portrayed. My favourite bit of your dramatisation, along with the falling asleep in C.U. bit.
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