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The History of the Silmarils, a Television Adaptation

“Do not laugh! But once upon a time (my crest has long since fallen) I had a mind to make a body of more or less connected legend, ranging from the large and cosmogonic, to the level of romantic fairy-story… I would draw some of the great tales in fullness, and leave many only placed in the scheme and sketched. The cycles should be linked to a majestic whole and yet leave scope for other minds and hands, wielding paint and music and drama. Absurd.” JRRT

Season 1 - The Tale of Fëanor

Episode 1 PROLOGUE

Scene opens with aerial shots of Minas Tirith, gradually zooming closer and ending up on the Citadel. It is the Fourth Age, about 10 years into the reign of King Elessar. We see Gondorians going about their business, and the camera weaves between them, pausing on various tableaux then moving on again. We end up in a council chamber where King Elessar is receiving petitions/holding a ouncil meeting. We observe the goings on for a while.

8-year-old Eldarion enters from right. He dodges between Councillors and runs straight to his father. Camera focus on Eldarion’s face, which looks both distressed and hopeful.

Eldarion: Take me swimming, I beg you, Ada!
Aragorn: [hiding a smile as best he can] Perhaps later, Eldarion. I have to finish this.
Eldarion: Can you not finish later?
Aragorn: [sigh] Almost I wish that I could, my son. [kneels beside Eldarion] Unfortunately, there are times when a king must attend to business. Speaking of which, why are you not at your lessons?
Eldarion: I ran out when Tutor was not looking. I find my lessons boring. [Looks up] The river looks so cool and inviting...
Aragorn: I realize your lessons may not be what you would wish to do, but if you are going to be king after me then you must learn to serve your land and people first and yourself only after all is done as it should be. That is the way of the world.
Eldarion: [grimaces] What is the good of being king if you have to work all the time. I do not think I shall like being King!
[Camera pans Councillors. Looks vary from shock to amusement. Camera shift to Tutor, enters right.]

Tutor: [bows low] Forgive me, Your Grace. I fear the young master slipped away from me.
Aragorn: [stands] It is quite all right. I believe he is ready to return to his lessons. [looks down at Eldarion] You are, are you not? I will be up to fetch you as soon as your lessons are done.
Eldarion: [stares at shoes] Promise?
Aragorn: [nods. Places hand on heart] Eldarion: You have my word. [Eldarion follows Tutor… exit right. Camera follows them out]

Cut to the classroom.
Eldarion staring out of the window at the river and green banks. Tutor has his back to Eldarion, drawing a family tree on a chalkboard.

Tutor: …And so King Eärnur died without living issue and from then on Gondor was ruled by a line of noble and wise Stewards, of which Lord Faramir is the descendant. A fine example of everything the line should be, if I may inject my own opinion. Then again, as I am a well-read scholar my opinion carries much weight and you . . .
[Camera shift right. Arwen enters and stands in the doorway. She is noticeably pregnant. She studies her daydreaming son and smiles indulgently.]
Tutor: [turns] Young Master! Have you heard a word I have said?
Eldarion: [jumps] Yes. [sees Arwen, slides out of his chair and runs to her.] Mama!
Arwen: [hugs Eldarion] I missed you. [straightens & addresses Tutor] And I wondered if you might welcome an early repast?
Tutor: [relieved] I would, Your Grace. Thank you. [exits quickly, muttering]

[Camera follows Arwen to the window. She sits down. Eldarion climbs into her lap.]
Arwen: [hugs Eldarion] Now, my little one, what is wrong?
Eldarion: I am tired of lessons.
Arwen: But I thought you liked stories. History is a very important story.
Eldarion: I know, but the tutor makes it as dry as old bones. All he talks about is dead people in Gondor.
Arwen: [soft laughter] What would you like to hear about?
Eldarion: [looks at a map of Middle-earth on the wall and traces the outline of his father’s kingdom] There are so many other places on this map, I have heard tales of some of them, [points to Rohan] that is where King Éomer rules…and there [points to the Shire] is the wondrous land of Frodo the Ring-bearer and his friends; and here, Mother, is Imladris, where you were born….so many marvellous places, [brightens] if we could only go there, just for a visit, I might learn so much…
Arwen: You will, surely, Eldarion, when you are old enough. Your Father will be only too pleased to show you the places he travelled in his younger days.
Eldarion: I wish I could go sooner! I wish to see more Elves before they disappear altogether from our world.
Arwen: Patience, my son. I promise you will see them someday.
Eldarion: But they are leaving. You keep saying that they have gone into the West…where is this place? I have not seen it on any map.
Arwen: You will not find it on any map, Eldarion, it is beyond the reach of any left in Middle-earth, save those of the Eldar who yet remain in Middle-earth.… [she utters a small sigh]. But once, many ages ago, the world of Arda was very different…Come, I have something to show you. [she takes him by the hand and they leave the room.]Cut to a corridor in the palace, where they stop outside a door.

Arwen: In here, Eldarion, you will find a record of the history of the Elves on Middle-earth….
[They enter, and we see a room which is part library and part museum, with books, maps, paintings, statues, artefacts, and all sorts of memorabilia that Arwen and Aragorn have collected to preserve the memory of older times. It is a private place for her and Aragorn. She takes Eldarion over to an ancient map of Middle-earth and the Undying Lands when the continents were “separate” but joined by the Helcaraxë.]

Arwen: Even this is not how our world looked when it was new. Have I ever told you the story of Manwë and Ulmo and Melkor, and how they shaped the world around us?

Eldarion: No. [looks hopeful] Is it exciting?

[Here we go into the creation story, for roughly 8 mins of CGI animation, with Arwen voiceover.]
Arwen: Ages ago, before time began, [fade to black screen, or possibly a scene of outer space] there was Eru Ilúvatar, the One. [a ball of light appears, like a nebula] He made the Ainur, or “Holy Ones” out of his thought, and they were the first. [we see beams of light generated from this central nebula, and they separate from it into individual, smaller bodies of light in different colours]

Eru taught the Ainur music, giving each of them a small part of his understanding only, and they sang. They listened and understood each other, and learnt to combine their voices in wondrous harmony. [this is visualized on the screen, with appropriate instrumental sounds to identify each Ainu]

Eru brought all the Ainur together and declared that they would make a great symphony from a theme he would give them. They were to weave their own thoughts and ideas into this Music. [We hear the beginnings of a symphony; the lights weave and intertwine to symbolize the harmonies of the music that is heard]

However, Melkor, the most powerful Ainur of all, [camera identify his ‘light body’] desired to create tunes of his own. These he began to interweave into the music, to increase the power and the glory of his own part. [focus on Melkor’s light body and the strident tune it weaves]

Straightaway discord arose about him, and many of the other Ainur were disturbed and they stopped singing. And some began to follow Melkor’s music rather than the original theme. [some lights separate from the mass and are silent, the remainder of the mass divides into two halves, with Melkor in one half]

Eru listened, and it seemed to him that the sound was like a raging storm; He smiled, and began a new tune, which gathered power and had new beauty. But the discord of Melkor rose again. There was a war of sound more violent than before, until many of the Ainur were dismayed and sang no longer, and Melkor had the mastery. [again this is all acted out by the lights and music, as is the next sequence below]

This time Eru was stern. He began a third theme which was different again. At first it seemed soft and sweet, but it had power and great depth. So the two themes played together: The new theme was very sad and yet very beautiful, while Melkor’s music was loud and pompous and repetitive. Melkor tried to drown out the new theme, but he could not. The sorrowful one merely took his greatest notes and wove them into its own solemn pattern. Then Eru spoke and suddenly the Music ceased. [Nebula flares and music and dancing lights are still]

Voice of Eru: ‘Mighty are the Ainur and mightiest among them is Melkor; But I am Eru! I will show you those things which you have sung, and you will see what you have done.’ [Nebula flares closer to Melkor’s light] ‘And, you, Melkor, shall see that no theme may be played that does not have its source in me, nor can anyone alter the music against my will. Any that attempt this shall only prove my instrument in creating things more wonderful than he could possibly imagine.’

Arwen: Then Melkor was filled with shame, which turned into a secret anger. [Melkor’s light “blushes”/deepens in colour]
Voice of Eru: ‘Behold your Music! This is what you have created, and each of you shall find within it all those things of which you have sung, and also those which you have not conceived of.’ [we see the earth as a globe spinning in the Void, and the camera closes in so that the landscape can be seen in full detail, and finally we see newly-awakened Elves and Men walking around.]

Arwen: Before them, the world moved and unfolded its history. Within were included the ideas which each of the Ainur devised or added. Even the secret thoughts of Melkor were a part of its glory. And they saw the Music had far more purpose than its beauty, for they had created a habitation for the Children of Eru - Elves and Men -who were conceived by Him alone within the Third Theme.

Yavanna: [admiring] ’So beautiful’
Ulmo: ‘I see water given form, and more beautiful than ever I imagined it.’
Manwë: ‘And the clouds… dancing to the tunes the wind plays. Perfect.’
Varda: ‘But is it merely a vision of music given form? Or is this a foresight of what will come?’

Arwen: Then Eru took away the vision and the Ainur became restless.

Nienna: [disappointed] ’It was no more than a dream’.
Manwë: ‘I am confident that Eru has a plan to see all come real.’
Aulë: ‘Can we not make it real now? I am eager to lift the mountains.’
Melkor: [impatient] ‘We must begin immediately. All must be ready for Eru’s children when they awaken. Come! Enough of singing to the darkness; there is work for all hands here.’

Arwen: And Melkor led the Ainur in their eagerness to make the vision real. Secretly he desired to make subjects and servants of the Elves and Men and to be called Lord of that world. Eru perceived their desires, and made the vision real.

Eru: ‘Let these things Be!’
[a glowing cloud forms in the dark void, with what appears to be a flame glowing in its center. The world forms in that flame as a glowing ball of half molten rock and clouds. Lightning flashes from cloud to surface as we watch the world form.]

Melkor: [to himself] ‘Now I will create MY vision.’
Aulë: ‘Our work is laid before us. Let us not be idle.’

Arwen: Eru allowed those Ainur who so wished to descend into the world, but under the condition that their power should be contained and bound within the world until the end of days, so that they are its life and it is theirs. Those that descended are called the Valar, the Powers of the World. First came 3 of the mightiest of the Valar: Manwë, Ulmo and Aulë. [as each is named we see the light descending and shaping itself into a form of a humanoid representing the elements before it touches the surface. The earth is still dark and barren, with lava and gasses leaking out of the ground and lightning striking randomly.]
Each of the Valar was attracted to a particular aspect of the world that became the focus of their powers: Manwë to the air, Ulmo to the water and Aulë to the earth…

Melkor came also. [Melkor’s light descends. He takes a form greater in majesty and power than the others] Melkor was drawn to terrible extremes and violence — bitter cold, scorchig nheat, earthquakes, rendings, breakings, utter darkness, burning light. He worked to turn all to his own desires as the Valar strove to subdue the tumults of the Earth and bring order out of chaos. [We watch the four Valar shape the Earth. Aulë raises mountains with his hands and carves out valleys. Ulmo draws water from steam to fill seas and rivers. Melkor controls the volcanoes. Manwë calms the lightning and shapes clouds that bring rain to cool the ground. We watch green shoots spring up.]

Melkor: ‘This world I name unto myself for my own kingdom. I will rule here unhindered.’
[Ulmo & Aulë grumble]
Manwë: ‘That you shall not do. All worked to shape this world; it is not yours alone.’
Melkor: ‘We shall see…’

Arwen: Then strife came between the Valar. Even as they strove to ready the Earth for the coming of the Firstborn, Melkor did what he could to destroy the works the others had built, while they sought to subdue him. His mood and malice caused his form to be dark and terrible ‘…crowned with smoke and fire; and the light of his eyes was like a flame.’ Nothing had peace or lasting growth. [Volcanoes spring from nowhere. We see Melkor smash mountains, Ulmo douses volcanoes in tsunamis of ocean water, lightning is thrown by both Manwë and Melkor, Aulë traps flame in rock.]

At last Melkor withdrew, though he did not give up his desire to rule the entire world. And yet, though nothing was completely as the Valar originally intended, Arda, the Earth, was fashioned and made firm.

Camera fades in on the room again. Focus on Arwen and Eldarion. Shadows are noticeably longer

To be continued...


The inspiration for the animated ainur sequence came from these images of the Aratar by ~clepweb on DeviantArt:


There is magic in long-distance friendships. They let you relate to other human beings in a way that goes beyond being physically together and is often more profound.
~Diana Cortes

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Eldarion: [excitedly] What happened next? Surely Melkor did not just give up?
Arwen: [walks over to a painting on the wall of the Two Lamps] Melkor skulked in the outer Darkness, beyond the Walls of Night for a while, and the Valar entered Arda, which was just one land mass…

Dissolve into the painting.
We see the Earth newly formed, with young saplings and pale shoots of grass. Stars glitter overhead, while a softly glowing mist collects in low patches. The glowing Valar also provide some light.

Manwë: [to Varda, looking up at the stars and then looking back to her adoringly] My Queen, you have surpassed yourself.
Yavanna: [examines new saplings] The stars are glorious. But I fear my children will need more light to grow properly.
Aulë: I believe I can be of service here. [bows to other Valar and exits, rubbing his hands, clearly excited]

Cut to Aulë’s forge.
We see Aulë, shirtless, blowing glass into a massive globe. Another enormous globe sits on a worktable, unpolished as yet. We watch as he carefully etches ornate patterns into the glass. He whistles while he works, clearly in his element. Yavanna enters and watches for a while, smilingly and nodding in encouragement.

Cut to a scene in the north of Aman.
Aulë faces a mountain and begins to sing. As he sings he moves his hands, and the rock reshapes itself as if giant invisible hands were working with it and it was clay instead of rock, into a taller, narrower, fluted column rising up from the mountain peak. [The pillar is mountain for about the first 1/3 up, and column for the remaining distance.] Manwë and Varda come to oversee his work.

Manwë: Brother, you have indeed worked wonders with glass and rock, but how will this help us?
Aulë: The globes I have wrought must be set high enough to light our new world. I have carved another pillar to the far south of here. One globe must be set high upon that, and the other here to spread the light over all the Earth.
Varda: Ah, now all is clear to me. We must fill the globes with light. [the other Valar gather and watch as she lowers one globe into the mist. The mist fills the globe and glows softly. To Manwë:] My Lord, will you ask Eru to bless our work?
[Manwë bows his head, then raises his arms to Eru in supplication, and makes a gesture of benediction over the globes.]
Manwë: Let us now join together in the great music and set these globes upon their pedestals so that we might enjoy the benefits of Aulë’s labours.

The Valar join together in song and slowly the globes rise up and become set upon the pillars. The scene is softly lit. Yavanna embraces Aulë.
Yavanna: Now my children will grow well.
Lórien: Master Smith, you create wonders. Have you given name to your work?
Aulë: The naming I leave to others. I have little craft with words.
Estë: This Lamp glows the colour of the sky, we should call it "Iluin", and the other, to the south, seems more golden. It shall be "Ormal."
Manwë: Let us place our dwellings where the light from the lamps mingle. There we can welcome Eru’s children when they awaken into a world of peace and plenty.
Ulmo: Peace and plenty, now that our brother Melkor has seen sense.
Oromë: [to Tulkas] That I will believe upon seeing it.

We see the Valar relax after their hard work. Tulkas and Nessa announce their betrothal and a feast is prepared.

[Voices are heard over the action:]

Eldarion: But I do not suppose Melkor tried to be good for long, did he?
Arwen: No, and one day, while the Valar were feasting, Melkor came out of hiding and crept back over the Walls of Night and started digging in the North of Arda, building his secret stronghold of Utumno...

Cut to brief clips of Utumno being raised, rather like the construction of Barad-dûr, thousands of workers on rickety scaffolding soaring thousands of feet into the air or hanging by ropes and chains chiselling into rock...... dozens falling to their death each hour only to be swept away like trash and quickly replaced....

These are followed by scenes/clips of the blight flowing out of Utumno: scenes of rotting plants, choked rivers, breeding flies in rank and poisonous fens, and savage beasts in dark and perilous forests.

Cut to some of the Valar gathered around a particularly rotting and dank area of ground.

Yavanna: This blight is causing my children to wilt and die. We must seek out its source. [She looks up as Oromë comes galloping up on his stallion, Nahar, and dismounts in a temper]Oromë: My forests are no longer green and pleasant to hunt in…the game has turned savage and the paths have become perilous.
Manwë: I fear the hand of our brother in all of this. Whilst we have been enjoying the fruits of our labours, it seems Melkor has been busy planning some new mischief against our endeavours. Come, Tulkas! Oromë!, we must seek his hiding place and put an end to his evil works.

Whilst the Valar are out searching for Melkor, he comes forth swiftly in stealth, sending his force, under the leadership of his lieutenant, Sauron, to one Lamp, whilst he attacks the other. They make a simultaneous attack on the two pillars supporting the Lamps, toppling them to the ground. Balrogs and other evil creatures of Melkor throw ropes around the pillars, heaving to pull them down, several crawling up and climbing the mountain and pillar supporting the Lamp, then upending it as others knock it off its moorings... (The idea would be to show the power of Melkor by contrasting him on his own being able to do what it takes a legion of creatures to do together. )

The impact of the Lamps causes the earth to split open, with flames spilling out of the broken globes. The spreading of fire and destruction from the broken lamps engulfs even the creatures of Melkor who helped in the destruction, turning it into something of a crazed suicide mission. We see Melkor gloating over his work even as his own creations are destroyed screaming in great pain and suffering.

A massive wave washes over the screen from one end to the other wiping away the previous image...the earth opens up in a massive earthquake revealing more destruction in another scene, and the sea gushes into the abyss. Aulë and Ulmo attempt to control the damage. We see Ulmo reach out and control the waves, limiting the destruction. Aulë does the same with falling rocks and flowing lava, protecting the most precious things and determining where the destruction will go. Aulë is smoking, scorched, and dirty... We see Manwë slipping off his form and becoming a twister, travelling across the land, his voice like a mighty wind carrying curse on Melkor. The series of dissolves and merges from one item of destruction to another eventually end in darkness.

We fade back into the antiquities room again, perhaps through a different piece of art or sculpture…

Arwen: The fall of the pillars split the land of Arda apart, and made two continents – Aman or the Undying Lands in the West, and Middle-earth in the east. And, of course, everything was in darkness again. [she indicates the map they looked at on first entering the room.]

Eldarion: [eagerly] And the Valar…this must have caused them to make war on Melkor again!
Arwen: They tried, but Melkor escaped in the confusion and darkness and hid in the depths of Utumno. The Valar abandoned Middle-earth, and made their dwelling in Aman. They built the kingdom of Valinor, and Yavanna made the Two Trees from the music of Eru, [shows Eldarion a bronze statue of the Trees, each with gilded leaves] Nienna watered the trees with her tears. Telperion had silver leaves and Laurelin had pale green and gold leaves and their dews were collected by Varda as a source of water and light.

Eldarion: Oh, how beautiful! – Like the White Tree in the Courtyard of the Fountain!
Arwen: Yes, bright one. But do you realize that our White Tree is but a sapling of Nimloth the Fair, White Tree of Númenor? That was itself descended from Galathilion, the tree which Yavanna made for the Elves of Tirion, because they loved Telperion so.

Eldarion: Are the Two Trees still there? May I go and visit them?
Arwen: The Two Trees gave light to the Valar on Aman, but Middle-earth was left in darkness. Jealous, Melkor enlisted the help of the giant spider-creature Ungoliant to destroy the Two Trees. Concealed in a cloud of darkness, Melkor struck each Tree and the insatiable Ungoliant devoured whatever life and light remained in them.
Eldarion: [subdued] That is terrible….[after a moment’s pause he brightens]…but Melkor’s victory must have been short-lived – we have light again now!
Arwen: Yes, my darling. Melkor’s triumph was only partial. Again Yavanna sang and Nienna wept, and they succeeded in reviving Telperion's last flower which became the Moon and Laurelin's last fruit which became the Sun….

[Aragorn enters the room, and Eldarion runs to him.]
Eldarion: Father, you should hear the stories Mother has just been telling me about Melkor and Manwë and their fight, and Aulë’s Lamps, and Yavanna’s trees, and, and…
Aragorn: It sounds like both of you have found a more enjoyable way to pass the time whilst I’ve been having serious meetings with crusty old ambassadors! Come now, I am freed of duties for a while… let us go and play outside!
Eldarion: Oh yes! …I know that I can better you this time! [starts play fighting with Aragorn, and they leave the room, Aragorn eventually swinging Eldarion up onto his shoulders for a ride! Arwen turns her glance back to the statue of the Trees, gently runs her hand over it, sighs, then turns away and leaves the room also. Camera fade.]


There is magic in long-distance friendships. They let you relate to other human beings in a way that goes beyond being physically together and is often more profound.
~Diana Cortes

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Camera opens again on nursery, the same evening.
Eldarion is ready for bed; his mother is getting his younger sister ready, brushing her hair. Aragorn has been reading a story to Eldarion.

Eldarion: I wish Mother could teach me my lessons from now on!
Aragorn: My Son, that is not possible; your Mother is with child again, your sister needs a share of her time, and she has royal duties to perform also. But I can see that maybe your horizons need broadening. Would it please you to make a journey with me? I thought we might visit Legolas and Faramir in Ithilien… My old friend, Lord Gimli of Aglarond is arriving the day after tomorrow, and I know that he will be continuing on to see Legolas. We could travel together. I hear you have been asking to meet more of your Mother’s people.
Eldarion: Truly? Might we have adventures like you did? Could we hunt Orcs?
Aragorn: [laughing] We will see! [glances at Arwen with raised eyebrow] What says your Lady Mother?
Arwen: I think that nothing would please me more than to see you both enjoy some time together! [Aragorn gives her a grateful smile, picks up Silmariën and takes her off to her room, kissing Eldarion goodnight on the way.]
Eldarion: [grinning from ear to ear, snuggles into bed] I am not sleepy.
Arwen: [sits on his bed] Like your father, too much energy. Would you like another story?
Eldarion: I would like to hear more about Melkor. And the Elves.
Arwen: [glancing out the window at the night sky] You will surely be asleep before I finish.
Eldarion: I will not. I promise…
Arwen: [arches eyebrow] Well, the Valar knew from Eru’s vision that his first-born children, the Elves, would soon be awakening in Middle-earth, in a place called “Cuiviénen”, and since Middle-earth was in darkness still, Varda kindled the stars so that the Elves would have some light when they awoke. That is why we Elves honour Varda above all others…
[She sings softly:] ‘A Elbereth Gilthoniel, silivren penna míriel [O Elbereth Starkindler, white-glittering, slanting down sparkling like a jewel…’ ]
Eldarion: [sleepily] The stars are beautiful, Mama, just like you…but what about the Elves?
Arwen: [smiles, her voice softens] Well, they awoke, and the Valar sent Oromë the Hunter to greet them, and invite them to go to their country of Aman to live with them.

Fade into scene at Cuiviénen.
We see the lake calm, with stars reflected in the water. Thick brush and tall trees flank the lake. Stars sparkle overhead. As we watch, newly awakened Elves emerge from the woods and stare up at the stars. They blink. Some try to reach up and touch the lights in the sky while others dip their fingers in the water, exploring the world.

Arwen: But of course, Melkor knew about the Elves too, and was keeping watch. When the Valar learnt of that they decided to deal with him once and for all, or so they hoped. The Valar and their emissaries, the Maiar, came to Middle-earth and in the War of the Powers they defeated Melkor and brought him captive to Valinor. There he was sentenced to spend three ages in the Halls of Mandos, and there was peace in Arda.
Eldarion: So that is all? It cannot have been so simple…
Arwen: [soft laughter] You are already wise for such tender years….nothing is that easy, is it, my little warrior? I would tell you more, but I fear you would be visited by night-terrors!
Eldarion: [protests] I am grown too old for bad dreams now. Nothing can frighten me, truly!
Arwen: Well, we shall see… Melkor's greatest servant was Gorthaur the Cruel, a Maia who was as twisted in soul as his master. This Maia, whom we know as Sauron, sent out dark creatures to capture the newly awakened Elves and twisted them to his service by arts learned from his dark master.
As Arwen speaks, camera shifts to dark forest.
We see glowing eyes, slick, dripping fangs, clawed hands, but nothing to reveal true shapes of dark creatures. Elves move toward the dark parts of the forest. Camera focus on terrified Elves dragged into darkness.

Camera cut to nursery

Arwen: The Elves learned to fear all that came from the forests. When the Valar first summoned them, they could not tell the good Valar from the evil servants of Melkor and they hid.
Eldarion: [puzzled] But…I thought Elves were not afraid of anything?
Arwen: Not now, perhaps. But remember, these were new Elves who had never seen the world. They had no bows, no swords. They barely had words to name what they found, and much of what they found was frightening.
Eldarion: [nods in understanding] They were like innocent children….
Arwen: Yes, they were. And this was the way Oromë found them, one day while he was riding his great horse on the hunt for dark beasts in the forests. Oromë realized why the Elves were frightened, and it was he who called the Valar to battle . . . [Camera fade]

Open on Manahaxar, the Ring of Doom in Valinor.
All Valar are gathered, sitting on their thrones, some looking nervous, some clearly ready for war... Oromë stands in the centre of the Ring, clearly agitated

Oromë: I tell you, there is no time to waste! Those we have prepared for are finally awakened! They are helpless prey to Melkor, and to all those who follow him!
Lórien: We cannot know what Eru plans for His children. It would be foolish for us to interfere before we are certain of the outcome.
Tulkas: [irritably] If we wait we know what the outcome will be.
Aulë: Are you so eager to destroy what we have built? War will bring more destruction upon the Earth, and no doubt Eru’s children will be caught in the turmoil.
Yavanna: As will my children, who cannot flee from the danger that will race down upon them. I would not see more destroyed than has already been lost.
Oromë: Can you not hear what you are saying? Did we not create this world for the Children?
Nienna: [stands and joins Oromë; glares at Yavanna] Sister, if you truly love the work of your hands more than the freedom of those we prepared this home for, then I say I know you not.
Aulë: Peace!
Manwë: [stands, raises hand] Quiet, all of you. [the Valar settle down] I have heard the words of Oromë, and I have listened to the warning of Aulë and Yavanna. Truly, if we go to war against our brother Melkor we risk great damage to the world our labours have created. Hear now the council of Eru; we must take up the mastery of Arda again at whatever cost, and deliver the Elves from the shadow of Melkor. [Tulkas and Oromë raise their fists in salute. The other Lords also stand, but without their enthusiasm.]

Cut to Forest.
The wind rises until trees creak and bend. Branches are torn off in the gale. Elves cower in whatever shelter they can find. We hear horses, the snap of banners, the sound of an army, and the roar of a hurricane. The Valar pass through the forest, with Maiar servants, travelling on the speed of the wind. This is clearly an army bent on war. We see Tulkas, armoured, in the lead. Oromë rides with his bow in hand.

Cut to scene in another part of the forest.
Elves are being captured by larger groups of orcs. They are savagely beaten and taken into custody with chains placed on them. They bleed – they are hurt – and they are very roughly treated.

Cut again - we see them entering a heavily fortified Utumno under guard with hundreds of other prisoners. They look scared and unprepared. They pass through a smaller door within the massive doors. As they look up they see several large and dangerous looking birds the size of elephants perched on outcroppings on the door. Other creatures, mostly orcs, are looking out from window like openings in the door. As they pass through, they look up and behind them and see the Gates of Utumno are honeycombed with stairways, ramps, and scaffolding and hold many creatures.

We have a tracking shot of the winding ways of Utumno going through several majestic but evil looking halls carved from the interior of the mountain and lit with fire and smoke. We see other Elven slaves working as they pass through. They are taken before an orc officer who tells his flunkies to divide the men from the women and take the women to the breeding grounds .The men are to be sent to Melkor for his experiments. Other orcs in the area look at each other with broad leering smiles. The men try to hold onto the women and even put up a fight but they are divided just the same among much anguish and crying. Suddenly trumpets and horns are heard in the distance. The guards lock the elves into cells and hurry off.

Cut to area around Utumno.
Word of the host of the West has already reached Melkor, and his army is prepared. We see close-ups of a variety of evil servants of Melkor battling the Valar and being utterly defeated. There are serpents, dragons, the werewolves, vampires, spiders, fell beasts and bloodsucking birds and insects, cruel spirits, phantoms, wraiths and evil demons, trolls and Balrogs. Then there is a disorganized retreat to Utumno and the siege begins..... Lots of fire and smoke and fiery skies and discharges from the ground of fire and sulphuric gasses and thick smoke of many colours ... lots of fighting as the Valar try to get in Utumno.... maybe a scene or two of Sauron commanding the legions of Melkor in hopeless suicide attacks only to buy time for Melkor to decide what to do.

We see the army of the Valar strike the walls. Melkor’s servants fling stones and boiling oil from the walls, while the besiegers’ fire shining arrows into the dark creatures. Fires break out on both sides of the walls. The gates are massive - twenty stories high, hundred feet or more wide… very thick... and not flat ---deeply layered and jagged like a mountain face --- the inside of the Gates is honeycombed with ledges and balconies and ladders where orcs can hide and periodically open hatches and pour out fires and oils and other stuff to harry the attackers ... the effect is like a building with lots of windows raining fire .....

Aulë walks up to the gate, lifts a great hammer, and smashes it down. He labours at this, striking many blows and fighting off a rain of fire and hot oil from above and orcs attacking him like so many ants at a picnic ... the gates open. We see a glimpse of ocean on the far side of the courtyard.

Cut to inside Utumno.
There are domed halls of obsidian and pits of fire and ice. Sauron walks quickly down a corridor, pushing lesser beings out of his way. He enters a chamber. Melkor is fastening a dark cloak.

Sauron: [bows] My lord. Our foes have broken the gates. The fortress is lost. You must flee!
Melkor: Are their numbers so overwhelming?
Sauron: [nods] This time they came with forces sufficient to ensure victory. Hurry! There are dark places where you know they will never look, if you can but reach them. [voices echo in the corridors]
Melkor: [glances toward door. Sweat shows on his lip] I know them. You know them too. It is me they want, but I know how to fool them. This may not be our hour. Leave me, take those who are most valuable with you into the lower regions and escape to the safety of Angband.
Sauron: As you wish my Lord. We will do as you order and fight another day. Your servant I will be for all time.
Melkor: Go! [Sauron exits quickly.]

We see Sauron lead a legion of creatures deep into the bowels and hidden recesses of Utumno, into a secret vault. As the last of the creatures escapes, Sauron stops and uses his power to cause the exit to be blocked by debris. He smiles to himself.

Cut to Melkor who walks quickly up the corridor, turns a corner, and finds Oromë with bow drawn. He turns, but the next passage is blocked by debris. He retreats, breaking into a run as Oromë pursues. Melkor suddenly reaches the deepest recess of the fortress, where he means to use the secret escape route. He discovers it is no longer passable and he has no chance of escape. He looks round frantically then turns as shadow fills the room, looming over him… Tulkas is standing a few feet from him. The battle between Melkor and Tulkas is an epic wrestling match and their fighting destroys much of the physical surroundings as they discharge massive amounts of power and the foundations of Utumno come crumbling down in hall after hall that they battle through. Eventually, his strength draining, Melkor lunges at Tulkas’ head. Tulkas sidesteps, seizes Melkor’s arm, and puts him in a half nelson. He drags Melkor out of the debris, towards the stormy shoreline, where the other Valar are gathering

Tulkas: [forces Melkor to his knees] Long have l been desiring a word with you.
Melkor: [grunts in pain] Did you not like my wedding present? [Tulkas twists Melkor’s arm until Melkor gasps. Manwë and Aulë approach. Aulë carries one end of a huge, heavy chain. Maiar servants carry the rest.]
Manwë: [firmly] Tulkas, stop! [Tulkas loosens his grip. To Aulë] Bind him!

[Aulë and Maiar fasten the chain around Melkor’s wrists, throat, waist and ankles .He is completely immobilized and utterly powerless. He is stripped of his helmet and we see his face. He looks dark and evil, scarred and battered, maybe even bloody or charred... but he also has great bone structure, dramatic eyes and the makings of a really handsome being..]

Melkor: [forced arrogance] And what fate have you decreed for me, Brother? Will I be chained at your feet for all eternity?
Manwë: [shakes head] I will not shame you more than you have already done yourself. But you must come to realize that your actions can bring you no true glory. You shall find some humility before Eru. [He turns as Mandos approaches, shrouded in a dark cloak, hands clasped.] I give you into Mandos’ care. May you find wisdom in his Halls. [Mandos bows, turns, and walks slowly off screen. The Maiar holding Melkor’s chain lead Melkor after him.]

Manwë turns toward the harbour, where many of his servants are fleeing in rough boats. The water gathers out from shore, pulling the boats already afloat out to sea and leaving many stranded on the shore. Ulmo rises out of the sea and looks down at the evil creatures in open boats.

Ulmo: Not a good choice! [He smashes his hand down on the water. All boats are swamped. A wave rushes back toward shore, catches fleeing creatures, and sweeps them out to sea. Smoke and steam rise as the water hits the fires. We see an image of Utumno destroyed by Ulmo's wave, its occupants fleeing in every direction. Dragons, birds, and fell beasts fly out, knocking others out of their way as they escape. Werewolves and giant spiders and Orcs and Balrogs run for the hills, not interested in fighting any longer.

* * * * * * *
Cut back to nursery

Eldarion: [anxiously] What about the captured Elves, Mama, did they escape?
Arwen: Many died or were lost, I am afraid, my darling, but some lucky ones were saved by the Valar in the attack. And with Melkor safely held in the great Halls of Mandos, there was peace in Arda for a long time. But Oromë did not forget the Elves. When the Valar decided to bring the Elves to Valinor to live with them, Oromë was sent to show the way. But the Riding of the Valar had terrified the Elves, and when they first saw Oromë they ran like frightened children, for he was very fearsome.

Camera cut to forest.Oromë enters, riding, shining…

Arwen: [voiceover] Oromë did not give up trying to reach the Elves. He kept coming to them. Eventually, some of the Elves grew brave enough to approach Oromë.

Camera shift to trees.[We see Finwë first, followed by Ingwë, Olwë, and Elwë. Finwë is armed with a large, gnarled branch. Olwë and Ingwë are also armed with sticks, and Elwë holds stones. The Elves are ready for a fight.]
Oromë: [reins in his horse] Hail, Children of Eru. [The Elves do not drop their guard]
Oromë: [raises his hands, palm out] I mean you no harm.
Finwë: What do you want with us?
Olwë: Fair words may hide foul heart.
Oromë: I come from the Lords beyond the Great Sea. We would have you leave this darkness and join us in the World of Light, where all is safe and you are welcome.
Ingwë: [visibly relaxes] A life of safety would be most welcome.
Elwë: And a promise may well be a trap.
Ingwë: Those from the darkness feel fouler, even when their voices are fair. I will trust him, at least. [lowers branch. Oromë offers a hand, which Ingwë clasps in friendship.]

Fade back to nursery
Eldarion: And did they choose to go?
Arwen: It was a great journey for them to undertake, and of course, not everyone could agree on whether it was a good idea or not. But many did agree to go and they set off with Oromë leading the way.
Eldarion: [smiles drowsily] That is good…
Arwen: However, during the journey several groups of Elves lingered and got left behind – including Elwë and the Sindar. Eventually three clans of Elves arrived, and they made their home in Aman: The Vanyar dwelt on the slopes of Mount Taniquetil below Manwë’s Halls; the Noldor built the city of Tirion over looking the Pass of Light so that they could still see the sea, and the Teleri, the last to arrive, made their home on the shores of Aman at Alqualondë, the Haven of the Swans, where they built ships with Ulmo’s help.
[Arwen smiles as she sees Eldarion has nodded off to sleep. She smoothes his hair to one side and kisses him on the forehead, then quietly leaves the room.]

End of Episode

There is magic in long-distance friendships. They let you relate to other human beings in a way that goes beyond being physically together and is often more profound.
~Diana Cortes

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I like it, despite a few niggling points that are just a matter of personal preference. I think the idea of using Eldarian's inquisitative as the basis for the frame is an inspired choice, and the execution well done for the most part.

The only factual correction that I would make is the statement by Arwen that "the West" is beyond reach of all who are left in Middle-earth save Legolas. Surely ten years into the realm of Elessar, there are others of the Eldar left in Middle-earth who could still go to the Undying Lands, not the least of which being Celeborn, and Arwen's own brothers! No?

In gratitude forever … .

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yes, we were a lttle premature with that statement! I believe we imagined Celeborn had already left by this tme - the Appendices say "after a few years", I think, from memory, but of course there would still be the Twins... I will amend it to "those of the Eldar who yet remain."

There is magic in long-distance friendships. They let you relate to other human beings in a way that goes beyond being physically together and is often more profound.
~Diana Cortes

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Here are some artists' impressesions of how our characters might look:



There is magic in long-distance friendships. They let you relate to other human beings in a way that goes beyond being physically together and is often more profound.
~Diana Cortes

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