The History of the Silmarils - Season 3, Episode 1

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The History of the Silmarils - Season 3, Episode 1

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Episode 1

Fade into playroom of the King’s palace in Minas Tirith, 4th Age …
The camera focuses on a platoon of toy soldiers on a landscaped map of Beleriand in the First Age set on a massive table. From left to right and top to bottom it measures as large as three grown men laid end to end…

... as the camera pans along a line of highly detail Elven warrior figures from the First Age, a large hand, calloused and battle scarred, with a silver serpent ring set with a green stone on the index finger, comes into view, delicately placing another figure in position, then the camera increases the depth of field and King Elessar’s face comes into focus: He is crouched down at eye-level with the huge landscaped map, squinting as he concentrates on lining up the figures neatly…

Aragorn: Eldarion, come and see!
[camera pulls out to show, over Aragorn’s shoulder, Eldarion: he is lying on the floor with his head on his arm, his tongue stuck out in concentration as he plays with his toy soldiers…he has his figures lined up against some ferocious looking orcs and werewolves. He stands up with a Noldor warrior in one hand and a snarling mountain troll in the other…]

Eldarion: What is it, Ada? Have you finished yet??? I want to put the orcs on the map…they do not have to be lined up so neatly, do they? They were not so organized as the Noldor…
Aragorn: [stands up, rubbing his aching back, and turns to his son] Yes, I have exercised the patience you have yet to learn, young man! Do you want to see how your map now shows where Fëanor’s sons had their strongholds?
Eldarion: Oh, yes!! [rushes over to the map excitedly – Aragorn holds out an arm to slow him as it looks like he will bump into the framework…]

Aragorn: Careful!! I do not wish to spend another hour standing all the High King’s forces up again..Now, look… [camera follows as he points to Hill of Himring and we see a small force clustered on the slopes of the Hill.]…This is where Maedhros withdrew with his forces after he handed the kingship over to Fingolfin…who still ruled from this land of Mithrim... [camera moves across the map to where he is pointing and we see another, larger group of soldiers around the representation of a lake]where Fëanor had originally camped by the remember how Maedhros and his brothers deliberately put themselves at the frontline of defence against Morgoth in penance for their father’s betrayal? [Eldarion nods] …so, Celegorm and Curufin were here in Himlad [camera moves across the map again] and further East, Maglor made his ward in this place where the hills fail altogether, between the arms of the River Gelion, and it became known as “Maglor’s Gap”. The other sons settled further south and east in Beleriand: [indicates the camps of the twins, and Caranthir at Lake Helevorn.]

Eldarion: [head to one side in contemplation] But there is a weakness here… [points to gap between Dorthonion and the Mountains of Shadow, where the River Sirion flows into Beleriand]
Aragorn: Indeed, you have a good eye, Eldarion…that is why… [reaches for a figure of an Elf with blond hair and puts him slap bang in the middle of the river] …Finrod built a mighty watchtower in the middle of the river, called Tol Sirion – that is something else we need to make for your landscape…
Eldarion: [Nods in excitement, then looks puzzled again] But I thought Finrod Felagund had his kingdom in Nargothrond, which is over…! [moves figure to the area of the gorge where the River Narog flows through the hills of High Faroth]

Aragorn: Quite right, young man…my, you have been paying attention in class…but he built Tol Sirion when he first arrived in Middle-earth! And his brother Turgon, although he was settled here [points to Nevrast] in the Halls of Vinyamar for many years, he too had a dream from Ulmo to build a secret stronghold, which he did here, in the encircling mountains, and it was called Gondolin. But more of that later in our histories. The last Elven stronghold was Menegroth, where Thingol ruled the Sindar. Do you remember where that was?
Eldarion: [Eagerly pointing to the forested region in the centre of the map] The Girdle of Melian encircled Doriath, including these Forests of Neldoreth and Region, and the woods of Nivrim! Menegroth was built on the banks of the River Esgalduin, about… here: [Aragorn places some pale-haired Elven archers, dressed in grey, at that spot]

Aragorn: Good lad! Now…who have I forgotten? Ah, yes, Aegnor & Angrod…They chose to settle in this highland area [indicates it on the map] called Dorthonion, bordering the Ard-galen. They believed Morgoth would not seek to cross the barren highlands so easily.
Eldarion: [tugs Aragorn’s sleeve] Ada, there is one more Noldor prince you have not mentioned yet…and he is my favourite from the last story….Fingon the Valiant, who rescued Maedhros from his cruel fate on Thangorodrim!!!
Aragorn: Is he now?? Well, it so happens that he became renown for other brave deeds as well. Now, where are those… Ah, here they are…Now…Fingon ruled the land of Dor-lómin, west [rummages in a box beneath the table and bobs up again clutching some miniature horses, and some archer figures.]of the Mountains of Shadow, but from his father’s fortress, Barad Eithel, he bred horses on the rich green grass of Ard-galen. Fingon built up a cavalry that rode upon that plain, keeping watch upon Thangorodrim…Do you want to set up the cavalry here? [points to a spot on the plain in line with the front gates of Angband. Eldarion nods and takes some of the horses and figures from Aragorn’s hands and places them in formation on the diorama]

Aragorn: [watches, and nods appraisingly as Eldarion sets up the figures carefully.] I presume you are wondering why I told you to put them right opposite Morgoth’s front door, hmm?
Eldarion: uhmm…did Fingon ride up and knock on the door again, and maybe Sauron answered this time????
Aragorn: [laughing] Not exactly! It is more a question of what evil mischief Morgoth might have been formulating since last we saw him, when Maedhros escaped….Do you want a clue? [Eldarion nods, and Aragorn again dives down into the box under the table. He straightens with something hidden between his hands ] Close your eyes, Eldarion! [when Eldarion does so, Aragorn places a smallish dragon figure on the map, right in front of the Gates of Angband] Now you may open them again! [smiles at Eldarion’s delighted reaction]

Eldarion: [exclaiming] Oh Ada! A dragon!! Can I hold it? [Aragorn passes the figure to him] Tell me, Ada, did Fingon battle it all on his own? did he, Ada? [camera closes in on Eldarion examining the model dragon closely in wonder while we continue to hear Aragorn’s voice]
Aragorn: Not quite on his own…you see, Morgoth had been secretly breeding fire-drakes in the bowels of Angband, preparing an army of them to complement the Balrogs… [camera closes right in on the model dragon and then dissolves into a smoky, sepia-toned live-action scene of a real dragon straining at the leash inside Angband in and we see the rest of the story as a dream-like, live action sequence with Aragorn’s voiceover]

...One of them, Glaurung, the first of all the dragons, managed to break free when he was still young, and scarcely half-grown...He came forth from the Gates of Angband one night, and scattered the Elves who were on the Plain...They fled into the Mountains of Shadow and Dorthonion in dismay as he ravaged the fields of Ard-galen...but Fingon rode against him with archers on horseback...and they hemmed him round with a ring of swift riders...Then they fired their arrows at him, which he could not endure, because his armoury was not yet fully developed...and he fled back into Angband and skulked there for many years until he was fully grown. [Fade back into playroom scene, with Eldarion still holding the dragon, wide-eyed at the story.]
Eldarion: [in awe] Truly, Fingon and his archers were heroes that day, Ada!
Aragorn: Indeed, they won great praise, and the Noldor rejoiced, for they did not foresee the full meaning and threat of this new creature.

Eldarion: [excitedly] Yes, and I would wager Morgoth was not best pleased! [tucks the small dragon inside the Gate of the model Angband and smiles smugly up at his father.]
Aragorn: No, he was not... [smiles grimly] Morgoth was furious that Glaurung had revealed himself too soon, and after his defeat there was the Long Peace in which time all Beleriand prospered and grew rich… [camera drops from Aragorn and Eldarion to sweep back across the diorama, and as it does so the man-made scene subtly changes to a real landscape before our eyes....]

* * *

…high above the Plain of Ard Galen we see several large eagles soaring through wisps of clouds. They begin to circle lower and the camera reveals fortifications and camps along the wide landscape. The camps contain Elves and Men who are holding their positions and holding Morgoth and his evil legions at bay inside Angband.

We hear the voice of Aragorn as we travel by air over the Plain.

Aragorn: [voiceover] For four hundred years did the Elves of Beleriand dedicate their lives to keeping their lands safe from the evil of Morgoth. They divided their kingdoms so that their people could live freely and safely while they were ever vigilant against the Dark Power. They were joined by a new race in whom they found allies in this long watch - the Edain ... Men ... the second children of Eru, who awakened in Hildórien, far to the east. They were troubled by Morgoth's lies and and the darkness his evil spread among that land. Three Houses of the Elf Friends travelled Westward, seeking refuge from those perils.

They were befriended by Finrod, son of Finarfin and they settled in Eastern Beleriand as his vassals. This brave and noble alliance of Elf and Man endured century after century, outliving many who sacrificed so much to preserve it. They loved the Eldar and many were themselves tall, fair and strong. But unlike the Eldar who lived for Age upon Age, these Men enjoyed the Gift of Eru, and death came to them in a much shorter time; thus they did not see the results of their labour and sacrifice.

And by the time of the four-hundreth year of the Long Siege of Angband, not one of the Edain knew of Morgoth from anything but tales and legend. Yet they trusted in their friends the Eldar of Beleriand and with them their vigilance seldom wavered as their attention and weapons were never turned away from Angband…

[as this narration takes place, the camera shows us different encampments and we see quick and silent scenes of Elves and Men training and working together. We see daily activities of cooking, hunting, fishing, and various chores being done. We see children playing, young lovers falling headlong in love, and various other parts of normal activity. We see happy people enjoying a good life

As the narration pauses, the camera stops on a company of soldiers all of whom are holding weapons and looking across the plain at the distant Angband. The camera leaves the soldiers and heads towards Angband itself. The landscape becomes rocky, mountainous and rough and inhospitable. We see the three large peaks of Thangorodrim, giant slag heaps spewing filth, smoke and pollution thick into the sky. We see dangerously perched watchtowers with the troops of Morgoth keeping watch over the Plain.]

Aragorn: [voiceover continues]…for Morgoth's gaze was ever turned upon the Elves and Men... the malice of his heart grew ever greater, and his hatred of the Noldor more bitter; he desired not only to end his foes but to destroy and defile the lands they had taken and made fair, and his every second was spent in devising a way to break the Long Peace and utterly destroy those who would seek to imprison him within the endless dark chambers of Angband.

The camera goes right through the massive Gates and enters the citadel of Morgoth. Things get very dark and at first the only things we can see are torches and the flames of ovens, hearths, and open fires.

We then go down corridors and in and out of massive rooms and see all sorts of activity ... the camera speeds and slows and takes hard turns almost like it is on the back of a great bird flying through the chambers ......orcs and other creatures engaged in the making of weapons and other equipment .... crews everywhere repairing and rebuilding Angband itself, orcs training and fighting among each other as larger, fouler creatures order them on to greater efforts .... the camera goes down a never ending set of steep stairs in several contrasting styles and in various stages of erosion and disrepair.... at times it is dizzying and the viewer is made to believe they will tumble over the sides ...... the scene begins to take on a reddish hue and vapours, mists and smoke begin to appear.

When the camera finally stops, we see the large looming figure of Morgoth, hooded and wrapped in jet black standing on the very final inch of a cliff looking outward and below.[this is a tight close up shot where Morgoth fills the screen. The camera comes up behind him then pivots and swerves so we can see his hooded face cast in a fiery red glow. The camera begins to pull back enlarging the shot and we see a large Balrog is on his left basking in the glow of the eerie light. We do not see what they are looking at or what is below the edge of the cliff.

We see both Morgoth and the Balrog from the front and the sputtering glow in the cavernous chamber casts huge shadows of both upon the wall behind them breaking it up at the ceiling line so their very shadows fold back over them.

Morgoth: Time upon time have our efforts come to nothing...Much disappointment have others inflicted upon me. At last all scores will be settled. This fiery power will soon wash over the vermin and rid me of their kind. Let them stand and fight against this......

The camera pans back and lowers and we see what is almost an endless ocean of boiling hot lava.... it churns, leaps, shoots and cavorts in endless energetic bursts of activity. It spews fountains of fire high into the air and seems like it cannot be contained and will burst at any moment. Morgoth begins to laugh and the Balrog begins to howl and their combined voices reach a deafening crescendo of pure voiced hatred and malice. [fade]

* * *

Fade back in on a large and very long passage way made of stone lit by an occasional torch stuck into the wall ....
The powerful figure of Morgoth moves quickly through it and Sauron is at a near running pace to keep up with him .... behind are scores of other creatures, various types or orcs, a few of the more intelligent trolls, and others who are falling behind........... Morgoth seems impatient, in a great hurry, and in a foul mood ....

Morgoth: All are at the ready?
Sauron: Yes, Master. They are all assembled and have practiced for this moment.
Morgoth: This scheme of yours has cost us much in the way of time and resources. Your excavations have nearly depleted the number of trolls and more orcs have been consigned to the slag heap than I would have thought possible when this began.

Sauron: It is wise that you have kept our forces inside Great One so that we can recover and re-man. The troll numbers were merely cut in half... we still have some three score remaining to serve you as you see fit. As for the orcs, we did lose many thousands when they were overcome by the heat and fumes, but they were weak and served your greater purpose, My Master.
Morgoth: [snarls impatiently] You do not have the intelligence to fathom my thoughts. I care nothing for how many have died. My only concern is that this scheme of yours works and the deaths do not leave us weaker than when we started.
Sauron: Great One, the only thing standing between the complete destruction of the Elves will soon be removed. Even the elves cannot fight the liquid fires from the deep places of this earth.
Morgoth: So you have told me repeatedly. And you shall receive all the credit for this effort... [drops almost to a whisper, menacingly] …no matter how it plays out.

As they finish this exchange they emerge from the passageways and come into a space large enough to accommodate half of the legions of Angband. At one end is a towering wall made of stone brick made from the same stone that makes up the foundation of Angband. It is at least 800 yards wide from right to left. Along it are spaced nine massive stone doors, each some twenty yards wide and again as tall. Along side each of the doors are groups of heavily muscled mountain trolls, each as large or even larger as Morgoth himself. From each door are deep channels carved into the rock floor running the length of the room and vanishing into the ground a good mile away. The entire structure looks like nine different dams ready to spew forth nine different raging rivers when the doors are opened. Thousands of orcs stand on the far sides in case their labour is needed. Several Balrogs are spaced along the thick ledge connecting the spaces between the doors.

Sauron and Morgoth stand on a outcropping of stone making a natural balcony elevated fifty feet above the activity.

Sauron: Whenever it pleases you, Great Master of the World.

Morgoth hesitates and waits.... he [and we] look out at the room and survey it from right to left taking in everything ....... the tension builds as everyone awaits the word from their Lord and Master. The silence becomes oppressive.

Without a single word, Morgoth gives a slight nod of his head. Sauron signals to those on the ledge wall and creatures hovering over drums the size of a man begin to slowly beat them in unison. As they do so, the mountain trolls to the right side of the doors pick up shaven tree trunks and begin to use them as prods pushing on the sides of the eight foot thick stone doors. On the left side, the trolls begin to pull on heavy chains bolted into the other side of the stone doors. With every beat of the drum, they exert force.

Morgoth: [expressionless] Nothing is happening.... the doors are not moving.
Sauron: They are very heavy, Great One. They will move.... they will move.

The trolls begin to become agitated and push and pull even with greater force. One tree trunk snaps and splinters, then another ...... a set of chains pulls from its moorings and the troll goes spinning backwards to the ground…

Morgoth: [still outwardly calm but he clenching his right hand into a fist] Your scheme is failing…

Sauron lets out a command in the Black Speech and the Balrogs on the wall ledge begin to apply their whips of fire to the backs of the trolls ....and the doors begin to move ...inch by precious inch troll has his tree trunk break in pieces and he falls forward into the deep carved stone channel crashing hard to the bottom..... he tries vainly to climb out of it but his thick hands cannot gain any purchase in the stone and he panics and begins to scramble on a badly mangled leg towards the other end of the hall.

the doors continue to slowly move as the trolls yelp in pain each time the whips of the Balrog lay into their broad backs. The orcs begin to take up a chant matching the drum beat and the entire chamber fills with reverberating sound that drives the trolls to even greater effort.

And then the room becomes a fiery golden red as the first streams of the rivers of lava begin to stream through the openings, narrow at first but getting wider and more powerful as the doors are pushed more and more open ..... the orcs scream in triumph and Sauron himself smiles in success ....... Morgoth does not react in any way except to relax his gauntleted fist......

When all nine doors are pushed completely open, the mountain trolls are nearly spent, several have fallen to the ground and at least three have died in the effort...

Fiery rivers of red and gold molten lava stream through the nine passage ways filling the carved channels and now run the length of the chamber vanishing from sight underground into more carved recesses and tunnels which will carry the liquid fire onto the plain of Ard-galen. About halfway down one channel, the crippled mountain troll is overtaken by the molten river and he screams loudly as it washes over him.

The orcs are now in a frenzy - jumping and hooting and climbing upon each other in rabid excitement. A few are pushed into the lava flow and this only increases the frantic fervour of the orcs.

Morgoth: How long before the fires reach the Elven camps?
Sauron: I cannot say for sure, but I would think just a few moments, Great One.
Morgoth: [turns and looks directly at Sauron for the first time... Morgoth reaches out with a gauntleted hand and softly places it upon the shoulder of Sauron...] You have please me greatly, Gorthaur. Come with me to the towers so that you can witness the rewards of your labours.

Sauron is taken aback at this gesture..... he opens his mouth to reply but he fails to utter any actual words other than a few stammering sounds. He drops to both knees and his forehead touches the ground just inches away from the metal boot tip of Morgoth.
Morgoth: [grandiosely] Rise, Sauron Gorthaur. Join me in our triumph!

...The camera then follows the flow down one channel and under the ground through tunnels carved during the previous century just for this purpose... along the way the lava washes over rats and other small creatures who have taken up living in the tunnels..... their screams are washed away as quickly as their bodies are evaporated and the screen fills with smoke and fire....

* * *

Dissolve into scene of lava flowing through a vent in the side of the volcano and pouring down the sides of the mountains like a foamy syrup…the camera pulls back and we see that we are back in the playroom, and the “volcano” is the model of Thangorodrim on Eldarion’s diorama…

Eldarion: [absolutely awestruck] What magic is this, Ada?
Aragorn: [gently] Not magic but simple alchemy, Eldarion. Not since Gandalf and the Ring bearers departed these shores has magic been seen in Middle-earth. I merely mixed common ingredients supplied by the Royal kitchens.
Eldarion: [looks bemused]
Aragorn: That is to say, when the sour wine is mixed with the baking soda, a gas is formed and the bubbles push the "lava" out of the "volcano.
Eldarion: [slightly disappointed] Oh… facing volcano from front] Look, Ada, can you see how the lava is flowing through all those holes we made in our model of the Three Peaks? [Looks up at his father who is standing behind the model volcano. Camera swings round to view scene from Aragorn’s perspective, looking down over the volcano and across the diorama]
Aragorn: Indeed I can…and look! [points] the lava flow reaches the base of the mountains the green plain is being destroyed by your fiery rivers! Soon it will reach the Elven encampments! [camera closes in again to show the pretend lava flow covering the painted surface as viewed from high up on Thangorodrim….

* * *

…Dissolve into view of same scene from the perspective of Morgoth and Sauron
They are looking out into the distance from a tower high above the Gates of Angband. Off in the distance the first drops of molten fire erupt from the ground, then another, and then soon all nine rivers flow outward and south, each towards a different Elven encampment. The dark landscape lights up and the rivers proceed unabated towards their targets.

Morgoth: [looks out over the Plain viewing the rushing lava.... he raises both hands to his face and there is a sharp intake of breath... he then steeples his fingers below his chin and slowly breathes outward] This is what my Valar brethren must have meant when they used the word “beauty” to describe a sight of great wonder. You have done well, Gorthaur. [The camera pulls back from the tower so that Morgoth and his companion get smaller and smaller until we no longer can see them, and now see the nine rivers of death taking over the wide Plain of Ard-galen. Fade.]

* * * * * * *
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Fade in to Himring: Camera pan over mountains, clear sky, snow covered plains of Lothlann. A soft breeze stirs the drifting flurries. Focus on two Elves in guard post, both well wrapped in cloaks. One whittling something, the other throwing a knife at a tall stump. Coals burn in a brazier. Frost sparkles in the air. Camera shift to path. Maedhros approaches, looking worried.

Elf 1: [snaps to attention] My lord.
Maedhros: I am glad to see you take the watch seriously.
Elf 2: [defensively] There has been no movement from the dark forces in weeks, my lord.
Elf 1: And if there were, we would see it.
Maedhros: I know. [paces] No movement at all. Not even a raid. This worries me.
Elf 2: My lord?
Maedhros: Have you ever seen a day without birds in all the time we have been here?
Elf 1: Birds, my lord?
Maedhros: No birds, no rabbits, not even a mouse venturing out for crumbs. [pounds hand on door frame in frustration] Something is not right. [Camera pan over valley, shift to mountains. Camera shift toward sky, focus on Thangorodrim in distance. Fade.]

* * * * * * *

Fade in on Himlad, near mountains: The snow is patchy here, but every blade of grass is frosted. Celegorm and Curufin ride with several Elves, obviously hunting. A butchered stag is lashed to one horse. They reach a stream and dismount. The horses are restless.

Curufin: [soothes horse] I wonder what has upset them?
Celegorm: Perhaps they do not like the smell of blood. [blows on bare hands] Although it is cold enough I do not see how they can smell it.
Curufin: Maybe that is it. Or maybe they are just cold. I know that I am.
Celegorm: That is true enough. I would thank you to set my socks on fire.
Curufin: [grins] Oh, dear brother, why do we not spend the day hunting? The weather is so fair–
Celegorm: --Oh for Eru’s sake! [turns attention to Elves who have led the horses to the water. The horses are even more restless, refuse to drink, toss heads and rear, struggle to get away from water.]
Elf 1: My lords! Have you ever seen such a thing?
Curufin: [kneels by stream. Tastes water, spits it out and grimaces]
Celegorm: What is wrong?
Curufin: Something is not right here. Taste the stream and see for yourself. I should not drink that if it were my only choice. [Camera lift to mountains, shift to sky. Fade.]

* * * * * * *

Fade in on hills of Dorthonion, late at night: Angrod and Aegnor ride up a narrow path through knee deep snow. Their horses whicker and stamp, restless. Ground begins to shake, snow tumbles from overhangs. The tremors subside, then begin again. The horses panic, throw riders, and bolt.]

Angrod: The Valar save us!
Aegnor: What is happening?
Angrod: Black sorcery. That is certain. [Elves emerge from darkness. They halt and bow. Elf Captain steps forward and bows again.]
Elf Captain: My lord Aegnor.
Aegnor: Your message spoke of signs from the Dark Land.
Elf Captain: It was only a worry when I sent that, my lord. See now for yourself.

[Angrod and Aegnor follow Elf Captain up path to pass in hills. Camera pan over Ard-galen. Rivers of lava flow over dark plain, advancing slowly. In the distance, glowing rivers of flame seep from mountains. Trees burst into flame, rocks explode as the lava engulfs them. Fumes and smoke block the stars.]
Aegnor: [fervently, staring in disbelief] Manwë! Do not forsake us now! [Cut]

* * * * * * *

Scene open on Morgoth and Sauron walking along a precipice in Angband: The camera is above both of them and the drop is steep and will hopefully induce vertigo in the viewers. the camera angle then spins back for a medium two shot......Morgoth is looking pleased with the rivers of flame, and Sauron is looking pleased with himself.

Sauron: My Lord, I believe the time has come to bring forth the worm…
[Morgoth’s expression becomes an even more twisted, sadistic smile, but he gives no response.]

Sauron: Great Lord of Darkness, should we not be moving more swiftly? Surely we should press our advantage whilst the rivers of fire cause distraction for the enemy...
Morgoth: And is all prepared as I have ordered?
Sauron: I remain your most humble servant: naturally, every thing you ordered has been achieved and we await only your final order to release the dragon.

Morgoth: [intimidatingly] Should that new tunnel be too small or give way before we reach the Gates, Gothmog shall replace you at my side from this day forward.
Sauron: [trying to sound confident] The new tunnel was delved exactly to your specifications My Master. It has been tested and retested with the largest trolls . You have my word that it will hold both yourself and the dragon.
Morgoth: [gives the slightest nod of his head and a very slight wave of his index finger on his gauntleted left hand] Give the signals. All should bear witness to this moment. Release the trolls guarding the drake’s hold.
Sauron: [bows low, trying to avoid eye contact] Yes, my master!

* * *

The camera swoops down like a bird plummeting fast to earth from a high height and careens down dark and long stairways and passages .... along the way we see tens of thousands of orcs being outfitted with very large torches and some carrying large grain sized bags over their shoulders ..... all of Angband is on the move upwards and we pass them going against the dark tide.....

we arrive at the outside of Glaurung's hold. It is sealed by a great door wide enough for five score of orcs marching abreast to walk through and again as tall. It is made of thick wood and stone and held together in intricate patters on metal upon which are written arcane runes and writings unreadable to any being outside of Angband and then only to a small handful within its dark confines. . As the door is slowly opened by large mountain trolls pushing levers and turning oversized wheels, a space emerges and the reddish light from the dragon’s lair begins to burst forth as a hellish unworldly version of sunlight. Loud cries begin to issue from behind the door and steam and vapour begins to be expelled. When the door is only halfway opened, the Great Worm begins to impatiently shove his way through the gap forcing the door to quickly move on its hinges and throwing the mountain trolls to the ground with its sudden velocity.

Glaurung emerges. He casts his massive head on extended neck up and down, back and forth, surveying who has permitted him freedom from his long confinement. He takes some of the guards by surprise belching streams of red and yellow flames at them turning them to heaps of ash and ruin.Sauron is slightly surprised, and steps back a bit partly secreting himself behind a thick stone column carved with the likenesses of Elves in pain and agony.

Suddenly we hear Morgoth yelling for the dragon, and see him coming from the darkness in one of the halls. Glaurung cowers in fear, for a moment, then stands tall before Morgoth who leads a band of two score very large orcs and other creatures. Glaurung stares at Morgoth and rises extending to his full height and stature in an obvious effort to intimidate the Dark Lord. He stares at him face to face, then belches white flame on Morgoth, who just stands there as the flames engulf him. When the flames subside Morgoth stands tall and alone in the centre of a pile of smoking ash and charcoal. He is unharmed in any way and a slight smile forms upon his face.

Morgoth: Do not forget, I am your master, and control all you are capable of. Your flames cannot hurt me. Your power is vast but it is nothing compared to that of your Lord, your Master and most importantly - your Creator. [turns to Sauron]
Sauron: My lord-?
Morgoth: I see you cannot even perform a simple task competently. Do not forget that even you are expendable to me…
Sauron: Master-
Morgoth: Leave me. Gather all and make your way through the tunnels to the main gate. Make sure all goes as I have ordered. I want a demonstration that none who witness it will ever forget. This is a day that has greatness etched upon it in the hot blood of my enemies. [fade out ]

* * *

Fade in to a distant and high overhead view of the front of Angband: The triple peaks of Thangorodrim rise over all ,belching smoke into the dark skies. We see a V-shaped formation made from two massive wings of slag shaped buildings..... each makes up half of the entrance to Angband and each extends over two miles in length and rises a thousand feet into the air. Each is a warren of other structures, walkways, fortifications, ramp ways, scaffolding, rope and chain, ramparts, balconies, tall and thin windows fortified with bars and iron, in an endless series appear of levels constructed at irregular levels and of no mathematical order or attempt made at unity of design. The walls to be constructed from ore and slag, stone and metal, rough and pitted in some places while smooth and glass like in other areas. Bas-relief sculptures of evil creatures and symbols of pain and death of Elves decorate the walls. Balconies are formed from gaping mouths of carved giant monsters so that those who stand upon them appear to be teeth in a giants grimace.

In the centre of the V-formation rests the Iron Gates of Angband and above that soaring up several hundred feet a balcony built for giants. Meeting the gates is a bridge carved from the land itself. It is some 60 yards wide and then drops off into darkness on both sides. Nothing but air stands between the edges of the bridge and the two sides of the Angband structures. Above the Iron Gates the ledge of the balcony is formed by the joining of two extended wings of two sculpted giant bird like reptiles carved into the sides of the walls decorating opposite sides of the Gates.

A loud blast, like ten thousand large sea shells hollowed out rings out and Morgoth steps out onto the balcony. As he raises both of his hands, thousands of lights come to life all over the walls and in seconds over 300,000 oversized torches are lit by those assembled in every nook and cranny that will hold them upon those walls.

Along the Iron Gate bridge that divides the deep chasm between the two walls are placed scores of oversized braziers filled with wood and other materials. Next to them are piles of powders and attendant orcs with ladders and shovels at the ready. Another loud blast goes up and the fires are lit in the braziers. A loud shout goes up from the throng filling the entire valley with noise. Another loud blast goes out from the shells and the orcs begin to scoop shovels full of powders into the burning braziers. They act as a combination of smoke bomb and fireworks shooting off into the sky in a myriad of colors. reds, greens, purples, golds, silvers, bronzes, oranges, all soar into the sky bursting and spewing think smoke in clouds which hang like lanterns.

Another blast erupts from the shells and Morgoth raises his hands and complete silence takes over. Twenty five seconds goes by. Anticipation hangs heavy. Then the Gates open from the inside and Glaurung emerges through the door onto the causeway bridge. He emerges a distance twice his own massive length then he utters a loud piercing shriek and stands back on his hind legs and spews a huge fireball into the air. A loud roar goes up from the crowd and Morgoth looks on pleased.

Glaurung proceeds down the causeway, recklessly knocking over several of the large braziers and their orc attendants over the edges of the causeway into the deep chasm. This only prompts more cheering. The dragon takes his time coming to the end of the Bridge where it broadens out to meet the plain of Ard Galen. He turns and lays upon the ground looking back at the Gates. Three hundred thousand pairs of eyes all turn back to the Gates to see what commands his attention.

Loud drums by the hundreds begin beating and Sauron steps through the opened Gate onto the bridge. Every eye is upon him. He stands taller than any orc by twice or more. He wears brocaded dark green robes with a hood which drape him completely. Morgoth spreads his hands outward towards his second in command and the heavy green robe drops to the ground revealing a completely naked Sauron to the throng. There is an audible gasp from many because the figure of the fallen maiar before them is as physically perfect and as beautiful as any being ever created. His sculptured body is well muscled, with skin of a deep bronze that shines in the glow of the braziers, reflecting the flickers of the flames almost like a mirror. His thick jet black hair is pulled back from his brow and hangs halfway down his back, the ends blowing slightly in the night breeze. He has the face of an powerful, beautiful angel... but his eyes are cold, passionless and cruel. His body is seemingly created for love, yet he is incapable of loving anyone but himself...

Morgoth waves his left hand toward Sauron as to command him .....

Slowly Sauron raises up his own two hands in a greeting to Morgoth. For a moment they share the gesture together and there is deathly silence. But then Sauron lowers his hands to his sides and his face begins to grimace and twist in obvious discomfort rising to pain. His fingers begin to extend and twist, his forearms lengthen, the sound of bones popping from sockets is audible... he broadens and thickens and grows even larger.... his facial muscles begin to lengthen .... his bronzed skin begins to mottle and darken and tiny hairs begin to grow in patches on his skin...... the patches grow and expand, the hair gets thicker and coarser and begins to become more like fur and begins to cover his face, neck, chest and his entire body..... his tall frame bows and his back becomes slightly bowed .... his legs become crooked and dog like ..... he is transformed into a werewolf but the fierce intelligence still burns in his now yellow eyes.

The body of Sauron begins to flex stretching his new muscles and sinew and he raises his head back and screams a terrible howl that echoes throughout the chamber causing orcs to cover their ears in pain. Seconds go by and his howl is answered by a loud and growing chorus of similar howls. Within moments scores of beasts, large and powerful but smaller than Sauron emerge from the Gate and stand in an impatient pack before him. They all howl together and become increasingly agitated until Sauron raises one taloned claw and points upward towards the Master of Angband above. We see a close up of Morgoth...Glaurung stands in obedience ....

Morgoth: [to Glaurung] You, my magnificent beast, will spearhead the main attack. Lead my armies. Crush the elves. I desire them wiped from these lands and far away by the time you are finished. You are joined by my best, my children, Go!

Glaurung roars loudly and spews out some fireballs into the air. Sauron begins to prance down the causeway and the others follow him..... several Balrogs follow and then legion upon legion of orc soldiers stream out . The orcs and other dark creatures who gather in the walls, battlements hills, cliffs and on Angband shout loudly their approval in an act of bearing witness to a parade that has never been seen before or will never be seen again through all of time.

Morgoth watches from a winged balcony above the Gates of Angband and several of his retainers hold back awaiting any further orders. He beams proudly and is obviously pleased

Orc commander: Will you not march forth with them, Great Lord?

Morgoth: The time has not yet come for me to leave this fortress. [turns about and heads back into the darkness. The final shot is seen from the vantage point of the winged balcony...... we see the creatures of Morgoth march into the night and the landscape is lit by the rivers of molten lava. Fade.]

* * * * * * *

Camera opens on Pass of Aglon: Black smoke boils off Ard-galen, blocking the sun. Celegorm and Curufin enter, running, leading a small army of Elves. All struggle to catch breath, look sweaty and tired. The noise of the Orc army echoes off the walls of the Pass.

Curufin: [glances at walls of Pass] This will be the place to hold them. The walls are narrow, and this rock will not move even for Morgoth.
Celegorm: They would have to be fools to try to force through this way.
Curufin: We speak of Orcs, brother!
Celegorm: [grins, still breathing hard] Well said. I forget how stupid they are. [looks at walls of Pass] I will take our archers up there [points] We can catch them in cross-fire without risk to ourselves.

Curufin: [nods] I will command our force on the floor of the Pass. Between us, we cannot fail. Our foes will block the Pass with their dead.
Celegorm: [grimaces] What will we do about the stench? In a week we will not be able to breathe.
Curufin: We worry about that later. Get you gone!
Celegorm: [nods, motions toward the rocks] Archers! Find a perch! Both sides of the Pass! [climbs rocks, about a third of the Elves follow him or climb the opposite wall. Each archer carries three quivers, some have large baskets full of arrows in addition. The archers find solid footing, knock arrows. All look down the Pass, waiting. Camera focus on Celegorm, tense, as the noise of the approaching Orcs grows louder.]

Curufin: [to remaining Elves] Shields! [draws sword, looks toward approaching Orcs.]

Camera pan down Pass: Orcs approach, filling Pass, and they just keep coming.

Camera focus on Orc Commander: Orc Commander roars, thrusts his scimitar toward the Elves, and begins to run at the Elves. Orcs roar and charge.

Camera pan to sides of Pass. Elf archers draw.

Celegorm: [in Quenya] Fire! [archers shoot. Arrows cut down front ranks of Orcs. Camera cut to Orc Captain, who roars a command. Orcs scramble over dead and injured.]
Curufin: [in Quenya] Brace! Brace! [Camera shift to Elves’ shield wall as Orcs hit it. Cut.]

* * * * * * *

Cut to walls of Himring: Maedhros stands with Elves on walls, all are armed and prepared for battle with both bows and hand weapons. Camera pan down slope over army of Orcs and Balrogs that covers the plain. Camera shift to Maedhros, who looks grim.

Elf Captain 1: Can we withstand such a force, my lord?
Maedhros: [grimly] We will know soon enough. Are the gates closed?
Elf Captain 2: Closed and barred, my lord. But what of those who were outside? Our scouts, sentries, and those hunting for meat in the hills?
Maedhros: [lowers voice] They must survive as best they can. We dare not leave so much as a mouse hole open for them, lest the foul creatures of Morgoth seek to use such weakness against us. [lays hand on Elf Captain 2 shoulder] Return now to your men and lead them well.

[Camera shift over Elves on walls. Some look scared, others resigned, a few seem determined to make a fight of it. Camera pan over Orc army, now climbing the slope. The noise of the marching Orcs grows.]

Maedhros: [loudly, commanding] Stand fast! Fear not death, for you are valiant and our walls are strong! Our swords shall sing in the blood of our enemies! [raises sword] And when this battle is done our valour shall be the stuff of legend sung in the great halls of our people! Our names shall never be forgotten!
Elves: [cheer, raise weapons]
Maedhros: Waste no arrows!

[Orcs charge walls. Elves shoot, Orcs drop but those behind climb over fallen. Camera pan walls, Elves draw and fire again. Camera pan over Orc army. Orcs part, Trolls pull up siege engines. Trolls load stones in catapults, Orcs draw large ballistas with ropes attached to the shafts.]

Elf Captain 1: [untranslated Quenya]
Maedhros: Down! Get down!

[Orcs fire catapults and ballistae. Ropes on ballista shafts haul up large ladders. Stones smash against Himring walls. Elves fall, but others fire arrows at Orcs, draw swords, or thrust spears at Orcs on ladders. Orcs fall. Focus on Maedhros, who thrusts back a ladder and slashes an Orc. Other Orcs immediately take the place of the fallen. Camera pan down the hills, over the army of Orcs as siege engines fire again. Cut.]

* * * * * * *

Cut to Pass of Aglon: Archers fire quickly, Orcs fall. Camera pan up to Elves on Pass walls, Elves smile confidently.
Camera shift to floor. Curufin cuts through Orcs, Elves near him slash furiously. All are splattered with black blood. Orcs fall back, part, act fearful.]

Curufin: We have them!
[Shift to walls. Celegorm and Elves look down Pass. Focus on Celegorm, shocked, then fearful. Shift to Pass, where Balrogs walk through the path the Orcs cleared. Balrogs carry large whips of flame.]
Celegorm: [whisper] No!

[Balrogs flick whips at rocks. Rocks crumble, fall, bringing down Elf archers. Orcs charge Elf Shield Wall, which breaks without archer support. Camera shift to Celegorm, crawling out of rocks with broken bow. Some other Elf archers are getting out of the rocks, others flail, wounded. Many are not moving at all. Orcs attack trapped Elves. Celegorm ducks, fends off Orc with broken part of bow, scrambles over rocks.]

Curufin: Stand your ground! Do not give in! Hold fast!
Celegorm: [grabs Curufin] We cannot hold! [shouting] Fall back! Save yourselves!
Curufin: [stubbornly] Our father did not flee before these horrors…
Celegorm: Our father died before these horrors! Would you join him? [grabs Curufin and both exit left. Elves flee before Orcs and Balrogs. Cut.]

* * * * * * *

Cut to walls of Himring: It is night now, but the battle still rages. Piles of dead Orcs litter the walls and courtyards. Torches flare. Stones smash against the walls, knocking down shrapnel. Focus on Maedhros, bloody and filthy but still fighting. Elf Captain 2 enters, running.
Elf Captain 2: My lord! Our walls will breach!
Maedhros: Where?
Elf Captain 2: Near the main gate, my lord. They have demons with whips of flame that shatter stone.
Maedhros: [looks up at stars visible through breaks in smoke. Whispers in Quenya] Varda, Queen of the Stars, inspire me!

Camera shift up to sky. A few stars twinkle more brightly, then more and larger stars burn through the smoke.
Camera shift down to snow overhanging cliffs above fortress, now sparkling where starlight touches it.
Camera shift down to Main Gate, where Balrogs and Trolls batter walls. Balrogs wield whips of flame that shatter stone. Camera shift back up to snow.

Elf Captain 2: My lord?
Maedhros: Archers! Follow me! Bring torches! [looks up at sky, whispers in Quenya)] My humble thanks, Starkindler! [Maedhros, Elf Captain 2, and six Archers exit left, with torches. Camera shift back to Main Gate. Fade.]

* * *

Fade back in to Himring, courtyard behind Main Gate: Walls shudder, battle continues. Stone cracks as Balrogs and Trolls batter the walls and gate. Elves struggle to hold the gate, brace to defend any breach. Maedhros, Elf Captain 2, and Archers enter running, right.

Maedhros: Flame your shafts! Bring down that snow… [Archers light arrows and shoot at base of overhang. Camera focus on burning arrows. Snow shudders, low rumbling sound.]
Elf Captain 2: Brilliant, my lord!
Maedhros: [looks up at snow. Camera shift up to see overhang crumble, avalanche follow as whole mountainside moves down.] [curses in untranslated Quenya] Run! Everyone out of here!

[Camera pull back and pan over Elves fleeing lower courtyard as snow crashes down. Balrogs snap whips at avalanche, trolls roar, all are overwhelmed by snow. Camera pan over avalanche as it sweeps trees, rocks, Orcs, Trolls, Balrogs, and siege engines down mountainside.]

Elf Captain 2: We have won!
Maedhros: Perhaps. Perhaps they will return. [to Elf Captain 1] See to our wounded. [to Elf Captain 2] Take some of your men. Make certain there are no survivors to run back to Morgoth with tales.

[Both Captains bow and exit. Camera focus on Maedhros, wiping Orc blood out of his eyes with his stump.]

Maedhros: [softly] My brothers, how fare you, I wonder? [Camera fade.]

* * * * * * *
There is magic in long-distance friendships. They let you relate to other human beings in a way that goes beyond being physically together and is often more profound.
~Diana Cortes
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Cut to Dorthonion…stronghold of Aegnor and Angrod: Scene opens on chamber of a youngish (teenage) elf child. He is roused from his sleep by flickering lights, shouts and noise from outside. He sits up and peers fearfully out the window.

Cut to sleeping chamber of Angrod and his wife. Angrod is tossing and turning in his sleep. His wife Eldalotë, lying beside him, sighs There is a knock on the door. Angrod wakens and rises to open it, allowing Aegnor to enter.

Angrod: What is happening? Why do you disturb our already troubled sleep?
Aegnor: We have no time to sleep, Angrod, there is something you must see.
Angrod: [heading toward the window of the chamber, pulls open curtains and his face is illuminated with red light. We see his view, of Ard-galen, now illuminated with flame, and the Northern borders of Dorthonion engulfed in a thick black smoke. We see elves running in confusion, and hear Glaurung roaring in the mass of smoke. He has a look of shock and despair. He looks to Aegnor and for the first time realizes that he is charred and smouldering] How...?

Aegnor: The leaguer is broken…come, we must command the troops. [hears a gasp from Eldalotë, glances over at the doorway to Orodreth’s chamber. Orodreth is standing in the doorway, fully dressed and holding a training sword excitedly. Aegnor turns back to Angrod. Continues urgently:] We must send the women and children to safety…
Orodreth: Ada, I beg you, my place is beside you…do not send me away!
Eldalotë: [whispers “No!” in anguish]
Angrod: [shocked into action, has already started dressing…he stops and straightens] Orodreth, you are not yet of age…
Aegnor: Nephew, your accomplishments in training are no substitute for experience in the field. Neither your father or I… nor our men can bear the extra burden of watching your back in the face of such an enemy...

Angrod: My Son, your chance will come soon enough…let us not place any further worry on your mother, should the worst come to pass this day. For her sake, do as I ask… [moves over to his son and embraces him...whispers] I place her in your care, keep her safe for me…for both of us?
Orodreth: [swallows hard, nods to his father, and moves to his mother’s side. Eldalotë, relieved, gathers him in her arms…cut]

* * *

Cut to the brothers running in full armour through ranks of elves who are wounded, and already tired from fighting.

Angrod: [shouting above the noise] What happened?
Aegnor: Not long after you retired to your chamber, a number of wild animals were seen running through the forest. Soon after the plains burned with the rivers of fire you now see upon them, then IT came...
Angrod: What came, Brother?
Aegnor: The wyrm... it spewed fire upon all who stood in its path. They say it bears the hate of Morgoth…
Angrod: Is it not like the other creatures the dark one has sent forth?
Aegnor: No, this is some new evil.

[orcs emerge from the smoke, and the brothers begin fighting, after several minutes, the wave has been stopped.]

Angrod: How many more are there?
Aegnor: Far too many to count…I fear this is the end...
Angrod: Had we all agreed with the High King when the time was ripe, I believe Morgoth would have fallen, but alas, now it is too late...
[We see a sweeping shot of elves lying all around injured and dying, the forest burns about them, and it looks like a scene from a World War 2 film, men holding their dying friends, people running about disoriented. Then we see the brothers, Aegnor suddenly leaps up onto a large boulder to address his people]

Aegnor: Come, my brothers. Though it be now too late to stem the tide, we may still march forth against this host! We may yet give our allies a greater chance at fighting this great storm. If we fall then so be it, but we will fall with honour! And they shall sing songs of our deeds! Let us march forth and accept death freely! [Aegnor lifts his sword and makes a battle cry, he leaps down, and charges headlong into the smoke, and is followed by all including Angrod, who eventually catches up with him.

We see elves all about fighting against overwhelming odds, but not backing down, now in a berserker fury, from the conviction of Aegnor’s speech. After another wave of orcs has been killed there are very few elves left. Suddenly an elf approaches the brothers… ]

Scout: Dire news, my Lords... The armies of the Black One now approach from the south as well as the North, and I fear we shall be caught in the middle.
Angrod: What of the pass of Aglon?
Scout: I fear it has fallen, My Lord…
Angrod: Then it seems we too are doomed…we shall meet death with honour! [Suddenly sounds are heard from both sides of the elven ranks]
Aegnor: Prepare for an attack from both sides!

The elves stand back to back with swords drawn, suddenly Balrogs emerge from the smoke, and the ranks are quickly destroyed, Angrod and Aegnor stand strong back to back until a Balrog whips Aegnor and sends him to the ground. Angrod turns about but is then attacked from behind, he is on the ground stunned for a moment, while the Balrog closes in on Aegnor. Angrod gets to his feet and runs for Aegnor, but is too late, the Balrog gives one last chop down on Aegnor who throws his sword up into its mouth with his last bit of strength. In his grief, Angrod goes berserk, and starts killing numerous orcs to clear a path toward Aegnor who lies, on the ground dying.

He finally reaches the Balrog who stands triumphantly above the fallen body of Aegnor. The Balrog pivots round, and stares at Angrod, they are about 20 feet apart. We hear nothing but Angrod’s breaths and the sounds of the Balrog, though the battle still rages all about. They stare at each other for a moment, and then begin pacing about in a circle, opposite each other. The music resumes, and Angrod finally jumps in for the first blow, which is easily parried by the massive creature. It then counter-attacks with a cross chop which Angrod ducks, and rolls under the beast, he digs his feet into the soft molten rock still cooling from earlier and spins round for a fatal blow to the Balrog, who lifts his sword arm to block.

The creature’s sword and hand fall to the ground, and it draws its whip with its remaining hand. It cracks the whip, and sends it at Angrod, who gets his shield up. However the whip wraps behind the shield, and singes Angrod’s arm, he cries in pain, as his shield and his hand are ripped from his arm. He drops to his knees, and the Balrog circles him defiantly with a sadistic grin, it raises it’s whip for one last blow, but Angrod raises his sword to defend, the whip wraps about his arm, and the Balrog jerks the whip to pull him in to close range, but in a last ditch effort of defence, Angrod holds the sword in front, like a spear, and it is embedded deep into the head of the Balrog, who falls back dead. Angrod pulls himself off of the smouldering corpse, and finally stumbles over to Aegnor, and pulls off his helm, throwing down his weapons.

Aegnor: Do not cry, Brother... I... accept death freely... I go to the halls of Mandos... We shall meet again... farewell... [he breathes his last breath. Angrod lies crying, while the battle rages about him suddenly we hear a dull thudding sound like the footsteps of some giant animal. The smoke is blown aside, and we see Glaurung standing in the midst of a sea of flame]

Glaurung: Flee before me, insolent fool!
Angrod: No, I will not leave him!
Glaurung: Then you shall die! [Glaurung pulls back building up a flame, Angrod spreads his arms wide, having accepted death. Glaurung belches white flame, and we cut the shot just as it reaches Angrod.]

* * * * * * *

Fade in on Himring main hall: Some Elves are tending wounded, others eat, mend weapons, carry food, or haul out debris. Maedhros and Captains stand around a table with food and wine.

Maedhros: How many did we lose?
Elf Captain 1: Nearly one in four of my men are dead, my lord, or else so badly injured they will be of no use to us for some time.
Elf Captain 2: I fear I lost more than that. Only half of my company yet draw breath, though fortunately few of them are wounded. Those too badly hurt to flee died in the snow.
Maedhros: That could not be helped. Of my own companions near a fourth are gone and the greater number who still live are injured, more or less.
Elf Captain 1: Our walls are sound enough to withstand another assault. That at least is in our favour.
Maedhros: Our walls are sound, but without strong swords to defend them the stone is but a well built tomb...

Elf 1: [enters left, pauses, and bows.] My Lord…
Maedhros: What is it?
Elf 1: The Lord Maglor is here with those of his company that could follow him.
Maedhros: [exits left. Camera follows through passage to entrance. Camera shift to Maglor and several Elves, all look tired, cold, bruised, bloody, and wet.] Brother!
Maglor: [weak smile] Hello, brother. I have been meaning to visit for some time. Now I have my chance.
Maedhros: Welcome! [embraces Maglor]

Maglor: Do not be so eager. My lands are lost before a force I could not withstand. Those who depended on me for safety are scattered before our foes.
Maedhros: But you are alive, and that is something I did not know for certain a moment earlier. Come, warm yourselves and take food. I would hear what news you have.
Maglor: My news is evil at best, but perhaps I am best suited as messenger. [Maglor and Maedhros exit right. Camera follow, slip focus.]

* * *

Re-focus on Himring Main Hall: Maglor sits near fire, a plate of food on his lap. Maedhros sits on hearth beside him, listening.

Maglor: Of all our kin, it may be your fortress alone that still stands. Celegorm and Curufin have fled south with what is left of their people, as has Caranthir. He at least has taken refuge with our brothers Amrod and Amras, in Beleriand. Of Celegorm and Curufin I know not, save that they live...
Maedhros: Caranthir is driven from his holding?
Maglor: I fear so. I should not wish to face his temper after such a loss. Still, we have not fared as badly as others. [hesitates]
Maedhros: Tell me all of it.
Maglor: Angrod and Aegnor are lost to us. All of Dorthonion is overrun.
Maedhros: [shoulders shake] They were too young for this. [straightens] And what of Fingolfin?
Maglor: There is no word, save that I have not yet heard his walls have fallen. No news comes from that far place.
Maedhros: Then here we hold until we know more. [Camera focus on Maedhros, looking grim.]

* * * * * * *

Cut to burned plain of Ard-galen….camera shift toward Barad Eithel. Fade.

End of Episode
There is magic in long-distance friendships. They let you relate to other human beings in a way that goes beyond being physically together and is often more profound.
~Diana Cortes
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