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Season 3 Episode 6

[Camera open on Eilinel’s cabin. The door is open, but there is no sign of movement. Camera pan to edge of trees, focus on Gorlim. Gorlim whistles, then whistles again when there is no answer. Gorlim frowns, draws a long knife, and moves toward Cabin in a cautious crouch. When there is no response, he stands and moves more quickly. Gorlim enters Cabin, Camera follows.]
Gorlim: [calling] Eilinel? Eilinel?

[Cabin looks as if it has been open for some time. Birds and small animals are making nests. Camera focus on Gorlim, standing in Cabin door. Tears streak his face.]
Gorlim: Eilinel! [sobs, runs for trees. Camera follows. Cut.]

* * * * * * *

[Camera open on hills near Himring. A large group of Orcs and Easterlings enters top right, moving nervously. They are alert and well armed. Camera shift mid-screen left, focus on a mixed group of Elves and Men led by Bór. All are concealed by low brush, with arrows notched on bow strings.]

Bór: [whisper] That is the third patrol we have seen, and each one larger than the last.
Man 1: [whisper, grin] Perhaps the Dark Lord has learned to fear us.
Elf 2: [whisper] Your arrogance could be a formidable weapon, if you could harness it.
Man 2: [whisper] There is high praise from an expert in the field.
Bór: [whisper] Capture a few of the Men alive. Lord Maedhros will want to know why they are here.

[Elves fire first, with Men immediately after. Bór leads charge as Orcs and Easterlings struggle to recover. The fight is quickly over. Three Easterlings are taken alive and bound by Elves, Men make sure none of the enemy escape and all wounded are killed. Camera focus on Easterlings, glaring at Bór and Elves. Cut.]

* * *

[Cut to camp near Himring. Bór, Men, and Elves cluster around a small fire, eating and talking. Camera focus on Bór, who glances over his shoulder to Easterlings bound at the edge of the firelight and guarded by two Elves. Bór nudges Man 1, both rise. Man 1 grabs a water skin, Bor collects food. Man 1 and Bór approach Easterlings.]

Bór: [to Elves] Go enjoy the fire for a bit. [Elves exit. To Easterlings, in language of Khand] Here. Eat something.
Easterling 1: [suspicious] Why bother? You mean to kill us, do you not?
Bór: [cheerful] Not unless I am forced to. [nods toward Elves at fire] We need to keep up appearances, you understand.
Easterling 2: [drinks, looks surprised] You are not one of the traitors?
Man 1: Do we look like traitors to you?
Bór: Our master is clever. Rumours spread, and fools believe. [glance toward fire, voice drops to whisper] So tell me, when will the attack come? I am anxious to be away from these pretty dolls.
Easterling 1: No attack is planned. [suspicious] You do not know?
Bór: We send news out and hear nothing, not even how long we are to remain closeted with these peacocks. Now I see my allies come in force, yet you tell me this is not the end of my service?
Easterling 2: We were sent to hunt rebels.
Easterling 3: [sharply] Silence.
Easterling 2: [frowns] [/color]They are our own kind.
Easterling 3: So they tell us.
Man 1: [lightly] Would any man remain in company with such creatures if he were not forced to? [grimace] I get sick of their arrogance. They seem to think that because they live forever they are better than the rest of us.
Easterling 1: Then in that they are no different from the Master’s favorites. [to Easterling 3] They may know something we can take back for news. [to Bór] Rebels have attacked our forces in these mountains and in the pacified lands to the west. They seem to be Men of Doriath, but the Master believes they may be getting aid from the one-handed Elf.
Bór: [shakes head] No. The Elves of Himring aid nobody.
Easterling 2: These rebels attack from nowhere. Few will venture into the forests to the west now, even in great force. The Master grows impatient.
Bór: You may tell our Master that I will keep my ears open for any word of these rebels. [glance at Man 1] Now let us get you free.
Easterling 3: If I mistrusted you, I apologize.
Bór: No need. [stabs Easterling 3. Man 1 kills other prisoners. Bór and Man 1 walk back to fire, Camera follows.]
Elf 1: So what did you learn?
Bór: What did you not hear?
Elf 3: We heard every word, but do not speak your black language.
Bór: My apologies. [cleans dagger as he talks] It seems the Dark Lord has new enemies. Some Men of Dorthonion are causing problems. These patrols are sent to capture the troublemakers. More important, the Dark Lord believes Lord Maedhros is aiding those he calls “Rebels”.
Elf 1: He is not.
Man 2: Perhaps he should be. [Camera pull back as Elves and Men gather closer to the fire. A watch of four is set, consisting of both Elves and Men. Trees whisper in a light wind. Camera fade.]

* * * * * * *
[Camera pan Forest as leaves change from Summer to Autumn. Camera pan down to Barahir’s camp near Tarn Aeluin. Sun sparkles on the lake, leaves are brightly colored, it is a warm autumn day. Men move about, mending weapons or cooking food. Camera shift to Urthel, Radhruin, Gildor and Dagnir, who are throwing knuckle bones in an Orc helmet and laughing at the result.]

Dagnir: [pauses as he gathers the bones, speaks to Radhruin] If I did not know you better I would swear you bewitched this game. That makes three sheep I owe you.
Radhruin: [relaxed] I will be certain to collect as soon as we are out of here.
Gildor: At the rate the summer has gone that may be sooner than you think. For myself I begin to wonder if Morgoth has given up on this valley.
Dagnir: [chuckles] Or possibly those hulking servants of his have decided that the place is a bad job. We killed enough of them this summer to make anyone think twice about crossing our land. [rolls bones again] There! Now luck is with me again!
Radhruin: What will you do first once we are free of this fight?
Gildor: I want a mug of beer, and I may spend a week drinking it.
Radhruin: That sounds good, but I want a meal with it. I want a loaf of good bread.
Dagnir: I think I may find myself a wife. [all stare at him] What? Can a man not decide to make a change?
Gildor: I wonder what Gorlim will do once this ends. He has changed much.
Urthel: No surprise there. He lost much, and more than the rest of us.
Radhruin: Not to sound disloyal to a comrade here, but I wonder if he will return with us to our families. Gorlim is a fine fellow in a fight, but I fear what his temper will be when there are no foes to kill.
Urthel: Do not borrow trouble. Gorlim will work things out for himself, I think.

[Camera shift to Gorlim, who is sharpening a spear point with a stone. He tests the edge and wipes it clean, satisfied. Then he rises and heads for the trees without speaking to anyone, carrying his spear and a pack. Camera follows Gorlim. Fade to darkness under trees.]

* * *

[Camera cut to Cabin, at twilight. Gorlim enters left. He pauses at edge of trees, hesitates. Camera shift to Uruks, inside Cabin. Camera focus on Uruk Captain, who smiles and sets a small dark vial on the table. The vial sparkles without light. Uruk Captain pulls the stopper and a dark, sparkling vapour rises like long fingers and condenses inside the Cabin.

Camera cut to Gorlim, focus on face. Gorlim looks at the Cabin, shakes his head, and his mouth falls open in astonishment. Cut to Cabin, where Eilinel comes to the door with a battered bowl in her hands. She looks thin, dishevelled, and forlorn. She sits in the doorway and begins shelling acorns. Her shoulders shake as if she is crying.]

Eilinel: [softly] Why did you leave me here to die alone? Why have you abandoned me? Did I do something wrong? Was I not strong enough for you? Did you find someone more pleasing?

[Gorlim steps toward the Cabin, then begins to run. Camera shift to trees, right and left, as Uruks emerge and block his escape. He does not notice, drops his pack and spear carelessly as he nears Cabin. Eilinel looks up, startled.]

Gorlim: [joyful] Eilinel! I thought I had lost you!
Eilinel: [drops bowl, steps back]
Gorlim: My love, my darling – what is wrong?
Eilinel: You left me.
Gorlim: I never left you. I promised I never would. No matter how long it takes, no matter how dark things seem, no matter how far I have to travel I will always return to you. Did you think I made such a vow lightly?
Eilinel: I . . . I knew not what to think. [enters Cabin] But you are here now. Come in, let us shut the door and forget the world but for a little while.

[Wolves howl as Gorlim follows Eilinel into Cabin. Camera shift to Cabin, which looks barren but neat and we cannot see the Uruks. Eilinel moves to the fire pit as if to light the kindling piled there. Gorlim reaches for her.]

Gorlim: I thought I had lost you forever. This seems like a dream. Hold me a moment, and then I will feel certain we are together again. [Gorlim embraces Eilinel, but his arms close on nothing. Dark vapour seeps through his hands as he tries to hold on to her. Wolves howl closer. Uruks move out of the shadows as the Cabin becomes neglected and dirty.]

Gorgol: Do you feel certain now, filthy Man? [Gorlim spins for the door, but it is blocked by the Uruks outside. He grabs for the knife at his belt and backs into a corner.]
Gorlim: Come on, then! I will not be taken cheaply!
Gorgol: Make certain he lives!
Uruks: [laughter, derisive remarks as they close in. Gorlim slashes expertly with his knife. An Uruk falls, mortally wounded. Another is stabbed and staggers back. Then three take Gorlim together. One seizes his knife hand and twists it. We hear bones crack. The knife falls. Gorlim is subdued. Fade.]

* * *

[Camera open on inside of Cabin. Gorlim is bound hand and foot, stuffed in a corner. Uruks crouch near fire pit, eating and drinking, or move about the Cabin defacing anything they find. Several large wolves walk in and out of the Cabin. The door is open. Uruk Captain approaches one of the Wolves.]

Gorgol: Tell our Master that we have success. Our captive is alive and he will tell us what we want to know before the Yellow Face sets again. [Wolf exits left, at a run.]
Uruk 1: [sees Gorlim stirring] He wakes!
Gorgol: Good. [approaches Gorlim] Where is your camp, filthy Man?
Gorlim: [silent, glares at Uruks]
Gorgol : Tell us what we want to know and we will not hurt you…
Uruk 3: Much! [Captain glares at him.]
Gorgol: [squats next to Gorlim] Come now. How long do you think you can keep silent?
Gorlim: [glares at Captain, turns to look through open door.]
Gorgol: Then let us not waste time.

[Uruk Captain draws a long knife and lets Gorlim see the blade. Gorlim watches without emotion as Gorgol cuts his hands free, at the same time leaving shallow cuts on his arms. Uruk 3 grabs Gorlim’s broken right arm and twists it. Camera focus on Gorlim, silent, teeth clenched. Uruk 2 holds Gorlim’s other wrist, waiting.]

Gorgol: Be sensible. Tell us what we want to know and end your pain now.
Gorlim: [clamps jaw firmly, looks away from Captain.]

[Gorgol nods to Uruk 2. Uruk 2 twists Gorlim’s unbroken wrist. Bones snap. Gorgol steps back as Uruk 4 pulls a long, rough blade from the fire and moves toward Gorlim. Camera follows glowing blade. Uruk 4 lowers blade, flesh hisses off screen. Camera pull back outside Cabin. Gorlim screams. Cut.]

* * *

[Camera cut to outside of Cabin, afternoon. Gorlim is bound to the wall, spread-eagled and naked although we see only his chest, belly, and limbs. He is bleeding from several shallow cuts, burned in many places, and his broken limbs are swollen and discoloured. Only his face is untouched. Wolves are gathered around, watching as Uruks continue questioning him. Gorlim’s head hangs with exhaustion, but he is still obviously defiant. ]

Uruk 2: Enough! We will get nothing from this one, and we spoil his meat with hanging.
Uruk 5: I say we throw him to the Wolves and watch the fun.
Uruk 1: Or maybe we should give them the pretty woman. [Gorlim’s head lifts. He glares, still silent. Camera shift to Uruk Captain, who smiles.]
Gorgol: Why not? We can taste her sweetness before we give the Wolves whatever is left.
Gorlim: Do not touch her!
Gorgol: [in mock surprise] What is this? The silent one speaks?
Gorlim: If you harm my lady I swear I will –
Uruk 3: Not do much as you are! [laughs]
Uruk 4: Maybe you want to watch?
Gorgol: No more of that! [to Gorlim] You cannot save your friends, you know. We will find them, and we will slay them one by one. You can only save yourself and your woman. Or not. What would you give to have her back?
Gorlim: My life.
Gorgol: [laughs] Your life is mine now, Man. What price for your wife, unharmed, untouched by us?
Gorlim: [weak, defeated] You lie to me. You have killed her already.
Gorgol: We never touched her.
Gorlim: Then where is she?
Gorgol: Our master keeps her safe. [soft] Would you forsake your life when with a few words you might win your wife’s release, to go in peace and dwell together far from this war?
Gorlim: How can I trust your word?

[Wolves turn toward field. Camera shift to field. A dark, winged shape travels over the air and settles in the grass. Sauron transforms from his vampire bat form, revealing a large sack at his feet. Sauron moves toward Uruks, Wolves, and Gorlim casually.]

Sauron: You can trust my word. I swear by the power Eru used to create the world that your wife is as we found her, untouched.
Gorlim: You are their lord?
Sauron: [waves Uruks back. Uruks retreat off Camera.] I serve their lord, and they call me Master. Yet none show me such courage as you display this day. [moves close to Gorlim, Camera focus on faces] I hear now that you would barter with me. What is thy price?
Gorlim: No less than this: That Eilinel the White and I should be free and dwell together again far away from war.
Sauron: That is a small price for so great a treachery and shame. I grant it surely. Now, say on!
Gorlim: [hesitates] You swear you will give her back to me?
Sauron: This very day. [leans closer. Camera focus on eyes, glowing red with power.] Come, speak now swiftly and speak true: Where is your camp?

Gorlim: [speaks mechanically] Near the shores of Tarn Aeluin.
Sauron: How many men will we find there?
Gorlim: No more than a dozen, if all are in the camp.
Sauron: [steps back, eyes return to normal. Motions to Uruk Captain] Take your patrol and Captain Urgl’s command. Bring me trophies to display...and proof that Bëor’s line is ended! [Gorgol bows and exits left. Sauron turns back to Gorlim who has thrown himself upon his face.] And now, your payment, traitor: your wife is returned to you! [Sauron upends the sack and tips out Eilinel’s body. The body is now mostly skeleton and rags.]

Gorlim: [howls in rage and despair] You swore! Liar!
Sauron: [laughs aloud] You base and cringing worm. Stand up and hear me: drink now the cup that I have sweetly blended for you. You fool: a phantom you saw that I, Sauron made to snare your lovesick wits. Naught else was there. It is cold to wed with Sauron’s wraiths, is it not? Your Eilinel is long since dead, food of worms less low than you… Nonetheless I will grant your prayer. This very night thou shall go to Eilinel and lie in her bed, set free of my service. [to Wolves] He is yours!

[Wolves close in on Gorlim. Gorlim screams. Camera pulls back, follows Uruks into trees screen left. Camera shift to Sauron, standing and watching as Wolves feed. Camera fade.]

* * * * * * *

There is magic in long-distance friendships. They let you relate to other human beings in a way that goes beyond being physically together and is often more profound.
~Diana Cortes

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[Camera open on Barahir’s Camp, autumn. Focus on Beren, agitated. Barahir sits with his back to a tree, cleaning the edge of his sword with a stone and eyeing Beren tensely. Other Men sit or stand nearby, covertly watching the building confrontation. Finally Barahir lays aside the sword and moves to block Beren.]

Barahir: [firm but tense] Let us take this conversation somewhere more private.
Beren: [angrily] If you like, my lord father. Although I have no problem saying what I have to say in front of all here.
Barahir: True enough. But for your sake I will hold my tongue until we are alone. [Both exit back, walking into the woods. Camera pan over Men. Some look nervous, some look amused at the display. Focus on Ragnor, Urthel, and Dagnir, standing together.]
Ragnor: It seems odd, does it not? We become all the more tense when there is nothing to worry about.
Urthel: I think this quiet summer has made our lord more cautious than he would be otherwise. Our enemy is planning something unpleasant, mark me on this.
Dagnir: Not to sound disloyal to our lord, but I am standing with the young one. This waiting about is enough to crack anyone’s nerves.

[Camera shift to trees, shift forward. Cut to Barahir and Beren, who stand facing each other amid large trees and scraggly undergrowth. Beren’s hands are clenched.]

Beren: All I am saying is that it’s time to do something! We have sat here like lumps for the whole summer and the world could have ended around us. We would never know it!
Barahir: So what are you suggesting? A full-on assault on Morgoth personally? [sarcastic laugh] I can see the bards telling the story now.
Beren: So we will spend another winter here, freezing our arses off?
Barahir: You elected to remain last winter, when I gave you the chance to leave.
Beren: I did not know that we would spend the summer picking off stragglers. I thought we were going to do something real! [turns his back on Barahir] Gorlim had the right of it. I wager he is making a difference!

Barahir: Gorlim is his own man, and follows his own council. His loyalty is not in question here.
Beren: And mine is, I suppose?
Barahir: We dared not give an open challenge when we had the full strength of our people standing together. Now we are little more than wolves, hunted in our own land. [firm glare at Beren] I will not lead these good men to their deaths in a hopeless assault that will do little more than give our enemy exercise.
Beren: How do you know it would be hopeless? We cannot even guess where our enemy is, since we have not seen any of them in so long. And even if they are waiting for us, whatever the outcome, at the least I am no coward to face it!
Barahir: You dare call me coward?
Beren: Would you hold back now if I were not with you?
Barahir: Fine! If you have such grand ideas for strategy, then why do you not go find out exactly where our foes are, and in what strength! I shall expect a full report from you in no more than two days’ time, along with recommendations concerning what we should do next, since you are such a skilled military leader!
Beren: And that is what you will have as soon as I return, [curt bow] my lord father! [turns sharply, exits right. Camera follows Beren, shifts back to Barahir who stands, hands clenched, glaring after Beren. Barahir exits right, walking slowly, very tense. Cut.]

* * *

[Cut to Camp. Beren enters left, moving quickly, still tense.]

Beren: Hathaldir! Come with me! [gathers cloak, knife, bow, and arrows, exits right. Hathaldir nods, picks up his cloak, weapons, and water skin. Follows Beren exit right. Camera shift to Barahir, who enters left, retrieves his sword, and hurls the stone he was using to clean it into the lake. Gildor approaches, lays a hand on his shoulder.]

Barahir: There are times when that boy drives me to madness!
Gildor: Of course he does. He is much like his father in his temperament.
Barahir: Am I so bad?
Gildor: No, but you were. Give him time, my friend. If the gods are with us he will grow into wisdom. [Camera pan back to show Barahir and Gildor standing before the lake. Focus on far shore. Fade.]

* * *

[Camera open on woods near Ered Gorgoroth. A stag and a group of does enter, left. Does begin to graze on deep grass. Stag stands alert, then finally relaxes and begins to eat. An arrow strikes stag just behind the skull and he drops silently. Does flee. Camera shift right, Beren and Hathaldir enter. Beren has a bow in his hands.]

Hathaldir: [examines stag] A clean shot. And the most exercise we have had in two days.
Beren: Well, we might as well do something useful while we are out. This meat will be welcome back at the camp.
Hathaldir: [draws knife, begins to clean stag] So we are heading back?
Beren: No, my friend. You are heading back. You can take this with you and let everyone eat well in my absence.
Hathaldir: [pauses, stands] I never asked you what brought this excursion on –
Beren: And please do not now!
Hathaldir: But whatever it is you seem no easier for a day or two away. I doubt looms are strung as tightly as you are.
Beren: It is my affair, not yours.
Hathaldir: Because you are my friend it becomes my affair. [approaches Beren] Whatever is between you and your father, my friend, do not let it fester. You cannot know how long you may have before an argument can no longer be cleared.

Beren: [pulls arrow from Stag, cleans and checks it, slips it back into the quiver at his belt, frowns] He plans differently when I am with him. He is more careful when he knows I might be harmed. He should treat me no differently from the rest of the men.
Hathaldir: But you are different. You are his son, and that cannot be changed. Would you rather believe that he did not love you?
Beren: [sigh] I know. Still, how can I feel myself a grown man when I am waiting for him to demand that I hold his hand lest I become lost in the forest?

Hathaldir: [laughs] I am sorry, my friend. That is an image that will stay with me a while. [gains control of himself] Give yourself a couple of more days, then. I will return, bring our peace offering, and tell your father that we have seen nothing more threatening than some rabbits.
Beren: You are a good friend. I am going to spy out the other side of the Pass of Aglon before I turn back. If there is any mischief being sent our way I wager it will come through that gate. These lazy Orcs avoid the fens as if they would die if they get their feet wet. [Hathaldir laughs and resumes cleaning Stag. Beren pats his shoulder and exits left, slinging his bow over his shoulder as he walks. Fade.]

* * * * * * *

[Camera cut to Mountains of Aglon. The land is greener than it was, it is now high summer. Maglor enters bottom right, carrying a sack. His bow is in his hand, he is very alert and moving fast. Camera shift to movement screen left. Maedhros enters with a stag over his shoulders. Both stop and stare at each other for a moment.]

Maedhros: I thought you were taking care of things at home.
Maglor: I thought you went to scout our perimeter. Your men returned two days past.
Maedhros: I move more quickly on my own.
Maglor: I can see that. [gestures at stag] You killed that with a sword?
Maedhros: [shakes head] My dagger. [shrugs] He is an old one, and he was already lame. The price of too many battles.
Maglor: So, an act of mercy then? [Maedhros nods] And some good food for us.

Maedhros: I was not planning on bringing it back to Himring.
Maglor: [teasing] I am sure the wolves hereabout will appreciate your charity. Still, brother, you did not have to clean the carcass for them.
Maedhros: [tense] I did not think of the wolves. [Maglor opens his mouth, Maedhros continues quickly] This meat would not feed our lot for a single meal. It will last them for a week if it is dried well.
Maglor: [laugh] The elleth shot you in the hindquarters and now you bring her gifts. Is that not just –
Maedhros: Hold your tongue! [shifts stag, obviously irritated] What is that you are carrying? [gestures at Maglor’s sack]
Maglor: Nothing much. [Maedhros drops the stag and seizes the sack before Maglor can avoid him] And it is not your business!

Maedhros: [pulls items out as he speaks] A wheel of cheese? Bread? A basket of berries? Were you planning a picnic?
Maglor: We can spare the food. I just thought they [nods toward mountains] could use something besides wild game. [repacks sack]
Maedhros: A good thought, brother. They seem on the verge of starvation.
Maglor: We were there not so long ago. Besides, I thought some softer food might go well.
Maedhros: [nods, slides right arm under stag’s hindquarters, lifts stag onto his shoulders] Generous of you, brother, but it will not help her. [both walk toward upper center screen]
Maglor: Her?
Maedhros: The fair fletcher with no tongue. She can neither taste your berries nor chew your cheese. Think about it. Can you chew your food without your tongue?
Maglor: [considers] I know not. I have never tried it.
Maedhros: I know a thing or two about losing body parts, brother. Until you have had to use your teeth to tie your boots you have no idea how inconvenient it can be.
Maglor: You use your teeth to tie your boots?
Maedhros: Did you think I would spend my life begging for aid when I dressed? [Camera follows both as they exit top center. Cut.]

* * * * * * *

[Cut to Hills near Rivil’s Well. Camera focus on Uruks moving quickly and quietly through cover. Camera shift right, focus toward Tarn Aeluin. Cut.]

* * *

[Camera fade in on Beren’s Camp, Pass of Anact. It is evening, and Beren climbs into a large tree. He settles on a limb and wraps up in his cloak. He pulls something out of a pouch and chews it, drinks from his water skin, and leans against the tree. We watch him doze off…fade into Dream sequence:

Beren is standing on the shores of Tarn Aeluin. The trees are bare; the ground appears covered with blood and bodies. Ravens and Crows sit in the trees and pull bits of flesh from corpses on the ground. Beren touches a tree, pulls his hand away covered in blood. He looks up, blood drips on his face. A shimmering white hand touches his shoulder. He spins, and finds Gorlim standing behind him. Gorlim is slightly transparent and shimmery.]

Beren: [ in horror] No! Surely I am dreaming!
Gorlim: Not for much longer. Tarn Aeluin is revealed to the enemy.
Beren: How?
Gorlim: Say that the fault was mine. It matters no more now. Go, boy! Warn my lord Barahir lest all be taken! [grabs Beren’s shoulder, shoves him left.] Go! Run!

[Beren wakes as he slides out of the tree. He lands hard enough to stagger him, catches himself, and looks back up at the branch he was sleeping on. Shakes his head in confusion.]

Beren: [thoughts heard aloud] This is naught but a dream!
Gorlim: [voiceover, commanding] Truly I wish it were - Run! [Beren starts, goes cold in sudden fear for his companions: he shoulders his pack and exits right... Camera follows as he breaks into a trot.]
Gorlim: [voiceover] Run, boy! [Beren breaks into a run. Camera follows, pans landscape as he sprints over open ground. Sun rises, Camera cut.]

* * *

[Camera fade in on Barahir’s Camp at Tarn Aeluin. A portion of the stag is cooking over a fire, Men relax. Arthad tests the meat with the point of a knife, sits back down. Ragnor stands at the edge of camp, apparently on watch.]

Ragnor: Do not forget me when that is done.
Radhruin: Do you fear we will?
Ragnor: No, but unlike you I am downwind from the fire. That meat smells good.
Hathaldir: I brought the stag back. I get first choice of the meat.
Gildor: I thought you said it was Beren’s arrow that felled this game.
Hathaldir: I never claimed to have shot it. I just said I brought it back. The spoils fall- [Ragnor gurgles and falls forward as an Uruk pulls a knife from his back. Men grab for weapons as Uruks emerge from the trees on three sides of the camp. Camera pull back as fight begins, with Men using anything they can grab against Uruks. Barahir has his sword, Dagnir and Radhruin grab spears, but the rest do not have real weapons within reach except for their belt knives.

Camera focus on Hathaldir as he throws his belt knife at an Uruk and is cut in half from behind. Urthel is stabbed by multiple spears, pulls himself up a spear and breaks an Uruk’s neck. Barahir, Radhruin, and Gildor bunch until Uruks pull back.]

Gildor: [breathing hard] I never thought it would end like this.
Radhruin: Shall we try for the lake? We might outswim them.
Barahir: So long as they do not have archers –

[Camera shift to Uruks. Several raise bows, nock arrows and aim.]

Barahir: It was my honour to stand beside you.
Radhruin: Likewise.

[Uruks fire. Radhruin falls, an arrow in his throat. Barahir and Gildor are both shot but standing. They scream, charge the Uruks, and are cut down. Camera pan over Camp, no Men are standing. Camera focus on Gorgol, who stands over Barahir. Barahir is still alive. Gorgol takes Barahir’s sword, tries to pull the ring off Barahir’s hand but it will not come loose. Gorgol cuts off Barahir’s hand with Barahir’s sword, tucks the hand in his belt. Camera focus on Gorgol as he licks Barahir’s blood from the blade with obvious pleasure. Camera shift to Barahir, eyes widen. Shift to Gorgol as he swings sword down. Blood spurts from bottom of screen. Camera pull back as Uruks begin eating stag and looting Camp. Cut.]

* * *

[Camera pan woods leading to Tarn Aeluin, early morning and still dark. Beren runs through woods, staggering now and then. Camera shift right to break in trees. Crows call, some fly up. Beren dashes through trees and onto beach, trips over Ragnor’s body and falls hard. More Crows fly into trees. Camera pan over Camp, focus on bodies. Beren staggers to his feet, checks several; all are dead. Beren falls to his knees beside Barahir.]

Beren: No! Da! [lifts amputated stump. Camera focus on Beren as his eyes narrow. A crow lands nearby, pulls a piece of flesh from a corpse. Beren seizes the crow, smashes it against the ground in a fit of rage. Swings crow again, then slows.] Not your fault. You are only an animal. [drops crow]

[Camera pull back as Beren starts to collect bodies of Men and we have a series of quick clips as he collects rocks and piles them up to make a cairn. Once his task is completed, Beren bows his head as tears flow silently, then he wipes his nose on his sleeve and turns away. Beren splashes some water from the lake over his head, picks up a spear and his bow. Beren examines edge of trees, finds Uruks’ trail and follows at an easy run. Camera follows off screen upper right. Cut.]

* * *

[We see clips of Beren moving through hills and fields, checking for signs of the Uruks, and running again. Sun sets, a full moon rises, and he keeps going. Camera follows Beren off screen, right.]

* * *

There is magic in long-distance friendships. They let you relate to other human beings in a way that goes beyond being physically together and is often more profound.
~Diana Cortes

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[Cut to Uruk’s Camp near Rivil’s Well. Uruks are gathered around a large fire, eating the rest of the stag they took from Barahir’s Camp and drinking something from dark bottles. Uruks are laughing, clearly seeing no danger.

Camera shift back to Beren, moving through rough brush. Beren pauses, Camera moves forward with his line of sight to Uruk Camp. Camera focus on Gorgol, who is drinking heavily from one of the bottles. He has a large piece of venison in one hand, and the grease from the meat is running down his arm.]

Gorgol: [raises bottle] Here’s to us! For we are the greatest of our lord’s servants. It is we who have conquered! [Uruks cheer]We who have never failed him! [Uruks cheer] When the weak Man-creatures drove the others from this land it was us our lord sent to reclaim what is rightfully ours! [Uruks cheer. Captain drinks again, spilling liquid down his chin.] But when I had the filthy scum lying before me he was not so mighty! But his blood was sweet when I drank it from his own blade!

[Camera shift to Beren, furious. Beren draws his belt knife, looks up. Several large tree limbs hang over the camp, and Beren notes a large rock near where Gorgol is standing. Beren slips his knife back in its sheath and begins to climb a tree. Camera shift to Gorgol, oblivious.]

Gorgol: [raises Barahir’s sword] This is my portion for leading you against these creatures! And this [pulls Barahir’s hand from his belt, brandishes it] will prove to our Master who his most valuable servants are! [Uruks cheer] We bring not only proof that these rebels are no more; we carry evidence that the filthy Elves helped them! They do not call me the Butcher for naught [laughs heartily]

[Camera shift up to tree branches. Beren moves carefully, leaves rustle, but the Uruks do not notice. Beren drops onto the large rock and draws his belt knife. Uruks still pay no attention. Camera shift to Uruks.]

Gorgol: Now is the time for WAR! I say I shall carry this blade [lifts Barahir’s sword in the same hand that holds Barahir’s hand. The grip is awkward.] to cut the Elves from our path! [Uruks cheer. Camera shift to Beren, eyes narrow.]

Beren: [under his breath] Not with my father’s sword, whilst I can still draw breath!

Gorgol: And when we have claimed all the land from Angband to the sea, we shall rule for our lord! We, my brothers! We shall be his lords over all the lesser peoples and they shall bow before us! [drinks, raises bottle] For Melkor! Greatest of the Valar! [color=blue] [Uruks cheer and drink, laughing]

[Camera shift to Beren as Beren springs from Rock. Beren strikes Uruk Captain from behind: drives belt knife under Gorgol’s upraised arm and twists. Blood runs from Gorgol’s mouth as his last breath gurgles. Beren seizes Barahir’s sword and hand and stands, bloody. Camera focus on Beren as he glances around. Camera pan Camp. Uruks are stunned, drunk, and confused by what has happened. Beren glances at trees. There is a narrow path to safety.

Beren runs for trees. Uruks howl with rage and follow. Beren runs through dark woods, stumbling, staggering with exhaustion as Uruks pursue. He slides down a short cliff and crouches under an overhang, holding his breath. A loud snuff sounds behind Beren. He turns, Camera shifts over shoulder, and we see two yellow eyes in the darkness behind him. Two more eyes join the first pair, and a large male wolf moves out of the shadows. The female follows, eyeing Beren warily. Beren tries to draw the sword but cannot get it loose from the scabbard. The male steps over him and moves to block the entrance. Beren looks back, the overhang hides a small cave. There are four pups in the cave, huddled near the back.

Sounds of Uruks coming closer send Beren scrambling back from the cave entrance. The female moves up near the male. Pups cringe near Beren. Uruk shadows block light.]

Uruk 1: He might have gone this way!
Uruk 2: Tear that hole apart!
Wolves: [growl! Male snaps at an Uruk hand]
Uruk 2: That mangy flea-ridden mongrel has pups! There is no way he’ll be in there...
Uruk 3: We will come back for them. First we find the Man-creature and avenge our captain!
Uruk 1: I will eat his entrails!

[Uruks exit right. Male wolf sits near entrance. Female moves back nearer pups and Beren, looks toward entrance, snorts. Pups go to female. Beren leans against back of cave. Camera pull back, cut.]

* * * * * * *

[Camera fade in on cave. Beren wakes alone. Wolves are gone. Camera focus on Barahir’s hand lying on the floor near Beren. Beren jumps, horrified. Beren pauses, looks around cave. Beren puts Barahir’s hand in his pouch and exits right. Camera follows, Cut.]

[Camera open on Tarn Aeluin, treetops. Camera pan down to lake, shift left. Beren emerges from trees, moving steadily but obviously tired. Beren walks to Cairn, removes stones, pulls severed hand from pouch, removing the ring and placing it back into the pouch. He lays the hand on top of the bodies. Stones screen bodies from Camera. Beren kneels beside Cairn.]

Beren: [softly] Father, I have avenged your death. I have recovered your sword and the ring Lord Finrod gave you. I swear that so long as I live no enemy will find safety in our land. [shoulders shake] I would take back our last meeting, if only I could. [Beren replaces stones carefully, touches Cairn one last time, then rises stiffly. He looks around ruins of camp, begins poking through shelters. Camera follows, fade.]

* * *

[Camera focus on Beren, sitting near the firepit at the ruined Camp. A small fire burns, Beren is eating something cooked on a spit. A water skin sits beside him, and he has wrapped himself in a cloak. A large pack rests nearby, obviously filled with useful items scavenged from the Camp.

Camera shift to lake. Mist forms near shore and gathers. Camera focus on Beren, who senses something and turns as the Mist shapes itself into Gorlim’s image. Gorlim moves toward Beren, gliding rather than walking. As he moves closer to Beren he becomes more solid until when he is by the firepit he looks as he did just before he died.]

Beren: [shocked and frightened] Restless spirit! Do you haunt me because I failed to warn them? Do you think I do not know that this is my fault?
Gorlim: [sorrowfully] The fault lies not with you, son of Barahir, but with me alone…. The Lord of Werewolves discovered our camp because I told him where we were hiding.
Beren: [incredulous] You? No! I would sooner believe I had myself betrayed us than that you aided our foes.
Gorlim: [wrings hands in his wretchedness] Yet it is the truth, even so. I revealed our camp to the Lord of Werewolves.
Beren: [rises, angry] You sold us? [Camera focus on Gorlim, who nods slowly. Tears run slowly down his cheeks.] [/color]

Beren: [screams] Why???? [moves to draw his sword then realizes the futility of his action and takes his hand off the hilt. Looks at Gorlim: Camera focus on Gorlim’s wounds, shift to Beren. Focus on Beren’s face as he realizes what Gorlim suffered. His shoulders sag, he nods in understanding] If your wounds tell a true tale you suffered more than most men could have withstood. Even the strongest and most loyal of men can break…
Gorlim: [shakes his head] Not from pain did I speak, my Lord. This I swear: I never wished this on my lord or on my comrades. No amount of pain could draw me to betray them but all men have a price for which they will sell their very souls. Our great enemy found my price…
Beren: [silent]
Gorlim: [hangs his head] I betrayed you all for Eilinel’s life. Some part of me knew she was already dead, but for a few moments I had hope of saving her …and my captors offered me the chance to be reunited with her.
Beren: [sickened] For a woman!? You traded our lives for a woman?
Gorlim: [nods] You are yet too young to understand the power of an overwhelming love between two people. When you experience a love that passionate and all-consuming, your life isn't your own anymore. Love takes hostages. It gets inside you. It eats you out and leaves you crying in the darkness: you fear that you cannot live without it. [tears fall silently again] I was nothing without Eilinel…so I traded your lives for hers. [laughs bitterly amidst his tears] Thus was the traitor himself betrayed: it was all for naught…she was already dead.

Beren: [uncertain] This love you speak of sounds like a madness! If it can override all sense and reason and make a man betray his fellows then I do not wish to know it for myself.
Gorlim: [shakes his head] One day you, too, will know the sweet agony of true love. Some day also, you will gaze on your newborn child and know that there is nothing you would not do to protect that tiny life. [sighs] Nonetheless, would that I could call back those words before I spoke them.
Beren: Aye, but the harm is done. Wishes and words, what are they worth?

Gorlim: [shrugs] If you have never had cause to regret or wish back words misspoken in haste or passion then you are a better man than I. [Beren flushes, looks away. Gorlim kneels] Tell me at least that I have your forgiveness ere I go into that place where I will face my comrades for all time.
Beren: [bitterly] Tell my father that you regret your betrayal and see if he forgives you! Better yet, get you to my mother and tell her that her husband lies dead by your hand- [stops as the Mist rises again over the lake. The Mist gathers into the shades of Barahir and his dead companions form a semi-circle, watching Gorlim and Beren. Yet their presence is benevolent, not antagonistic…]
Gorlim: [gestures towards the misty figures] I have already made my peace with your father and our comrades. They...understand. It is you, as the last of the line of Bëor the Old, that I must beg forgiveness from. You are now lord of our House, you have a proud heritage, and a grim one.
Beren: [nods, somewhat ashamed] If forgiveness is needed, then I forgive you.
Gorlim: [rises, bows] I thank you my Lord. Now I may go freely to be reunited with my beloved…

[Gorlim turns and moves quickly towards the waiting figures of his fellow warriors. As he approaches them, the semi-circle parts and we see another figure gather out of the mist, this time female. Eilinel holds out her hands to Gorlim who smiles and takes them. Together they move out over the lake as the warrior figures close up again. Barahir’s shade raises a hand in blessing towards Beren who holds up his father’s sword in salute, then the mist dissolves as if blown away by a light breeze. Camera pan over lake in twilight, rise to first stars in darkening sky. Fade.]

* * * * * * *

[Cut to long shot showing an Uruk scout running towards Tol-in-Gaurhoth, Sauron’s fortress on the isle in the Sirion. In the top room of the tower, Sauron sits on a throne with 2 werewolves on either side. An ancient battle-grizzled wolf, Draugluin, lies sleeping at his feet, a brooding, malevolent presence.]

Uruk Scout: [Entering] Lord Sauron… The rebel leader has been defeated, and his men have been killed!
Sauron: Good! Yet the Dark Lord himself requires proof of our loyalty in this matter: Tell Captain Gorgol to return at once, bringing forth the ring. Soon we will march into the Elven Kingdoms with this trinket!
Uruk Scout: Ah…my Lord... [Gulping fearfully, he grovels in abasement] I regret to inform you….that the son of the rebel captain did escape the ambush…. and coming upon us by stealth he did slay Captain Gorgol and take back the ring!
Sauron: Fool!! [Rises angrily; the werewolves snarl and Draugluin opens one eye lazily] Get back to that forsaken wilderness and find him! Even now the price on his head matches that of the Noldorin King!! [Eyes glint cruelly] …and I suggest that you run. [The Uruk turns and runs. Draugluin yawns disinterestedly and puts his head down against Sauron’s feet.]
Sauron: [Speaking to the werewolves at his sides] I know you will not fail me, my friends. Find the ring of Barahir and you shall feast on prime royal flesh... [Werewolf 1 and 2 snarl their acceptance of the task. Cut to shot looking from Sauron’s tower of the running Uruk making it about a quarter of a mile away before he is cruelly ripped to pieces by the wolves. Fade.]

* * *
[Fade into scene of Beren still at the site of the cairn. He sits by the fire but finds little comfort staring into it. The woods grow eerily silent. Beren gets up to investigate. Turning, he is toppled by a werewolf. They struggle. Beren grabs the wolf’s jaws from behind and holds them shut while attempting to break its neck. A second werewolf leaping from the shadows disrupts his efforts, knocking him down again. Both wolves recover to face him on either side. Beren rolls to the right, knocking the legs out from under one wolf. Then, grabbing his sword, he sends a deep thrust into the fallen wolf's side. The other wolf becomes more cautious. .He reaches out to communicate telepathically with Beren.]

Werewolf: [heard as a menacing, guttural voiceover] Give me the ring, human, or I will take you apart piece by piece…

[Stunned, Beren looks at the ring on his hand with a bemused expression. The werewolf lunges to bite off the hand but is defeated in the last moment by a thrust from Beren’s sword which enters his throat, and comes out at the back of his neck. The wolf slides off the blade and Beren slumps down by the fire unmoving…

… Dissolve back into Fourth Age scenario by the campfire…Aragorn yawns and stretches languidly.]

Aragorn: Time for bed, little Ranger…
Eldarion: [stifling a yawn, grumpily] But I am not tired! I want to know what happens next!
Aragorn: Little Rangers need their sleep so they will grow up to be big and strong, and grow tall enough to wield a sword.
Eldarion: [folds his arms sulkily, then an idea occurs to him, asks eagerly] Ada, may I take first watch?
Aragorn: [hides grin] We have no need to keep watch in a safe place like this!
Eldarion: [begs] Please, Ada? I will keep the wild animals away while you sleep…and I may even see a shooting star to tell Naneth about!
Aragorn: [amused] Oh, very well….just for a little while

[Aragorn turns into the tent and Eldarion remains outside keeping watch Gradually the night deepens and clouds hide the moon Before long faint snores can be heard coming from the tent! The birds in the surrounding trees fall silent, and the horses cease grazing as they doze. Eldarion starts to look a little worried. He looks towards the tent opening a couple of times, tempted to wake his father.]

Eldarion: [to himself, softly] I am not scared of the dark…I am not!
[he looks beyond the light of the fire, and sees shapes looming around him, dark and menacing. He can hear rustling. He grips his little sword tighter. In the distance he hears a high, drawn out wail:

Eldarion: [barely breathing, whispers] Wolf! [Then he sees little orbs of light glowing nearby….could it be eyes? Suddenly a large silent shape swoops across his vision, and he feel something brush the top of his head. Eldarion screams in fright.]
Aragorn: [shooting out of the tent, Anduril in hand] What is wrong, Eldarion?
Eldarion: [panicking, shaking with fear and cold] Something flew right at me and brushed the top of my head! And I heard wolves! There in the bushes! It will eat us for its supper! [rushes towards his father flinging his arms around his waist. Aragorn stands still, listening. Suddenly they hear a distant barking sound]
Aragorn: [relaxes, smiling] That, my son, is a fox warning us we are in his territory…have I not taught you the difference yet?
Eldarion: [sheepishly] Yes,…but I heard a wail before…it sounded like a wolf’s howl!!
Aragorn: [considers] Well, it was probably the vixen calling for her mate... [an owl hoots softly, almost mockingly] and your winged terror was only an owl!
Eldarion: [mortified, fighting back the tears] I am sorry, Ada…I am not a very good Ranger, am I?
Aragorn: No, no, Eldarion…I should not have left you alone so long. [sheepishly] I did not mean to doze off so quickly! Do not worry, I will keep you safe now! [scoops up Eldarion in his arms and sits beside the campfire with him. Trying hard not to tremble, Eldarion snuggles on his father’s lap and buries his head against the broad shoulder. Aragorn gently rubs Eldarion’s neck and shoulders to calm him.]

Eldarion: [now over hhis fright, looks down at Aragorn’s sword, lying beside him.] May I see Andúril, Ada?
Aragorn: You may look, but not touch; the sword is very sharp. [lifs the weapon and holds it while his son studies it longingly.]
Eldarion: The master-at-arms will not let me fight with naught but the blunt swords...
Aragorn: You will have your own sword once you are grown up, Eldarion: I promise you will have a truly splendid one.
Eldarion: [wistfully stroking the hilt] No other sword could be as fine as this; But I will kill lots of bad men and wild beasts with mine, just like you - and Beren!
Aragorn: [sighs and ruffles Eldarion’s hair] Now the excitement is over, it really is time for bed
Eldarion: [looks worried] What if there more wild animals out there?
Aragorn: [reassuringly] They will not approach us while the fire burns. I will make it up sp that it will last the night: [throws more logs onto the fire] Come, I will lie next to you and tell you another story.
Eldarion: [eagerly, slipping his hand into his father’s] I would like that…so tell me, what happened to Beren after he killed the wolves?

Aragorn: [steers Eldarion into the tent and helps him take off his boots and leggings.] Well, Beren wandered alone in the wilderness for four years, living off the land and befriending the birds and beasts who helped to conceal him whenever danger drew near. He became both bold and desperate, and his deeds of lonely daring were celebrated throughout Beleriand. The orcs fled rather at the rumour of his approach than sought him out!
[We see clip of Beren rising the next morning amidst the cairns and the carnage and, taking up his sword and the ring of his father, to start his wandering in the wilderness as a solitary outlaw. Further clips show Beren living wild and looking more rugged all the time, with possibly a cut to news of his deeds coming to friendly strongholds. Cut back to Eldarion, now snuggled up to his father under his blankets..]

Eldarion: [eyes wide and shining with admiration] And Morgoth never caught him? He really was as great a Ranger as you, Ada to live off the land like that! But how could he hope to drive Morgoth from his lands all by himself? [thoughtfully] He would need an army to help him…is that what happened next? Did Beren build up an army of rebels?
Aragorn: Ah, no…it was not as simple as that. And it is very hard to live off the land for so long – do you realize that Beren refused to slay any beast that was not in the service of Morgoth? That means he ate no flesh and lived only on roots and berries. [becomes voiceover as we dissolve into clips below] With the lands now filled with evil, Beren became pressed so hard that he was forced in the end to choose between flight and capture. In the middle of winter and snow he forsook finally the land of his birthright and his father’s grave, climbing high into the region of Ered Gorgoroth, the Mountains of Terror, from where he caught his first sight of the land of Doriath…
[we see Beren shouldering his pack and beginning the long journey south. At the borders of Dorthonian he looks from a high peak. Below are the dark chasms and crevices of Ered Gorgoroth, the Mountains of Terror… Past the terrible cliffs a great wood can be seen. Spring has not yet touched the land, and frost has created a magical shimmer on the trees that is a great contrast to the dark cliffs...]

Aragorn: [voiceover] As he rested, dazed from his exertions, it seemed to him that he had a vision of that fair land, perhaps put into his heart by the Valar, and he avowed to enter into this hidden kingdom where no mortal foot had ever trod…
[We see Beren half sitting/half laying against a rocky outcrop, his pack beside him. We see him gaze out over the landscape far off to the south. At this point camera angle changes so we are seeing what Beren does, and we get the tunnel vision effect like Frodo on the East Road. His vision draws him into the woods of Neldoreth in springtime with the trees and early flowers bursting into bud. The sights and sounds of this magical paradise fill his senses: the recently thawed brooks and streams babbling, birds chirping, insects droning, and beyond that, the sound of a beautiful Elven voice singing a soothing melody. The vision draws him in and his sight seems to race through the maze of trees until he finds the owner of the haunting voice sitting with her back to him by a forest pool. As the camera closes in on her, she turns her head suddenly and her wide eyes seem to meet his.. In that very second Beren stirs from his stupor, gasping, struggling to find his bearings.]

Aragorn: [voiceover] Fired by the memory of the dream he set out with renewed determination to navigate the precipices and reach the woods. [Fade/dissolve back to Eldarion cuddled up tight to his father.]
Eldarion: [sleepily] Ered Gorgoroth….But was that not the terrible haunted valley where Glorfindel and Ecthelion were ambushed, Ada?
Aragorn: Where the fell spawn of Ungoliant spun their webs and ancient wargs hunted silently with hungry eyes? [nods] Terrible was his journey southwards: There was no food for elves or Men in that forsaken land…only death. That journey is not accounted least among the great deeds of Beren, but he spoke of it to no one after, lest the horror return into his mind. Somehow, he found a way and eventually came to tread the borders of Doriath… [looks at his son nodding drowsily. Kisses him gently] But that is a story for another time. [fade.]

End of Episode

There is magic in long-distance friendships. They let you relate to other human beings in a way that goes beyond being physically together and is often more profound.
~Diana Cortes

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